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Shopify App Development Agency for Ecommerce Agencies

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Shopify App Development Agency

With today’s resources and expanding scope, anybody can establish a standard business. One such best alternative is online stores. They are not only economical but also efficient in generating user traffic and revenue. Besides, building such an outlet is not that complex either. All you need is a clear business plan and a strong platform like a Shopify app development agency.

Yes! They power more than 800,000 stores worldwide with their diverse functionalities and features. At the same time, they stay competent in matching all the unique needs and requirements of clients. Therefore, utilizing such a source means striking gold. Now, let’s start the blog with an understanding of what Shopify is.

Building Online Stores with Shopify App Development Services

Shopify is the third biggest eCommerce platform that enables businesses to build online stores. It’s an open-source web application technology developed using Ruby on Rails. With its features, you can easily personalize your store template, organize the products section, create credit card payment getaways, online payment services, and many more.

Additionally, it caters to a wide range of tools for assisting merchants in selling products online. So, regardless of business size & sector, it works and ventures unanimously to satisfy your needs. Moreover, Shopify collects only a 15% revenue share on the annual gross earned by your stores. In other words, it's worth a money investment for clients.

How can a Shopify app development agency help you?

Many enterprise giants, including Flipkart & Amazon, are claiming that online stores are more suitable outlets than conventional stores. But it's important to realize that most of them built their empire using Shopify app development services as their base ground. In effect, let’s explore the benefits that compel these businesses:

Easy to set up

Shopify mobile app development services ensures that users have quicker online store launches without any server issues or extra development costs. Its features are designed to leverage diverse needs, while it comprises an easy-to-use UI structure. Further, its elaborate documentation and supporting video guides will train your team in no time.


For the most part, eCommerce stores come under data-driven businesses. That means they have to deal with massive amounts of data, including customer details like addresses, credit card numbers, etc. That’s why reliability and security are prime factors in Shopify services. They enable fast and secure websites with the least downtime in any condition.

Mobile compatibility

eCommerce stores should be largely accessible by both web and mobile platforms. Only then can they stay consistent with revenue generation. For that reason, the Shopify app development agency supports mobile-friendly themes, responsiveness, and compatibility across various versions of devices and operational systems.

Less hosting concerns

A Shopify app development company usually provides hosting and integration facilities. So that Third-Party apps can simply set up online stores. They can design and develop the app on the same platform with the same codebase. Moreover, it allows stores to work fast and securely even during traffic spikes and least downtimes.

Tech support and guidance

The Shopify customer support is very palpable. They are available 24/7 a day and all week. So, clients can call at any time of the week via phone, email, or chat. At the same time, their response time is rapid. Even if your partnership with Shopify services is completed, you can still contact them for guidance at ease.

So, these are some of the perks you get while you engage a Shopify app development agency. Now, moving forward, let’s see different types of apps made using these services in the next section.

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What apps may be created with Shopify app development?

In reality, startups and established companies can use Shopify app development services as an extensive sales channel because they support a diverse range of apps with strict compliance standards for their industry. Let’s see the list of those apps in detail:

Public apps

Public apps are usually visible to other merchants and businesses using the Shopify App Store. It has mainly two types: listed and unlisted. The merchants can download listed apps through the App Store. Whereas unlisted apps are not displayed in any of the categories and search results. They are only downloadable from its main website.

Custom apps

Custom apps are created for specific clients and unavailable to download in the App Store. They are highly efficient and ideal for extending your online business on other platforms. Moreover, to build any bespoke applications, the developer doesn’t need access to the store API or your admin section. They can directly use the framework and template.

Private apps

As the name suggests, private apps are developed, especially by experts at the Shopify app development agency, to leverage particular applications that custom apps can’t recreate. Just like custom, these apps are also not published on the Shopify App Store. That means they are specifically designed for your website, and external developers need admin access to use that framework.

Draft apps

Shopify app development company uses this “Draft apps” concept for testing purposes. Because application development is a rigorous process of re-coding and testing, all your past testing reports and throughput development are stored inside. At the same time, it disables the permanent store transfer option for others.

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These are only a few. There is a lot more to see. Now, let’s see the step-by-step procedure to develop an online store in the next section.

In what ways can you create an online store using Shopify?

The below procedure contains detailed information on how to start an online store with the correct cloud application development company. Right from choosing a platform to launching your product, everything is mentioned fully. So read thoroughly:

Choose an eCommerce Agency platform

Before choosing your platform, look for key features like usability, intuitiveness, accessible customer support, friction-free checkout, web hosting, etc. These facilities will determine how comfortably you can manage your inventory or do marketing in the future. Here, opting for the Shopify app development agency as your platform is highly recommended.

Fix your target audience

The target audience must be decided right before starting the store because it helps in designing the template, demographics, interests, and other attributes of the store. Also, it's better to document the business plan, website copy, and marketing campaigns right from this stage, as it helps to provide genuine services for your customers in the long run.

Select your products

Choosing one profitable product or business to launch is a difficult choice. But if you have already decided your target audience, then you can narrow your options based on that. It's better to ponder your interests and hobbies or capitalize on trends in the marketplace. For example, if you’re a designer and the target audience is teenagers, then you can set up a specific boutique or amenities store.

Design the site

Developing your site with a Shopify app development agency should include a checklist on how you would like to see your store. Start with questions like the business idea, business name, logo, photos, compliance standards, etc. Then next, you can think about products, descriptions, shipping, vendors, screen templates, and many more. Altogether, you will get a clear outline of your online store.

Integrate a payment gateway

Here, payment getaways should depend on your business scale. For example, if you’re running a home business with an online outlet, then it’s better to opt for online payment options like BHIM or PayPal. On the other hand, large businesses usually add membership or log-in necessity along with cash on delivery to increase their customer base.

Choose a business model

By now, you’ve completed all the attributes necessary to start an online store. From this phase, you should focus on business factors like tax bills, funding, purchase expenditures, retirement plans, and credit scores. In contrast, you can collaborate with a similar business platform with a professional deal to generate standard revenue.

Launch the store

Before launching, you need to add a custom domain and sales channel that provides point-of-sale solutions, inventory reports, etc. Also, add your shopping tab to search engines like Google and Bing. After customizing all add-ons, you can think about ways to attract the audience and optimize your online store to gain a competitive advantage.

Advertise your store

Marketing your online store is the last yet deciding step to success. Regardless of your efforts, you would need proper advertising mediums and strategies to get going. In this case, you can utilize the expertise of the Shopify app development agency to monitor traffic and sales. Additionally, use Google Analytics for deriving patterns like most watched time, products, loading time, etc.

If you have enough capital investment, then it's better to collaborate with an experienced company to design an efficient online store.

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Develop a Shopify app with Appsierra's range of Services

Appsierra has always tackled a wide range of challenges and stayed on top as the leading Shopify app development agency. We are highly equipped with emerging technologies and expertise to suffice your online store expectations. Therefore, collaborating with us means you can enjoy several beneficial features like:

Enhanced user experience

At Appsierra, we prioritize customer experience above others, especially for eCommerce businesses. In effect, we employ the latest technology to build user-friendly features, pages, and templates. Moreover, we ensure that payment getaways are simple and quicker to access by users at their convenience.

Cloud storage

Appsierra is also a well-versed cloud application development company. That means all your massive data sets and transaction details will be safely stored in our AWS-designed cloud warehouse. Also, you can flexibly expand or decline your storage space for reduced costs and zero hardware necessity.

Better asset management

Enterprise asset management plays a key role in stakeholders' decision-making. Because it can reduce the cost of ownership and the risks associated with it, our experts use the newest technologies for modernizing assets. Consequently, it improves your overall resource utilization, decision-making, and capital investment decisions.

Innovative customization

At Appsierra, we have a deep-induced culture of innovation for acquiring solutions. Our industry-specific approaches are customizable to match the needs of yours. At exactly the same period, we employ emerging strategies and methodologies to visit beyond operational efficiencies. Consequently, in the long run, your online stores will remain intact longer with no requirement for updates.


Shopify app development agency is unquestionably the ideal choice for making eCommerce platforms. They use numerous functionalities, hosting advantages, and mobile app facilities. Around exactly the same type, you are able to start using their post-support services and security measures for store maintenance. However, you are able to get it done better and also effectively in case you partner well with an outsourcing company such as Appsierra.

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