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9 Best Customer Support Software In 2022: Highlighting The Importance Of Communication In Sales


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Key takeaways:

  1. Best customer support software
  2. What are the top customer service applications in 2022?
  3. What is the importance of effective communication in sales?

Every sensible business strives to provide the best services to its customers. With an ever-increasing number of customers demanding immediate responses, businesses badly need decent customer service applications to respond on time. For this, there are many fair customer service apps available. They are sometimes both free and paid. However, you don’t need to try each of them. Follow this guide and you will get to pick the most deserving one.

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Top Customer Service Applications in 2022

We summed up some best customer support software to be used in 2022 which are as follows:

1. Salesforce Desk

Salesforce is known for its quality cloud-based business solutions. The Salesforce desk is an excellent customer support application from the same. What makes it stand out from the others are the cool features that are a must for such applications. It provides the best customer service. For instance, the Salesforce desk is fully scalable, easy to set up, and supports all customer communication channels. Moreover, the Salesforce desk seamlessly integrates with the customer thermometer.

2. Slack

For a team finding it difficult to communicate effectively, Slack is the #1 solution. It is the best application for the above purpose. It supports file sharing and integrates with popular applications like Google Drive & Dropbox. The app allows you to set feedback alerts directly onto a Slack channel. Additionally, you can integrate Slack with the customer thermometer. It is one of the best customer service tracking software.

3. Administrate

This customer support platform is a bit more unique than the ones we’ve just discussed. It’s a cloud-based training and management platform. Administrate is the #1 preference of various Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations for e-Learning. It can easily integrate with customer thermometer. A customer thermometer is an excellent software that identifies the mood of the visitors using a one-click mood feedback tool.

4. Groove

Groove is the best customer service software for small business. It has helpdesk software. It’s easy to set up, features a simple UI, and is inexpensive. Moreover, Groove ensures that customer support receipts are instantly dealt with, thus minimizing response time. Similar to the ones mentioned above, Groove is easy to integrate with the customer thermometer.

5. UberConference

As the name itself reads, UberConference is a brilliant application for conferencing. It’s fully scalable and customizable. The app also integrates with various social media platforms and provides superior audio quality in the comfort of your homes.

6. MaritzCX

The application combines the technology, services, and data to improve the experience of the customers. Therefore, it is a major customer experience management tool put into use by big organizations. It collects data from other customer feedback channels like social media and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

7. PipeDrive

PipeDrive is an award-winning CRM software that helps the team simplify complex sales processes. The sales teams like this for its ease of use, mobile optimization, and clear integration with Google apps. The app also works well with many other third-party business apps.

8. Smartlook

This app helps you take your customer service to the extreme level. It allows you to record the screens of the users visiting your website. In this way, you can infer their nature, see what they clicked on, what they enter into your site’s forms, etc.  This helps you in improving all that which isn’t praised by the user like UI/UX. 

9. TeamSupport

TeamSupport provides B2B applications with a much-needed breakthrough in customer support. Although the tool is simple, it is loaded with features ideal for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It removes even the tiniest possibility of miscommunication and ensures a quick solution to the client’s problems.

So, these are the top 9 sales and customer communication and support applications. Now, let’s discuss the importance of communication in sales.

What is the Importance of Communication in Sales?

The core of success in sales is the skill to collect and deliver information in a way that makes your prospect do business with you. Nothing else matters until you’re able to make the prospect talk to you and listen to you. In order to do this, you have to understand what your prospects care about, what communication style they like and then, revise your techniques accordingly.

Top Communication Skills for Sales in 2022

  1. Pay full attention to the needs of the customers
  2. Be emphatic
  3. Understand what’s not being said
  4. Be honest
  5. Don’t assume anything beforehand
  6. Be persistent with the achievement of your goals

Summing Up

Successful sales are a result of best customer support software and communication between you and your prospect. You should concentrate on it from day one. All the apps discussed above are widely used by several organizations and have received praise from everyone. Hence, you can try any of these to boost your customer relationships.

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