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Mobile App Development Process: 8 Steps (2024)

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mobile app development process

The mobile app development process includes many steps, like thinking about the idea, drawing out how it will look and work, building it, checking if everything works okay or not-so-well at times during different stages of development, and then finally getting ready to go live. So, with this blog, let's look at the blog to understand how these steps move forward!

Today, when we have computers and phones everywhere, mobile apps are a big part of our day-to-day life. In this post, we're going to carefully study the mobile app development process. We'll start by thinking of ideas and finish by sharing those finished products for everyone's use. Yes, we'll discuss the various stages we have to go through. So, continue to read and find out the hidden things around you.

Why is the mobile app development process so crucial?

Before you spend time and money to make a mobile app, there are some things you need to think about first. Creating an app is simple, but coming up with a clever digital plan can be tricky. Hence, understanding the app building process is important for several reasons -

Comprehensive planning

The first important thing is the planning. Yes! Understanding how the mobile app development process works helps plan and do the job more efficiently and in less time. It not only allows developers to divide the work into small, manageable tasks but also assists them in setting equal deadlines for each part.

Good communication

When you're part of a group that builds intuitive apps or when someone helps you, learning how to make your own app lets you speak clearly. It makes it simple to say what's needed for the job, discuss how things are going, and handle any issues that arise while doing the work.

Managing budgets well

Knowing the mobile app development process can help you handle the project's funds in a good way. This helps make better estimates about the costs tied to each stage of growth, like planning, writing code, testing, and releasing it. Also, this stops unexpected expenses and makes sure the task doesn't go over its set money limit.

Do you have any clue about the price of a mobile app? Making basic and easy-to-follow mobile apps can cost about $10,000. On the other hand, complex ones that need a lot of work may come up to or even go over $300,000 depending on how they're made unique, like custom settings or if different systems are used for them, among other things.

Future upgrades & upkeep

Knowing how to build an app is really key for future changes and repairs to the program. It aids the team in predicting issues and mapping out steps for improvement. It also allows them to consider how they can make the project better in the future. All in all, it ensures that the app functions appropriately in days to come as well.

Ultimately, understanding the mobile app building process is key to making good and fast apps. It helps with making good plans, speaking in an easy-to-understand way, handling money correctly, and checking that stuff is great so users are satisfied.

Specializing in mobile app development consulting, our expert team provides tailored strategies and innovative solutions to guide businesses through the dynamic landscape of the app industry.

What is the mobile app development process at Appsierra?

It's difficult to say how and what you'll do in creating a mobile app next year because tech is always changing. Statista says that by 2027, people are estimated to use about $125 billion buying mobile apps from app stores. However, based on the current trends and practices in the industry, the general mobile app development process for 2024 might include the following steps -

Developing a business plan

Doing something that could easily make you bored is not a good idea. To ensure your work turns out just how you like it, try to be interesting and inquisitive. Have fun using the mind map, and try to link all the dots together. To make sure you're putting your time and effort in the best spot, be sure about key pieces that can help things go more smoothly.

To help you more, here are some of the best-listed points that you might want to consider first in the mobile app development process:

app building process

  • Target Audience.
  • App’s Unique Selling Point.
  • The Objective of Building the App.
  • Investment to Make.
  • Competition & Strategies.

Mobile App Development Lifecycle encompasses the entire process of creating a mobile application, from conceptualization and design to coding, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance

Gain an understanding of the market

If you want to make an app for your already running business, the task of studying the market gets easier because you already know how customers behave. But if you are starting out in the market with a new app that needs to be made right from the start, there are some things you have to think about. Conducting user surveys is a good example here.

Constructing development wireframes

Now that you are sure about what you want, let's do something. Building wireframes is an important step. You need to ensure that the solutions you create are interesting and can be used back and forth. Get a group, such as Appsierra, that makes mobile apps to take care of the outline step and guide you to understand how it works.

Note - When making a simple frame in the mobile app development process, it's key to outline how the content will move. You need to ensure your app can get the job done by having a clear plan for how users will use it. It's like a plan of the answer you want to create with your group. Your answers should be made in a way that shows big money gains.

Ensure that you select the right platform

When you plan how to make a mobile app, it's important that you know which platform or system your app will work on. You might consider using your mobile app as a PWA instead of putting it on the Play Store, or it might be something else. A few examples include -

  • Native Apps: Instead of making your app available to everyone, you can start it for a specific group. You can get help from Appsierra by hiring Android or iOS app makers to find your answers. Building an app from scratch is good if you have a small idea and don't want to use up all your money.
  • Cross-Platform Apps: If you want to reach people all over the world, it's important that you work with pros who can make apps for different types of devices. We ensure the solutions we use work with many different ways of running things and help you share your message with more people.
  • Progressive Web Apps: PWA apps are not mobile apps, but they can be a good pick to stay in front of in the mobile app development process. These online tools do the same things as mobile apps, but you use them in your web browser.

Designing and developing the mobile app

Now that you are halfway through the mobile app development steps, it's time to start the exciting part! You need to talk about the whole way and how things would work with your team, which makes mobile apps. You need to handle some tech work here, so get in touch with the group, do some research, and carry on. Here, you should think about the basics, like the technology used, how to build APIs and front-end development.

After all, “What Looks Good Sells Better!”

Check the mobile application's functionality

If you choose a team like Appsierra to make your mobile app, we will likely use quick and flexible development methods. This lets us check the codes after every big step of work on it so that changes can be made beforehand if there is any need for changes.

The whole mobile app development process is split into different parts, like checking if it works well and seeing how easy or hard it is to use. But be sure not to skip any of these steps because if there's a problem, you might miss catching it.

Launching the application in stores

When we talk about starting an app, it's usually done in two parts. First, start the test version for people who like to use new things early and check if the app is good enough for them. Once the early version is released and does well, move on to putting your final app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Marketing, upkeep & maintenance

Make sure that your app can be reached by the users with no difficulty. Advertise your app in a manner that gives you the top outcomes. Contact the top app development companies like Appsierra, ask for aid, and move ahead to find better answers. Doing small things at first can make it easier for you to relax later.

It's important to keep in mind that the steps in the mobile app development process above are just a basic plan and might be different depending on what each app project wants or aims for. Also, better tech changes, such as using new code languages or software tools, can impact how mobile apps will be created in 2024.

How to make mobile app development a reality in 2024?

As we start the new year, many big things need our thoughts. These things have the power to control how every part of the mobile app development process happens. They require deep thinking and careful consideration. So, let's check out what these stuffs are -

  • Setting goals and defining your purpose.
  • Getting to know about the target audience.
  • Choosing an appropriate platform (Android/iOS).
  • An integrated approach to design & development.
  • Choosing the right set of tools & tech stack.
  • Ensuring strong security measures for the users.
  • Planning the mobile app marketing strategy.


The mobile app development process is not as simple as you may believe. You need to work hard together, think a bunch, and stay on task while doing this. From thinking of an idea to planning, making, testing, and launching a new mobile app - each part is very important for it to do its job right. If you want to improve your company with a mobile app, our skilled team of app developers at Appsierra can help.

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