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7 Mobile App Development Trends: Know All About Them

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Today, where a large population of the world is having a smartphone in their hand and are in the quest for the solution of each of their problems at their fingertips. Now, the customers find it much more comfortable to solve their issues themselves rather than depending on others for it. Mobile apps empower customers to execute the same. Since the last decade, people want every service available with just a click or swipe on their phone screen which a few decades ago was even unthinkable.

The fast-growing industry of mobile app development is having a sea of opportunities to not just satisfy the needs of consumers but also as a source of entertainment and financial earning and education. With the advent of Covid-19, the app development trends have changed a lot by providing various services to the consumers at their homes, who used to find them unnecessary or a waste of time before the pandemic. Mobile apps trends in technology and applications are urging to integrate technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide better services to the customer. As it enhances customer interactions and also understands the user’s behavior. The chatbot is an example of it.

AI for Mobile App Development
AI for Mobile App Development

Even customers are preferring cloud-integrated apps that do not use mobile memory space for the storage of data. The data in these apps are stored on cloud storage that can be accessed anytime with the availability of the internet. It helps in mobile memory optimization and increases mobile life.

7 Mobile App Development Trends

So here are some of the mobile app future trends:

1. Online Learning Application

 Online learning has been in existence for quite a few times but was used only by a small portion of people as most of the people were not aware of it and those who know it used to find it hard to accept it as an effective way of learning. But during the Covid-19 pandemic, when all the educational institutes were closed for students, then online learning platforms like Byjus, Vedantu, and some other apps came up as an alternative to continue learning. Now people have become more accepting of e-learning and online educational apps have become much more mainstream, and this has led to an increase in advanced mobile app development. 

2. Entertainment Application

There were times when television was the only way of entertainment and viewers had to satisfy their craving for entertainment by choosing from the few options available. The entertainment apps are allowing people to access entertainment as per their taste, at any time, and any place. During the pandemic when the theatres were shut down streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, and Netflix had a bevy of people signing up. 

Some platforms are not just providing recreation but also allowing common people to get the limelight by showcasing their talent on these platforms. It has become a new and accessible way to achieve money and fame. Some recent examples are Instagram reels and TikTok. The market for entertainment mobile app development is going to increase day by day.2.

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Social Networks
Social Networks

3. Gaming Applications

A few years ago, gaming applications were just considered to be built for children. It used to provide some recreation for them. But now the industry has evolved and more advanced mobile app development technologies are used to build games. They are a source of safe adrenaline not only for kids but also for adults.

People feel a kind of accomplishment when they cross a level in the game or get amused by their quick reflexes. These apps are addictive but consumer yet we see no abetment in their popularity, with the number of players increasing every passing day. The games which were only enjoyed by playing them physically are being played virtually. Some gaming apps are also providing opportunities to earn money. 

4. Online Consultation Applications

When Covid-19 made its way into people’s lives, as the number of patients suffering from this disease was increasing, people started hesitating from going to the hospitals for other health issues because of the fear of getting infected. Even doctors were also resisting attending patients physically. So many patients are now willing to accept online consultation for general health issues that do not require any special tests or physical examination by the doctor. These platforms can have a group of doctors willing to provide consultancy to patients online. A recent example of such an application is Practo.

5. Cab-Hailing Applications

Taxi Booking Apps in India
Taxi Booking Apps in India

Cab-Hailing Applications are allowing passengers to book a cab for them on their mobile phones. Instead of stepping out in the streets to hail a cab, which in most instances were a matter of extreme uncertainty. These applications ease the process by providing the availability of the cab near them with the information about the fare they will charge, as well as that of the drive, thereby ensuring the safety of the customer. This field has scope for further improvement by making the journey more safe and comfortable for the passengers. UBER and OLA are already having a big market cap but new applications providing better service are likely to get accepted.

6. Online Shopping Applications

Now the customers find it more comfortable to buy any product online where they can see all the latest options available in an organized way and can easily choose as per their budget. Online shopping applications are selling clothes, footwear, groceries, electronics, and many other products. This facility is not just used by urban customers but also by customers from rural regions. Even buyers are always on the lookout for reliable new platforms that can offer quality products at the cheapest rate. Online Shopping has been a trendsetter in the mobile app development trends for a long time.

7. Food Delivery Applications

The fast and busy life in the present world is making it very difficult for people to go to restaurants whenever they want. So to satisfy their craving for restaurant food are a food delivery app. The food delivery apps deliver the favorite dishes of the consumers from their selected restaurant at their doorstep.

The restaurants would like to widen their reach by marking their online existence. Mobile apps like Zomato and Swiggy are already providing these services but there is a lot of scope for such apps in the market. Technology has overtaken our lives and every day, we see the advent of a new trend, some are successful, while others don’t leave a mark. What has been your favorite mobile app trend of recent times?

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