How To Publish An App On The Play Store Step By Step ?


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Key takeaways:

  1. What is the requirement for the Google play store?
  2. Know how to publish an app on the play store?

Finally, you have created your award-winning mobile app! But now the challenge is to upload your app on Google Play Store. Basically, it is the biggest platform with millions of android users coming to download their applications. And if you want your app featured on it, you need huge downloads. Here, this article will guide you on how to submit your app on the Google Play store.

Let’s get started!


  1. Have an android application!
  2. Your application will require an appropriate Bundle ID to show it
  3. Also, a signed application for release. This needs a signing certificate.
  4. In case your app is large, you will require upload free APK files and upload apk to google play free to break it into sections
  5. You must have signed up to Google Play Console and be a Google Play publisher.

When all the above are marked off, let’s apply to the Google Play market.

Steps on how to publish an App

Here are the steps on how to publish an app on the play store.

Get your application details ready

Sign in to the Google Play Console using your Google Play publisher account. To make an application, select all apps that appear in the left-hand menu. Now, tap on Create Application to make your application. After that, pick a language and put a title for your application. Also, proceed by clicking Create.

  1. Short description: A summary of your application.
  2. Full description: Enter a piece of in-depth information about your application.
  3. Screenshots: Important to show your application in the activity. Now, click on Add screenshot and then upload screenshots of your app.
  4. Hi-res icon: Basically, this icon will appear in the Google Play Store and on the users’ devices while downloading.
  5. Feature graphic: Thus, this labelled as optional. Also, it’s important since your application can’t get featured on the Google Store without a feature graphic.
  6. Video link: Here, you can add a video link to your app. And it can be a YouTube link.
  7. Application type: Either it’s an application or a game
  8. Category: Travel, Business, Education, etc.

Ensure all your details are right in the contact information and include anything missing. We’ll return to the content rating that expects you to round out a survey. Now, snap on Save Draft to spare your application data. After that, move to the next step.

Upload the APK files for your application

Once you have ensured all the essentials required to release your application. Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to upload the files before its release. Presently, visit the app releases category from the left menu.

  1. Here, select the release. Then you will redirect to the following page. Now, click the create release button. Hence, it will let you move to the production page.
  2. Here, select if you still want to use Google Play application logging on your app or you can click on OPT-OUT to ignore.
  3. Now, click on the Browse Files section.
  4. Here, select the APK of your app or App Bundle files to upload.
  5. Then, click on the Review section that appeared on the bottom right. So, it will confirm and submit the details of your app release.
  6. Before sending your application out into the world. It requires a content rating, distributions, and estimating plan.

Set the content rating of your app

Here, visit the content rating page by visiting the left menu.

  1. Now, click on Continue.
  2. After that, enter your email address and confirm.
  3. From the options, choose the category of your app.
  4. Then fill the survey of your app rating. This is usually to help Google recognize if there is any specific content in your application.
  5. Here, click on the Save Questionnaire button.
  6. After that, click on the Calculate Rating tab. And it will show your app rating.
  7. Therefore, click on Apply Rating to affirm the content rating of your app.

Set pricing and a distribution plan

  1. Select either you need your application to be FREE or PAID one.
  2. Select Available for the nations you want to release your app or choose the Unavailable button otherwise.
  3. In case your app is best for kids under the age of 13, choose Yes for Primary Child-Detected. Or else select No.

Publish your app

Well, all the checklist has completed, and we are all set to release your application. Now, visit the app release section from the left menu.

  1. Now, click on the Manage Production
  2. Then, click on Edit Release.
  3. After that, click on Review.
  4. Then, click Start rollout to complete the production.
  5. Last, click Confirm if prompted.

Congratulations, mate! You have now rolled out your application successfully. It will send all the info to Google for review. Also, within two hours, your application will be published on the Google store.

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