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Written By :Appsierra

Fri Jul 07 2023

5 min read

How to Hire Dedicated Java Developer- A Complete Guide

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Java remains one of the most popular programming languages. Nearly 65% of software developers use Java as a programming language. After Python and C, Java is the world's third most in-demand programming language. 

It helps developers to build applications for all types of devices from laptops to data centers, game consoles to the internet, and cellphones to scientific supercomputers.

 Since it is a challenge for the business world to learn a new programming language, they hire dedicated Java developers and teams to construct reliable applications for their company.

Large organizations hire dedicated Java developers with industry-leading skills to build high-quality applications and software that satisfies business needs. 

They can play a significant role in boosting business sales and taking up newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and much more that are favorable for the business.

Moreover, Java is widely used by many software developers for building cross-platform applications like mobile applications, website applications, etc.

Therefore, A dedicated software developer must have the skills to build applications and software. They must be capable of designing, developing, and testing these applications to have a long run.

In this blog, we will take a close look into:

  • why java developers are in great demand,
  • how to hire dedicated Java developers
  • how to hire a Java development team and,
  • What are the technical skills of Java developers?

Why are Java Developers in Demand?

Most companies hire dedicated Java developers to use Java programming language since it is widely used in most applications and software. Hence, it is popular for its versatility, user-friendliness, and presence of tools and debuggers.

  • Java is user-friendly: Java is a user-friendly programming language that provides developers to experiment and make errors. Among many other programming languages, Java is simple and easy to learn. Thus a wide number of developers prefer Java to other programming languages like C++ and Python.
  • The Backbone of Big Technologies: Java programming language is widely used by many Big Techs for building their business applications and operating systems. Many companies like Netflix, Google, Spotify, and Amazon use Java.
  • Write once and Run Anywhere: Java runs on various types of devices and operating systems without any change in the output. This superior independence of Java makes it a preferred programming language by many companies. They hire dedicated Java developers to perform it well.

How to Hire a Dedicated Java Developer and Java Development Team? 

While looking for Java developers, it is necessary to keep these factors in mind to avoid challenges.

  • Domain knowledge
  • Their expertise in the field
  • Look their Portfolio
  • Client Review

If you hire a dedicated Java developer or hire a Java development team, these factors should be examined as a background check.

To Hire a dedicated Java Developer:

  • Good Understanding of the Language: While hiring a fresher in Java, test their proficiency in the programming language with a clear understanding of the domain and its object-oriented analysis. They must be familiar with the technical terms, data types, design patterns, data structures, and Java-based web services.
  • Work Experience: A Junior Java developer must have work experience range of 0-2 years. They should be good at writing clear and readable codes. They should have a fair understanding of JavaScript, Jakarta EE application models, Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans, and other Java APIs.
  • Knowledge of Network Applications: They should be aware of communication protocols such as IP, HTTP, FTP, etc. to transmit information between computing systems.
  • Knowledge of Web Technologies: A Junior Java developer should be skilled in service-oriented web services like SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer) and know Web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and markup languages such as XML.
  • In-depth Skills: For hiring a Senior Java developer, work experience range from 3-6 years in Java. They should have an in-depth knowledge of Java-based enterprise editions and object-oriented programming. The companies look for sharp technical skills for Java developers who can handle errors, runtime, debugging, and garbage collection.

To Hire Java Development Team:

  • Align with the Company Goals: Before the company decide to hire Java Development Team, the company must determine the requirement of the applications and know if they align with the company goals. Filtering through the list of Java Developer teams helps you find the best one for your company's applications and achieve long-term objectives, user needs, improve features, and other important requirements.
  • Decide the application type and select Team: The company itself must have an idea about the application prerequisites. Therefore, firstly, the company is required to outline its proposal explaining the goals, metrics, and the type of application they want to build. The company can then contact different Java development teams for suggestions and to see if their idea meets your requirements.
  • Experienced Team: When you hire a Java development team, it is necessary to look for a team that fulfills your IT needs and relates to your business functions. You must define the outcome you expect from the Java development team to boost your business result. Regardless of the company's size or its enterprise, you can benefit from the services of the development team. Hire a Java development team that has knowledge and experience in different Java frameworks.
  • Interview the Team: To hire dedicated Java developers, the company must interview each Java developer to know if they are all aware of the technical area of the domain. Ensure each Java developer, from junior to senior, have a thorough understanding of Java, and other parameters they handle.
  • Evaluate the Team: Before you hire Java Development Team, examine their previous works and understand what tools they used for their projects. This can help to minimize the possibility of failure.

How Do You Evaluate Technical Skills For Java Developers?

When looking for Java Developers, look if they have basic technical skills to build codes and programs. Therefore, the crucial technical skills for Java developers include:

  • Object-Oriented Programming Skills: The Java Developer must have high-level knowledge of object-oriented programming to get hired. Object-Oriented programming enhances the stability of the code and makes it safe. Therefore, Java is easy since it is an object-oriented Programming language that uses class and object style of coding.
  • Aware of Design Patterns: When you hire dedicated Java developers, they should be capable of completing any work given and must be aware of different design patterns and frameworks. A proper system design keeps the project modular, so the Java developers must understand the broad picture of the architecture of Java.
Evaluate Technical Skills For Java Developer
Evaluate Technical Skills For Java Developer
  • In-depth Knowledge of Tools: Developing an application requires using tools for designing, building, tend testing. Java Developers must be well aware of these extensive tools and their use in building applications.
  • Familiar with Application Containers: Developers must be familiar with application containers like JBoss, Jetty, etc.
  • Must have a grip on web Technology: Hire a developer who knows how to use JavaScript libraries and has experience with the same. It helps to create dynamic web content for the website.

How to Hire Appsierra a Java Development Company?

The organization gives you the top Java developers best fit for your requirements and business needs. Moreover, there is a proper communication workflow and a skillful and experienced labor pool with the right services to quickly build your project. Above all, working with Appsierra is cost-effective and promises you high-quality applications. For more information, you can visit the website.


Hiring a dedicated Java Developer is unquestionably a wise choice for any organization intending to broaden its business. Companies look for Java developers with relevant skills and knowledge. Building a team of highly skilled Java Developers can be a challenging task, but you will get the right talent on board by following a step-by-step process as mentioned above.


1) How do I hire Java developers?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use and, you have to hire dedicated Java developers for your firm. For an entry-level, fresh talent in Java, it is essential to test their proficiency and knowledge in the language; how familiar they are with the data types and basics of the language. If you are looking for a developer for a network application, see if they know protocols such as IP, HTTP, etc., and, for a web application, see if they are skilled at service-oriented architecture and have knowledge of web technologies.

2) Appsierra is the best for Java Development.

Appsierra focuses on top talents for their clients and works towards bringing the best Java development solutions. The organization has both Frontend and Backend developers for web development and Artificial Intelligence powered solutions for your products. Appsierra has a higher success rate than the closest competitors.

3) Are Java developers in demand?

Yes, Java developers are in-demand since there is wide popularity for the Java programming language. Even in 2023, it is being continuously used by many software developers for building mobile applications, web applications, and modern technologies.

4) What exactly do Java Developers do?

Java developers build applications and software using Java programming language. They gather the requirements of clients for building applications, write codes and then test if the codes work as envisioned by the client. If there is any bug in their work, they will correct the error and fix it.

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