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Why do Companies Prefer Junior Front End Developer Skills

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Summary: It seems like everyone is on the Internet these days, and if you are Internet then you already would have visited a number of websites. Many of them would be attractive but on the other hand, some just have a boring design. A front-end developer is responsible for any kind of design presented on the website. A talented front-end developer can provide an unimaginable experience to a user on the website.

But how do they do that? Which skills do they use to craft those attractive websites? If you are interested to know that or want to know how you can start your career as a junior web developer yourself? Then this blog has everything you are looking for.

The web developer role has always been on the list of high-payout software developer jobs, and why not? Web developers are the requirement of every company that has a digital presence in today's world. No matter if it's a trending e-commerce site, a spectacular website, or any other web-based application. The part of these websites a user interacts with is the front end. A junior front end developer skills are behind these web pages.

Recruitment of front-end developer skills is expected to be increasing rapidly in the next decade. It's the best time to learn the skills to become a front-end developer and give a boost to yourself in this career. To get started as a junior front end developer there are many ways. But, you should remind yourself that it's not an easy task to get a good job so fast in development. You had to make sure you pursued the correct skills and experience to present your talent and start a new career.

In this blog, we will go through all the topics that will help you to decide which skill can make you a talented developer in the software development field.

  • Who are front end developers?
  • How do companies hire developers?
  • What are the benefits of hiring front-end developers?
  • Make yourself ready to pass every hiring checklist
  • What is the difference between types of developers?

Who is Junior Front End Developers?

A junior front-end web developer is an entry-level intern or employee at a company. The basic responsibilities you were asked to take as junior front end developer skills building and maintaining web applications with the development team. You also had to work with UX/UI designers and graphic designers. Had to work closely with the back-end developers and full-stack developers team to provide a consistent and stable web experience.

Optimizing a website design is less complicated for mobile and other platforms. It also improves proving usability for our customers. There are a lot more things a developer can do to enhance user experience on a website. Ultimately, this made a direct impact on your work and on the user experience of our customers.

How do Companies Find Talented Developers?

In the hiring process, there are many differences for every job role. Normally, the factors that make a junior developer apart from a senior developer are their skills and experience. This recognition can be minimal. It depends on what is the need of the recruits and on which scale they want to measure a candidate, moreover, companies look for experienced employees but sometimes they need a young skilled person with more modern ideas.

However, they are valuable when it comes to hiring them for your new project. Maybe a junior developer can do supervision and code review better than an experienced developer. So, it isn’t mandatory nowadays to prefer a senior developer with experience over a junior front end developer skills.

There are many junior front end developers that still didn’t get the chance to showcase their technical skills and they are still waiting for that chance. No need to worry about that anymore. As Appsierra gives you a chance to present your unmatched skills and seal your chance to work as a front end developer. They not only hire you but also guide you throughout your training period.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Junior Developers?

Hiring a junior developer can benefit a company in a number of ways. Proving the right guidance and training from the company can make Junior developers valuable assets. Investing in the mentoring of junior developers can save a lot of money for companies in future endeavors. It increases the odds of finding a suitable person for any position.

1. Multiple Benefits

Hiring a good junior developer has a higher chance of bringing candidates with a bunch of new modern software development ideas. They are either under no contract at all or have a short-term contract with any company. In any case, junior developers are more eager and ready to explore new opportunities than senior developers.

2. Great Investment

Educating junior developers and guiding them to become experienced developers is more advantageous. You are bringing a candidate with a basic skill set that is sufficient to start working on your project. Then by teaching industry working methods, you guide them to gain knowledge development. 

From another point of view, you are mentoring and enhancing a team of junior front end developer skills that can make your company reach new heights.

3. Fast adapting ability

You can assign a junior developer with some routine tasks, such as documentation of daily work or minor bug fixing in the website. Senior developers are mostly busy with project-critical tasks. 

However, assigning routine tasks to junior developers will help them understand the basic procedures involved within the company

4. Opening the door of ideas

By hiring junior developers, you also open the doors for new knowledge and technologies in your company. As junior developers are fresh from college, the latest academic knowledge and skill set.

 In this era, every college student does a lot of independent research either as a hobby or to learn something about advanced trends, current technology mechanics & methods.

5. Saving in salary distribution

The last and most important reason for companies to why hire junior developers is “Salary”. Any company owner hiring a junior developer helps to manage their finance department as a junior front end developer skills demand less salary compared to any senior developer experience. 

Thus hiring junior developers is a very efficient way to develop a quality product by spending a definite amount of money.

Full Stack Developer Vs Front End Developer Vs Back End Developer

Full Stack Developer Vs Front End Developer Vs Back End Developer

What is a Front End Developer Skills Checklist?

As a front end developer, there are some skills you must learn in order to pass the skill checklist of the companies to get hired by them:


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the most basic and standard markup language to develop web pages and create websites. On the other hand Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a language to design the layout of the website. HTML creates the foundation page of the website and CSS helps in designing the layout of the webpage using font, colors, style, and mapping.

You can develop web development skills, by exploring different CSS frameworks, which will greatly simplify your styling process.

2. JavaScript/jQuery

Javascript (JS) is another important junior front end developer skill. It is used for adding interactive features to the website. Like any audio, video, animations on clicks, or customized scrolling a Java script tool is used. 

Jquery is a library of JS that’s a collection of different plugins & extensions which make it fast and easier to implement JS in the website.

3. Frameworks

Frameworks are collections consisting of JS or CSS files that provide a common functionality to perform different tasks. Rather than beginning your code with an empty text document, you begin with your code file with JavaScript files already imported into it. 

Selecting a correct framework while developing a website is important as frameworks have their own strengths and weaknesses.

4. Web Performance

A front end developer is responsible if there is any error in the UI of the website. Web performance measures the working of a website like how much time it's taking while loading a page.

 A junior front end developer skills can counter any problem that occurs in the performance of the website.

5. Version Control

Process to track and control changes in your website is called Version Control. With the feature of controlling source code, you don't need to start to code your website from scratch if anything goes wrong. It tracks the history of changes that are made in the previous version of the website.

6. Testing/debugging

Testing is a major part of the project. Testing makes sure that your code and website are free from bugs. Every front end developer should learn the skill and ability to debug and test the code. 

There are many frameworks available in the market that help to boost testing speed and simplify the whole process.


Any junior front end developer skills may look good on his resume. But a developer should always keep learning new skills. These skills will make him a more valuable asset in this field. A developer should always commit himself to the goal of learning new skills.

Many companies hesitate before hiring a junior developer. In our blog, we have mentioned how you can make yourself company ready and also give the company a reason to question themselves as to why they hire junior developers.

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