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6 Sauce Labs Competitors And Alternatives

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Sauce Labs Competitors

Sauce Labs is the largest cloud-based Web and Mobile application testing platform, headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. It has completed more than 3billion tests runs.


  • It provides browser and operating system combinations, mobile emulators and simulators support.
  • It ensures a quick response to the requests.
  • Provides front end performance and functionality data.
  • Provides tools like videos, sauce headless, live testing environments for debugging.
  • It ensures security.

Sauce Labs Pricing

  • $19/month for live testing by Virtual Machines
  • $149/month for Virtual Cloud testing
  • $398/month for Real Device Cloud testing

But there also exists many Sauce Labs competitors, that are offering a whole lot of features for web and mobile application testing. Let us discuss some of them.

6 Sauce Labs Competitors Alterative

Here are the 6 sauce labs competitors alteratives:

1. LambdaTest

Lambda test, a Sauce Labs alternative is an online Cross-Browser Cloud Testing Platform for websites and mobile apps. 


  • Test on more than 2000 browsers and operating systems of your choice, with live interaction.
  • It allows integrated debugging during live testing.
  • It also tests Local Hosted Web pages
  • Geo-Location Testing to ensure consistent performance at all locations.
  • Lighthouse Browser reports analyzing key metrics and SEO performance.


  • Lifetime free for Lite testing
  • $15/month for Live testing
  • $99/month for Mobile and Web Browser Automation and Live Testing.
  • $158/month for Web Automation and Live Testing.
  • On-Demand passes at $10 for 30 days with 120 minutes of manual testing time on the platform.

2. Applause

Applause is a distributed, remote and at-home digital testing platform for web and mobile applications. Its features are good enough to be sauce Labs competitors.


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  • Functional testing is done manually by QA testers from all around the world and provides actionable results.
  • Use proved methodologies and automated framework, developed by experienced test engineers for Automated Functional Testing.
  • It tests User Experience (UX) and allows you to customize your application for your target audience.
  • Use Voice Testing for voice applications, under the conditions and by the users it is intended to build for.
  • It also tests the applications using AI. It trains the algorithm to learn quickly and also checks for its accuracy.
  • Payment Testing is done to check whether the financial transaction is taking place properly or not.
  • Accessibility testing to check the ease of accessibility by experts and under established guidelines, with remedial feedback.
  • Security testing for checking vulnerability and suggest solutions for the same.

Applause do not disclose his pricings publically and they ask the user to fill a basic detail form for pricing details.

3. BrowserStack

Browserstack allows developers to test their web and mobile application on more than 2000 web browsers and devices including mobile emulators and simulators. It carryout about 2 million tests daily. They also work with Microsoft, Twitter.


Image Source: Super Monitoring


  • It allows live interactive cross-browser testing.
  • Provides visual testing service and reviews.
  • Mobile application testing is done both interactively and automatically.
  • Customer needs zero maintenance and zero set up for increasing releases.
  • Browserstack with SOC2 Certification ensures customer and product’s privacy.


  • $39/month for testing websites on desktop and mobile browsers.
  • $29/month for testing websites on just desktop.
  • $12.5 in the first month for Free Lancers and $19/month after that.
  • It provides unlimited access to open source projects.

4. Ranorex Studio

Another sauce labs and BrowserStack alternative is Ranorex Studio. With the facility of codeless automation it allows developers to focus on their application and they deal with automation.

Ranorex Studio


  • Ranorex Spy identifies elements and stores them in the object directory. It provides stability to an automated test.
  • It supports testing of applications built using different programming languages like C#, Delphi, HTML and operating systems like Android and iOS.
  • Easy to use the elements stored in the repository in an action table and code-based test module.
  • Provides powerful tools with ease of using them.
  • Action editor and recorder allow effortless creation of automation project without any need of coding.
  • The developer can create test automation script using Ranorex API.
  • It allows the creation of a test scenario to meet the application’s testing need.


  • It cost $5,990 for purchasing studio licence, recommended for team working on a test automation project.
  • The runtime license cost $890 for having added ons. It allows the test to run on different machines.
  • The premium bundle is available for teams which need enhanced services and support at $6,830.
  • Enterprise bundle cost $7,890 for teams starting Enterprise project. Ranorex provides the highest level of services to these customers.

5. TestComplete

TestComplete is a mobile application testing platform, allows to test it’s customer’s product on devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.


  • It uses a keyword-driven test for analysing the UI of the application on the various desktop, web and mobile application.
  • Uses AI-powered visual recognition of objects on UI
  • Provide real-time testing information of the UI
  • It also provides free training and support.
  • Allow reuse of automated UI test on a different project to reduce efforts and cost.
  • With cross-browser testing, customers can test their application on different OS like Window, MAC, Android, iOS.


  • TestComplete Base price is $5,803. In this plan, the customer has to choose among web, mobile or desktop options.
  • TestComplete Pro price is $9,030, facilitating web, mobile and desktop testing.
  • It also offers Online Training for Scripted Testing and Keyword Driven Testing at $839/seat for each course.

6. Perfecto

Perfecto is another sauce labs competitors, for testing web and mobile applications. It provides solutions from creating to executing and analyzing customer product.



  • It finds the bugs faster by testing the application’s CI, not at the end of the cycle and detects failures by its false-negative filtering.
  • It allows fixing defects faster by crash logs, screenshots, and HAR files. Even it provides real-time visual representation on different platforms.
  • It uses natural virtualization so that the application gets tested like a user.
  • It follows the concept of continuous testing which improves the productivity of developers.
  • Smoke testing is used to check the stability of the application.


  • $99/month for live manual testing from anywhere.
  • $298/month for automated testing which is much easier than live manual testing.

So these are some of the sauce labs alternatives providing web and mobile application testing services. 

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