10 Best IT Process Automation Software in 2022 As Per Tech Gurus


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IT process automation software allows users to run automatic processes that manipulate data and mandates between different systems and applications. Users can improve operational efficiency, mitigate risks, minimize operating costs, reduce process complexity, and simplify the enforcement of security standards by automating manual processes.

Tools for IT process automation are usually deployed within IT departments to streamline the delivery of IT services and business data. Using IT process automation software, users will be able to monitor and manage almost any automatic procedure from a single point of control.

IT process automation is also used for automating repetitive and manual tasks to reduce human errors and to provide employees with more time to spend on higher-value projects. Many IT process automation solutions offer programmatic or API-based integrations that are reliable and flexible and make it easy to integrate disparate tools into end-to-end workflows without the need to continuously maintain UI-based connections.

The importance of IT process automation

Here is the importance of IT process automation:

  1. In today’s business world, many businesses use IT process automation to save resources, time, and effort. 
  2. This process can be more reliable and make it more efficient and businesses more responsive to customer needs.
  3. Using IT automation, you will be able to easily monitor and manage digital processes across IT and business operations.
  4. It will include arranging processes across sales, production, customer service, building, and more.
  5. It will also be easy for key stakeholders to supervise processes and activities associated with their roles.
  6. Using IT process automation, streamlining data across the organization by ensuring that data and reports are timely and accurate for facilitating decision making and improving the customer experience will become easier.
  7. The risk of human error will be reduced and processes will become more reliable and efficient.

List of 10 best IT process automation tools in 2021

Below is a list of the best IT process automation software in 2021:

ActiveBatch Workload Automation

ActiveBatch Workload automation is the best low-code IT process automation solution available on the market. This tool can rapidly integrate, automate and orchestrate your entire IT landscape. ActiveBatch offers hundreds of pre-built integrations and universal connectors that will enable you to integrate virtually with any application in the system. 

It also features a drag and drops workflow designed with reusable templates and self-documenting job steps so you can easily assemble and use processes for managing data and dependencies across any environment.

Redwood RunMyJobs

Redwood RunMyJobs is one of the best ITPA platforms that can orchestrate all the requirements of your entire enterprise. It is an integrated platform used for building and running workflows across systems and applications. Redwood The RunMyJobs cloud-native SaaS platform can automate and orchestrate the entire IT and business process together. It makes it easy for IT teams to schedule and run event-driven workloads and manage file transfers.


Kissflow is a robotic process automation software used for managing the entire IT infrastructure, from simple network systems to complete business service solutions. The system could be used for automating processes such as installation, testing, deployment, configuration, and upgrading of network applications, servers, and even web series. Kissflow offers a set of libraries and services for implementing various processes of the system. It also automates processes that need hands-on attention, such as security management.


Comindware is yet another low-code workflow management and IT process automation software that has the potential to transform the way you run your company. It organizes, processes, and combines data from many sources. It's simple to use and comprehend even if you don't know much about computers. 

They've been able to effectively use automation to save hardware and software costs while increasing the value obtained from the IT network. It's utilized for a variety of IT operations, including mobile device management, data center automation, desktop administration, and more. This program can harness the power of automation to simplify the entire IT process.

CA Technology

You can automate IT operations that span several organizations to offer services and enforce standards and compliance regulations across departments using CA Technologies.

CA Technologies provides an integrated solution that helps businesses to develop and run manual automated, resource-intensive, and inconsistent IT operational operations. It's the ideal solution for the complicated requirements of a wide range of small to large businesses.


Integrify is a fantastic tool for automating IT procedures and workflows. Users may create intuitive forms and track process progress with this program. It saves time and money for businesses, allowing them to function more efficiently. Integrify is a tool that can be incorporated into your current business operations.

Nintex Platform

The Nintex Platform is used by public and private businesses all over the world to manage, automate, and improve their business operations in less time. Process mapping, workflow automation, robotic process automation (RPA), document production, forms, mobile apps, process analytics, and more are all supported by an intuitive drag-and-drop designer. It's a robust and comprehensive process platform.


It's one of the most effective digital transformation tools. Arago's HIRO AI is a knowledge-based automation platform. Its Artificial Intelligence software is aimed at SMEs and large corporations. HIRO automates processes from beginning to end.

This online Artificial Intelligence system is a fantastic tool for Process/Workflow Automation in Healthcare. Within weeks, HIRO automates end-to-end procedures. It's the first automation program to employ advanced artificial intelligence (AI), which mimics human cognition to offer to learn.


Ignio has capabilities that can help you transform your company processes using AI and Automation to become an Autonomous Enterprise with increased resilience, certainty, and customer happiness. You may use this technology to address your operational problems and achieve an Agile, Resilient, and Autonomous Enterprise. The rapid root causes of isolation, task automation, and predicted effect analysis are just a few of the problems it answers.


It's a low-code BPM and digital process automation platform that's won awards. With this application, you may use a powerful and easy platform to develop and deploy complicated business processes. It helps eliminate manual chores, data silos, and bottlenecks by automating operations across different platforms. It joins all of your systems, people, and work on one platform by connecting processes across ancient software and pointing to solutions that boost your digital transformation. It's a versatile tool for creating and executing complex business processes.


IT process automation software is necessary for IT teams and businesses. ITPA could include lightweight robotic process automation software with UI integrations as well as workload automation tools with reliable programmer technology and API-based integration. ITPA has the capacity to automate repetitive tasks both in IT and back-office business operations. It also provides a centralized console for developing, monitoring, and orchestrating end-to-end processes with business project management capacities for streamlining and optimizing three processes.

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