Blockchain App Testing

We leave nothing to chance and help build customer confidence through our impeccable Blockchain testing services.

A minuscule error on Blockchain can cost a fortune

Storage records' permanence

- Data cannot be altered

- Information tampering is prohibited

Smart contracts have no repercussions

- No redeployment

- No updates

Advantages of using Appsierra’s expertise in Blockchain Testing Services

Appsierra provides vanguard solutions that help enhance your Blockchain Application Testing

Core blockchain elements

  • Consensus algorithms
  • Nodes
  • Consensus
  • Duplication methods

Decentralized and DeFi apps

  • API integrations
  • End-to-end testing
  • Business logic
  • Transaction testing

Smart contracts

  • Business logic
  • Digital signatures
  • Contract code
  • Events
  • Errors
  • Messaging

Ecosystem apps

  • Platforms for administration and exploration
  • Oracles
  • Wallets
  • Investing and trading platforms

Blockchain Testing Services

Functional testing

We are responsible for handling all of the necessary functional ranges of critical blockchain product elements correctly, using our innovative technique.

Security testing

The Appsierra specialists employ various projective techniques for storing and encrypting keys successfully against potential security threats. We also look at how authorization systems are designed.

Architecture testing

We discover performance glitches and ensure that the software works well under a variety of workloads and it's suitable for high-quality end results.

Integration testing

Across all blockchain app contexts and connected components, our specialists assess the intersystem linkages for cohesion and operability.

Smart contract testing

Our QA experts will replicate, review, and forecast all conceivable scenarios in smart contract logic, and perform checks that take into account operating networks that are ever-changing, have self-consistent codes, and invariant bricks.

Test automation

We use test automation to reduce time by taking into account a huge number of nodes, their combinations, and validations in the contract process and rapid development and transformation of the network.

How Our Blockchain Testing Services Work

Step 1

Project initialization

  • Knowing the ins and outs of the blockchain platform and solution
  • Using blockchain to align quality gates with business requirements
  • Creating a test strategy

Step 2


  • Test data preparation
  • Developing test scenarios
  • Creating the right setting

Our Toolkit