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PrestaShop Development Services

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PrestaShop development services

Want to build an online store but don’t know where to start? Then this blog is a perfect guide to building one. As we talk about the versatile PrestaShop development services that are suitable for all scales of online business. Also, you can learn its features & discover the benefits of choosing an agency like Appsierra for outsourcing your web store.

Today, anybody can establish an online store with just a few steps. Here, we have a lot of open-source and professional software tools to do it. But one that stands out, especially for its free and advanced features, is PrestaShop development services. It’s a highly famous e-commerce supporting platform suitable for both software developers and non-coders.

What’s more interesting is these services tend to have all the facilities & necessary management functions to create and successfully run an online store. Therefore, expanding your venture becomes more affordable. So, with this comprehensive blog, let’s first start with an understanding of what PrestaShop is.

In what ways does PrestaShop relate to e-commerce?

PrestaShop is a universal open-source platform for developing e-commerce online stores. It enables businesses to build their outlet for less capital investment without needing an acquisition license. Also, you can access all the facilities to set up a digital business through a reliable Shopify App Development Agency, like shopping carts, shipping getaways, payment methods, product information, etc.

Non-coders or people with less domain knowledge can learn from its given study materials and tutorials. They contain all the details, including the test environment, PrestaShop theme development, database, etc. You can even benchmark and optimize your stores. So, regardless of sector, selling products is simple and easy.

Further, you can contact them to solve any technical glitches or disruptions. Moving on, let’s explore the benefits and advantages of PrestaShop development services in the next section.

Why should you hire PrestaShop development services?

Did you know the e-commerce market is expected to generate $8.1 trillion by 2026? Yes! Very soon, online stores will be one of the most beneficial businesses. So, creating an online store with PrestaShop Java development services is like a long-term strategy that doesn’t fail. Now, let’s see the advantages we get in the way:


PrestaShop modules and WooCommerce plugins are cut from the same tech. They offer diverse options, like upselling tools, SEO improvement modules, advanced payment processes, invoice management practices, and many more. All provide a high degree of customization to match your ideas and expectations. When it comes to enhancing your online store, consider exploring the world of WooCommerce Development Services.

Multi-language and multi-store

This is a multi-store supporting portal. It means you can manage various internet businesses from a single control panel. Also, it has multi-language features that help easily translate storefronts. Thus, a user from a specific country can access the store page in their native language without additional permissions.

Reduced costs

If you can’t build one, you can easily hire PrestaShop development services to do the work for you. They involve minimal expenses for premium features. Also, development costs are almost free from the PrestaShop platform. As a result, you can include complex functions and hire experts for very reduced costs.

Payment methods

This platform is compatible with flexible payment methods like credit and debit cards and digital wallet apps like Google Pay, Bizum, PayPal, Stripe, etc. You can add all of that with its Redsys module. Another key point is PrestaShop theme development doesn’t require knowledge of HTML or CSS languages.

So, these are some benefits you get when engaging with PrestaShop development services. Further, let’s see its different types of modules in the next section.

How should you go about creating a PrestaShop theme?

The PrestaShop theme is created using PHP language and supports more than 5,000 modules to tailor features to your needs. Likewise, it’s easy to translate into other programming languages & customizable to create a responsive design. However, for more efficiency, it is recommended to hire a PrestaShop ecommerce development company. So, let’s look at some of its must-have modules:

One Page Checkout

Just as the name gives, this module of PrestaShop development services helps improve the checkout process & conversion rate of the web store by enhancing user experience. It allows them to complete the transaction on a single page without any validation and unnecessary steps.

Free Shipping Amount Display

This feature is a simple but useful module to tell customers about extra charges they need to pay. It’s better to offer shipping charges for high-valued items because an additional pay like this can generate more profit for your business.

Mega Menu Builder

This menu builder helps customers easily navigate other product pages and categories when it adheres to PrestaShop development services. It creates multiple sub-menus with an in-built visual drag-and-drop editor. Thus, your menu bar would be fully responsive on both smartphones & desktops.

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature in PrestaShop development services is compulsory for online stores that sell various products in multiple sectors. Because it gives the best search results amongst a large cluster of items, it also smartly organizes products based on their color, size, name, price, category, etc.

Shoppable Gallery

This is more of a marketing channel module that lets you add your items on a social media front like Instagram. Your customers can directly visit the website and add it to their cart by clicking on the feed anywhere. Thus, it is one of the best sources of advertising.

These are only a few out of many modules. In the next section, let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure to build an online store using PrestaShop development services.

Creating an online store with PrestaShop: How to do it?

The below procedure contains accurate details on how to start an online store with the right PrestaShop development company. Read thoroughly and quickly create one in just a few hours:

Pick your products and audience

If you already have an offline business, you can skip this step. Otherwise, select products you are interested in and are passionate about selling, like customized or standard ones. Then, fix the range of the target audience, such as teens, kids, or adults. Finally, look for competitive stores in your field through Google AdWords and understand their popularity.

Design the site

Developing with PrestaShop development services means creating high-end features. But first, fix your business name and create an official link with a country domain or .com to spread on the internet. Then, apply for compliance standards and permissions necessary to sell and display content. Finally, customize your theme and functions.

Add payment gateways

How will your customers pay for your products? This is where you should think about integrating payment options when engaging PrestaShop development services. One quick tip is that having various payment gateways is better if you want to globalize your business. Many consumers leave the website because their ideal payment option is unavailable or the transaction process is too long.

Choose your platforms

To get started, you can choose a starter pack with free installation, legalized domain name, and hosting for one year. Another option is PrestaShop Checkout, which offers all payment methods and simplified management features to streamline the entire operation. Thus, choose probably the most suitable one.

Add the products

After creating the architecture, you can add professional images to the products. Here, ensure photos are uncluttered and compatible with small screen sizes. Then, add small descriptions and taglines to attract an audience. Further, you can proceed with adding more trust signs like reviews, best seller signs, return policies, and shipping costs.

Test, launch, and advertise

After creating the outline, simulate the payment and entire purchase process through laptops and smartphones. See where the glitches are and correct them. Finally, launch your website and see its reputation through rating websites and platforms. Slowly start moderate advertising to increase the user traffic.

Creating a store is one thing, but attracting a major audience to buy your products is another obstacle if your app is basic. Hence, partnering with experienced PrestaShop development services like Appsierra is best advised. Understand this context in detail in the next section.

Appsierra is your PrestaShop development partner of choice!

Appsierra provides the best PrestaShop website development services with powerful application frameworks and automation tools. Our team, a dedicated Shopify App Development Agency, is also seasoned in developing with other platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce. Thus, collaborating with our expertise can bring enormous benefits and perks like -

Industry-centric approach

Offering the best PrestaShop development services in town, Appsierra develops solutions for a diverse range of industries. Here, we recognize their unique demands, challenges, and standards. As a result, we tailor industry-specific approaches combined with your requirements to generate the ultimate online store.

Mobile compatibility

From the development stage itself, we make sure that every integration, image, and text is compatible and flexible to fit any screen size. Similarly, we give mobile compatibility to the online store, just like an application. As a result, your consumers can operate from any device without suffering any quality and display issues.

High-in expertise

If Appsierra is your PrestaShop development services company, then you will have top-notch solutions, the latest technology, and an experienced team onboard. They induce their wealth of knowledge to drive innovation & accelerate your development cycle. Our multitude of services can personalize every bit of your online store within the budget.

Better asset management

Our smart inventory management features are easy to streamline and track. You will also get alerts on product stock, manufacturing, and expiry dates. Thus, discounts and extra offers can be listed on those items. Our cloud warehouse is affordable and available to increase or decrease the stock for flexible storage.


At Appsierra, we dedicate our time and effort to creating strategic innovations for your needs. We thoroughly research the problems, and our engineering labs work extensively to transform your expectations into reality. On the other hand, small-scale businesses that want to invest in PrestaShop development services can enjoy our alliance for good prices.

Our comprehensive post-service support is an added advantage to optimize and enhance your online store’s performance. Thus, get in touch with Appsierra today!


PrestaShop development services are a better option for starting and running an e-commerce online store. Its advanced inventory management, SEO capabilities, optimizing features, and payment getaways are not missed. However, you save a lot of workload and get it done better for a limited budget if you partner with an outsourcing company like Appsierra.

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