Here's Why Inclusion Of Beta Testers Is Mandatory Before Final Product Release


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Before we move forward, let us first understand what exactly beta testing means. Beta testing or Beta Testers could be termed as an opportunity for users to make use of any product in a production-related environment to detect any bug or glitch or problem or issue before it goes live for general people. Beta testing takes place at the end and is the last and final round of testing before any product is released to a wide audience nationally and internationally. The objective is very clear as it is only to uncover any bug or possible glitches in this controlled setting.

Who are beta testers?

Beta testers wanted are "actual" users who test in a production setting with the same hardware, networks, and other components as the final release. Since thorough security and reliability testing cannot be performed in a lab or stage setting, this is also the first opportunity to do so.

Moving forward, beta tests can either be performed in an open environment or a closed environment. During the open test, anyone can make use of the product and the Popped up messages keep appearing saying that the product is in beta and is given a chance for submitting feedback. Whereas in closed beta test, it is limited to only a specific set of customers and paid beta Testers. They are sometimes carried out by sending a particular percentage of users to the beta site rather than the current release. Testing can last for a fixed period or until no new issues are detected and the most critical ones have been addressed.

Few requirements needed for beta testing 

Below mentioned are some of the basic requisites for beta testing. 

  1. The product mandatorily should be in the “feature-complete”  state as it should have all the features that have been planned for the final release.
  2. The product to be tested should be completely stable as no risk could be taken with the test participants in the form of an unpredictable crash.
  3. They are sometimes carried out by sending a particular percentage of users to the beta site rather than the current release.
  4. Testing can last for a fixed time or until no new issues are detected and the most critical ones have been addressed.

Objective and purpose of beta testers

Here is all that you need to know about what beta testers do. 

  1. Beta testing is done to get a clear picture and review by the end-users after experiencing the product.
  2. Beta testing is performed by the beta testers which means the uses and the reasons for making use of it may vary accordingly
  3. Since we already know that beta testing is unusually performed by the users so that they can test the product and let the companies know about whatever glitches or problems they may come across could be a great help for any company to improve.
  4. This testing ensures a product's real-world compatibility to a higher extent, as it employs a diverse set of genuine platforms for testing on a variety of devices, operating systems, browsers, and other factors.
  5. Big companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and many more eventually impose beta testers so that they can understand the Clear Viewpoint of their use to enhance their product.
  6. Be it Microsoft beta testers or iOS beta testers or any games beta testers they are on the same page looking only for improvement by the reviews given back by their valuable clients.
  7. Known Issues, which the Product Management team accepts, can quickly escalate when the end-user encounters the same problem and is uncomfortable using the product. This testing aids in determining the impact of known flaws on the entire product, as the user experience is impaired, which is unacceptable for any successful firm.

Do beta testers get paid?

The very first thing to understand here is that “Beta Tester” is not a job title instead it’s a software tester. Software testers do have the potential to earn a lot of money. It's a little more difficult with beta testers. Developers typically expect beta testers to provide input in exchange for early access to their program, which is reasonable.

There are certain parameters through which you can gain profit from beta testing, but it is not simple. Mostly because finding developers willing to pay for the beta testing report is difficult.

How is Beta Testing performed?

Although beta testing can be performed in several different ways and there are 5 specific stages, in general, to be considered.

Planning: You should define your goal before that eventually help in Planning the number of users eventually required to perform the better testing to reach the goal.

Participants required: Although any number of users can actively participate for better testing but considering the budget constraint the project has to be set between the maximum and minimum limit which generally ranges from 52 to 50 users that are targeted to reach the goal.

Product launched:

  • The participants should be given installation packages 
  • If possible, include a link to where they can download and install the software.
  • Distribute user manuals, guides, known issues, and the scope of testing to participants, among other things.
  • Inform the participants about the bug logging methods.

Collecting and analyzing feedback:

  • The bug management method handles the bugs raised by the participants.
  • Participants are asked to provide feedback and suggestions based on their experiences with the product.
  • Feedback is analyzed and categorized to determine whether or not the consumer is satisfied with the product. Suggestions are taken into account to improve the product in future versions.


  • Once a specific point has been reached and all features are operational, no defects have appeared, and the exit conditions have been completed, the Beta Testing Phase can be concluded.
  • Assign rewards/incentives to participants following the agreed-upon strategy, and thank them properly to maintain good relations (this helps in further beta test on the product, much more feedbacks, suggestions, etc.

Final note

A product can never be regarded as successful until its users like it. Beta testing is one such practice that allows users to try out a product before it is released to the public. Thorough testing on a variety of platforms, as well as important feedback from real users, leads to successful Beta Testing of the product, ensuring that the customer is satisfied with its use.

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