7 Best Programming Language For Automation Testing


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So you are toward the start of 2021 and presumably have submitted a fresh new goal as a tester to jump into automation testing. Nonetheless, to automate your test contents you need to get your hands messy on a programming language and that is the place where you are trapped! 

Or on the other hand, you are as of now capable of automation testing through a single programming language and are considering wandering into new programming languages for automation testing, alongside their separate structures. You will undoubtedly be befuddled about picking your next achievement. All things considered, there are various programming languages for automation testing to browse. 

Programming Languages for Automation Testing

All things considered, fortunate for you, you arrived in the correct spot! In this blog, we will feature the best programming languages for automation testing.


Java is a universally useful automation programming language that is possessed by the Oracle Corporation. Java is based on the standards of article-arranged programming. The language follows the WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) guideline which brings a ton of cross-stage benefits. 

Numerous big enterprises use Java to keep up their back-end frameworks. There are more than 3 billion devices that are running applications assembled utilizing Java. Even though JUnit is a mainstream unit testing system, various open-source automation testing structures have been created utilizing Java. Automated program testing for a web item (site/web application) can be performed utilizing JUnit with Selenium WebDriver. 


Made by Microsoft, C# is additionally moving as a programming language for test automation. It is planned on the ideas of article situated programming. It is perhaps the most well-known language utilizing the .NET system. 

67% of the respondents in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey (2019) believe C# to be the best programming language for automation testing, web improvement, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. C# as a programming language for automation testing is appropriate for applications that depend on Android, Windows, and iOS stages. The most recent form of C# is 8.0. 

This automation programming language is gradually and consistently acquiring force nearby test automation. Because of the amazing features of the language and its similarity with Selenium WebDriver, numerous automation testers are slanted to utilize C# for mechanization testing and cross-program testing. Utilizing the Page Object Model (POM) plan design, testers can think of productive and viable test code. 

Various automation testing systems in C# guide Selenium automation testing or automated program testing. Because of the accessibility of a wide scope of test structures, numerous designers are thinking about C# for the improvement of experiments identified with cross-program testing. The following are the most regularly utilized test automation systems –

  1. NUnit
  2. MSTest
  3. xUnit.Net


Python is an open-source best programming language for automation testing, AI, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The most recent variant of Python is 3.8.1. The significant benefit that Python has over other programming languages for automation testing is the simple to learn bend because of the comprehensibility of the language. According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey (2019), an astounding 73.1% decided in favor of Python as the most needed automation programming language showing the prevalence of the Python language. 

The following are a portion of the essential reasons concerning the prominence of Python: 

  1. There are various libraries for the Python programming language and these libraries facilitate the work of the engineer as they help in performing activities without composing a lot of code.
  2. Python is substantially more versatile when contrasted with other programming dialects.
  3. The syntax of Python is not difficult to realize which makes it an ideal programming language in any event, for beginners.

Selenium and Appium libraries for Python facilitate the work of automation testing and cross-program testing on work areas and cell phones. PyUnit and Pytest are the most mainstream Python testing systems that are utilized for Selenium automation testing to perform automated cross-program testing. 


Ruby is another best programming language for automation testing that is acquiring energy in the field of test robotization and automated program testing. It is open-source in nature and is centred around effortlessness and efficiency. Like Python, Ruby is likewise simple to learn and carry out. Human-accommodating grammar and adaptable item situated design make Ruby an incredible programming language. 

Another intriguing viewpoint is Ruby is the help of the developing local area of Ruby clients who are viewed as the main qualities of the language. It is gradually turning into a favoured programming language for the formation of web applications. Engineers can assemble helpful applications with Ruby utilizing a lot lesser lines of code. 

Selenium structure likewise works with Ruby language; subsequently, it very well may be utilized for Selenium automation testing. Beginning with Ruby and Selenium isn’t testing and you can execute the primary cross-program test with Selenium WebDriver and Ruby with very many lines of code. There are various test automation structures in Ruby that help in cross-program testing.

The following are the most mainstream testing systems in Ruby: 

  1. Capybara
  2. RSpec
  3. Test::Unit


PHP is a server-side scripting language utilized for web improvement. In any case, it is additionally very much used as the best programming language for automation testing. If you are beginning with programming, you should have a go at PHP. The trouble level of PHP is low when contrasted with other backend programming languages like Python and Java. 

PHP has great local area support and a developing environment. It offers XDebug, an amazing troubleshooting and profiling instrument that has incredible abilities. It has support for a decent number of test automation structures like: 

  1. Laravel Dusk
  2. Codeception
  3. PHPUnit
  4. BeHat


According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey (2019), JavaScript accomplished the best position in the ‘Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages’ part in the ‘Most Popular Technologies’ class. JavaScript is an extraordinarily best programming language for automation testing that is transcendently utilized for front-end improvement. Numerous huge customer sites use JavaScript for front-end advancement and it is similarly mainstream for automation testing. 

One of the essential explanations behind its strength in test automation could be a result of a more extensive selection of move left testing techniques where engineers are additionally engaged with test code advancement. In shift-left philosophy, the QA group works in close cooperation with the advancement group to think of effective test automation execution. Designers like to utilize JavaScript alongside Selenium for test situations identified with automation program testing. It can be utilized with a distant Selenium Grid like LambdaTest without significant changes in the source code. 

Accessibility of a wide scope of testing systems for unit testing and E2E (End-to-End) testing makes JavaScript a favored automation programming language. A portion of the top JavaScript test automation systems are: 

  1. Joke
  2. Mocha
  3. Jasmine
  4. Nightwatch JS


SmashTest is the best programming language for automation testing that utilizes NodeJS. It is an open-source tool and language that empowers the fast age of tests. The language is 10x quicker yet the documentation on SmashTest isn’t so extraordinary. 

When we had a skill of the language, test automation with SmashTest resembled a drive-around. The language is simple, has comprehensible advances, and incredible detailing features that make it an ideal language to learn if you need to fiddle with test automation. 


We are certain you should have an idea of which programming language for automation testing you need to learn. The languages that we recorded so far are the most favored languages for automation testing as they have support for a decent number of automation testing structures and an enormous client local area. You can begin your automation testing experience with any of these automation programming languages.

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