How Does 256 Bit Encryption Work – Explained In Detail


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Is 256-bit encryption secure? The answer will be YES. They use a 256-bit key to encrypt your data. It is more powerful and source compared to 128 and 192-bit encryption. It is highly secure, as it uses powerful algorithms, encryption protocols. 

What does 256 bit encryption look like?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts your data between two nodes. The safe transfer of data on the web is all because of the encryption offered by SSLs. 

Why is encryption necessary?

We have stated some cases that prove the importance of encryption:

  1. If you want to safeguard yourself from hacks.
  2. It ensures your authenticity.
  3. It safeguards your sensitive data from frauds.

How secure AES 256 bit encryption?

Well, consider a puzzle. If you shuffle whole things, it will be hard for you to understand. This is how encryption works. Encryption makes plain or readable text into scrambled text. This is impossible to read. It converts the normal text into a tough one. This scrambled text is called ciphertext. We can decode it with the help of a cipher key only. This key may be a public or private one. The public key means anyone can crack the text with that key. But in private, only allowed recipients can access that text or information. In terms of public key information is a more big secret.

Use of powerful AES 256 bit encryption algorithms

The encryption process of AES 256 encryption online makes use of powerful mathematical algorithms to make things scramble. It only allows someone to get that information through a key. 

There are some powerful algorithms that will help this process.

  1. Blowfish
  2. Two fish
  3. AES and
  4. DES

These are some examples. But there are plenty of such algorithms are there for this process. 

Encryption types

There are two types of encryption processes. 

  1. Symmetric encryption
  2. Asymmetric encryption

Let’s understand something about these encryption types!!

Symmetric encryption

It is an encryption process and considered less secure than asymmetric. Here the concern is that both server and host will make use of the same key to decode massage. So there are more chances of the message getting decrypted. 

Asymmetric encryption

Basically, SSL or TSL platforms use this encryption method. It is the safest encryption method. Here both servers and hosts make use of different keys to decode the message. i.e. public and private keys. So they prove it that, if you have to crack this encryption, it hardly takes some thousand years. Nothing more than that. 

About 256-Bit Encryption

By this time, you would have understood the encryption types and their needs. Okay, let us dive into 256-bit encryption. We can consider 256-bit encryption the safest encryption method to date. It uses 256-bit keys to encrypt and decode the message. The 256 counts signify the length of the key used for the encryption process. In 256-bit encryption, it is the calculation of 256 power 2 combinations. It is impossible for us to calculate such a huge amount of combinations. It may be a billion combinations possible with the use of the 256-bit key. 

This made this encryption very strong and impossible to decode. Even with the help of supercomputers also, you may not find the exact combinations. It will take thousands of years to do that job. To crack, test every combination. You may say that brute force can do this. Yes, it can. But it will take 3*10 raised to power 51 years to find the exact match. It is the beauty of 256-bit encryption. So, I hope that your question – how secure is 256-bit encryption gets clarified by the above stats and examples. With no doubt, 256-bit encryption is the safest method to date. It is used by baking systems globally. All the nations are using this method to protect their sensitive data from fraudulent. The above things will show that it is highly reliable and secure. 

Use 256-bit encryption for the security of your data. Be safe!!!

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