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How Blockchain in Medical Supply Chain Transforming HealthCare

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blockchain in medical supply chain

Over the years, the medical supply chain required efficient technology to manage its complexity. It is a domain that provides a wide range of services to its clients. It involves taking care of patient data and giving quality patient care. This is when Blockchain tech comes into the scene and provides a secure tool for the field. It streamlines the healthcare supply chain and patient data.

Besides, it ensures safe data storage and simplified medical conduct. So, in this blog, we will help you understand the importance of blockchain in medical supply chain. We will also walk you through its features and benefits to get a broad spectrum on the topic.

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If you wish to advance your medical supply chain operation, now is the right time to invest in a technology like blockchain. It is because we expect to witness a surge in the adoption of blockchain technology in the medical sector. Besides, it streamlines the healthcare process and ensures complete transparency.

Moreover, you can keep your medical data safe and secure with improved integrity. As a result, blockchain in medical supply chain is an ideal choice to enhance various aspects.

In this article, you will observe the following topics:

  1. What is Blockchain in Supply Chain?
  2. Why is it significant?
  3. What are the Benefits of blockchain technology in medical field?
  4. Features of Blockchain technology in healthcare field
  5. How is it developed?

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What is Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Supply Chain?

The healthcare system has a complicated supply chain system. It involves transferring medical products from the source to the patients. However, there are issues in the current supply chain management system. Besides, there are security assaults, complex nature tracing and counterfeit drugs in the present technology. Therefore, it needs technology for smooth medical transportation to the end users.

As mentioned earlier, blockchain technology offers secure and transparent platforms for the medical field to manage data. Besides, it provides a decentralized system for tracking medical products. It ensures the retrieval and storage of data. As a result, it keeps the data intact and authentic. With improved efficiency and security measures, blockchain in medical supply chain help overcome many issues in its system.

Why is Blockchain Important in Supply Chain for Medical Field?

Blockchain is a promising technology that solves the challenges in the current day healthcare supply chain. It helps revolutionize supply chain management by tackling issues and enhancing the system. So, why do you think we need blockchain technology in medical field? Given below are some points to give you a clear idea:

Provide Advanced Solutions:

Blockchain provides a distributed ledger to record and store data. In other words, it tracks and records each transaction and product movement from the source to the end users. As a result, it helps avoid the production of counterfeit products. Thus, blockchain ensures patient safety by affirming the product's quality.

Secure Medical Data:

Blockchain has a decentralized system that ensures no one can modify or tamper the medical data. It has a robust system for tracking and tracing products. In other words, blockchain has an immutable ledger for data. As a result, not one person can manipulate the data without proper authorization.


With the help of blockchain in medical supply chain, it has reduced the cost and improved efficiency. It is because blockchain automates complex procedures in the medical field. It removes paperwork and overheads. As a result, healthcare can allocate resources to patient-centric services and initiatives.

Since we have discussed why we need blockchain in the medical field, let us explore its features.

Different types of industries use blockchain technology, such as:

What are the Features of Blockchain in Medical Supply Chain?

There are many features that blockchain software offers to the medical supply chain. It increases the overall efficiency and security of the medical supply chain operations. The following are the key features of Blockchain-based software for the medical supply chain:

Smart Contracts:

Blockchain provides Smart contracts to execute and document processes according to the agreement. In other words, it helps automate tasks based on criteria set by the authorities. For example, blockchain in medical supply chain, using Smart contracts, you can confirm the authenticity of a product.


Immutability is crucial for the medical supply chain. Using this feature ensures that no data gets altered or manipulated by an unauthorized user. As a result, it guarantees that medical data is secure and accurate without the possibility of breaches.


Blockchain offers an easy tracking feature for the medical supply chain. It tracks and records the product's location. As a result, it ensures transparency and accountability in its overall process. In other words, all the concerned people can see where the product is and what its status is through the supply chain.

Regulatory Compliance:

With the help of blockchain in medical supply chain, one can comply with the rules. These compliances include HIPAA, GDPR, and FDA's track-and-trace standards. As a result, the medical sector can fulfill its legal duties. Besides, it can prevent the production and distribution of substandard medical products.

Store Data:

Storing medical records on blockchain enables data security and accuracy. Here, the medication data can be safe and stored without unauthorized accession. The maker can enter the product's information, including its batch number and expiry date.

Transaction Record:

All the concerned holders can view medical data. As a result, it ensures transparency. Besides, it keeps the data free from fraud and corruption. As a result, it helps the patients confirm the legitimacy of the medicines they receive.

Patient Data Verification:

The medical provider can identify patients records by using blockchain in medical supply chain. As a result, they can check the transaction records. It helps to ensure safety in patient care. Besides, it increases the patient's faith in the healthcare system.

What are the Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare?

There is a gradual adoption of blockchain technology in most industries. In the medical supply chain, blockchain has helped streamline many complex processes. So, let us explore the benefits of blockchain in medical supply chain:

High Security:

One of the key benefits of blockchain is that it ensures enhanced security. As a result, there is a surge in the use of blockchain technology in the medical supply chain. The records are safe and tamper-proof. Thus, it reduces the possibilities of fraud and other illegal behavior.

Improve Efficiency:

Using blockchain technology in healthcare supply chain automates numerous processes. In other words, it simplifies processes like medical documentation and product movement. As a result, it saves time and money for the healthcare system.

High Transparency:

All stakeholders can view the medical data in the blockchain. As a result, it ensures transparency and smooth workflow. Besides, it eliminates fraud activities and increases accountability.

Enhance Patient Safety:

Blockchain in medical supply chain increases patient safety. It helps the patients know the product's legitimacy. As a result, it reduces the possibility of them getting substandard medicines.

Data Privacy:

Since blockchain offers decentralized platforms, there will be fewer data breaches and cyberattacks. It ensures that medical data is in a safe place. Besides, it uses security measures and encryption to avoid fraud. As a result, it protects the data from unauthorized access.


Blockchain has a distributed ledger that enables it to store data on a network of nodes. In other words, you can distribute data on different platforms rather than in a single place. As a result, it improves security and lowers the manipulation of data.

Enhance Trust:

With the adoption of blockchain in medical supply chain, there will be mutual trust among the stakeholders. It is because blockchain offers a safe and secure system for them.

How to Develop Blockchain Software for Medical Supply Chain?

If you want to develop blockchain-based medical supply chain software, it is essential to collaborate with software development companies like Appsierra. With many supply chain blockchain examples in the market, you need to build advanced and secure blockchain technology for your medical supply chain operations. Given below is a step-by-step guide:

blockchain in medical supply chain

Gather Requirements:

The developers collect requirements based on your conditions and needs. You must clearly explain your demands to the development team. It will help you build tailored fit software for your business.


With the help of design experts, you will get the right architecture for your software. The development team created the software model by designing the user interface and Smart contracts.


The next step is to develop Smart contracts for your medical supply chain. It helps automate various processes, including payments, product movements and documentation.

API Integration:

After developing the software, it is essential to integrate it with third-party apps and systems. It ensures seamless workflow and keeps the blockchain in the medical supply chain efficient.


You can collaborate with companies for end-to-end testing procedures. The testing ensures your software is safe and secure from data breaches and other vulnerabilities.

Support and Maintenance:

Post-launch maintenance is essential to keep your software up-to-date and secure. With the right team, you will get consistent monitoring and upgrades.


We can conclude that blockchain in medical supply chain ensures efficiency and security. With its features and benefits, blockchain has gained much popularity in the healthcare industry. It helped fill the gap between medical product suppliers and customers. Besides, it ensures transparency and accountability by keeping the medical data tamper-proof and secure.

So, if you plan to execute blockchain in your healthcare supply chain, you are on the right track. You can hire software developers and QA analysts from leading software development companies. Appsierra offers the finest solutions for your needs. You can contact the experts to gain more insights.

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