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IoT Performance Testing Tools: Approaches, and Challenges

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IoT Performance Testing Tools

The Internet of things, also known as IoT, contains devices, vehicles, buildings, or other connected electronic devices. This connection between them facilitates the collection and exchange of data. Before crucial components of an IoT system are:

  1. Sensor
  2. Application
  3. Network
  4. Backend

IoT performance testing tools are a combination of identifiable embedded devices with an existing internet infrastructure. We can also say that IoT will bring an error of smart connected products that will have the capability of communicating and transferring huge amounts of data and uploading it to the cloud.

What is IoT Testing?

IoT testing services are crucial for test companies in many ways, It is a kind of testing for checking IoT devices. In today’s Era, the requirement for delivering better and faster services is increasing. There is a huge demand for accessing, creating, using, and sharing data from any device. 

The pressure is providing greater insight and control over several interconnected IoT devices. Therefore an IoT testing framework is crucial.

Interconnectivity and the uses of different types of sensors and devices are already having an intense impact on society and getting huge. Up to 50 billion things will end up being connected to IoT, according to Cisco. With this new Swift in IoT usage comes new challenges in the development of apps. 

One of the biggest challenges that come with adding many different variables to the equation is testing. IoT testing required a lot of factors, including scalability, security, performance, and more. It has made it very challenging and costly to test everything for every connected device.

IoT Performance Testing Tools

For helping our readers in testing their IoT mobile apps, we have collected a list of the top IoT testing tools:


Applications like prediction management, optimization of processes, supervisory control, and much more support MATLAB concept and prototype.

  • Protocols: REST, MQTT, and OPC UA.
  • Pricing: MATLAB communication for a customized appraisal directly.


IoTIFY strategies that can improve production and research practices for IoT developers through simulators’ availability as a service. The platform helps to identify a virtual computer, select the terminal for the connection, and process and scan the simulation as appropriate.

  • Protocols: MQTT, HTTP REST, or CoAP.
  • Price: IoTIFY for a quote explicitly.

3. BevyWise IoT Simulator

The IoT Simulator of BevyWise allows us to monitor our cloud and on-site MQTT program for load checks and features. Tens of thousands of individuals can be simulated on a commodity computer. All facets of the IoT devices, from servers to MQTT devices, can be built and tested.

  • Protocols: MQTT, REST
  • Price: Rates start at $599; others are $1799 and $2999.

4. IBM Watson IoT Platform (IBM Bluemix)

IBM Watson IoT Platform is one of the top IoT testing tools that offer a workaround to many IBM cloud providers. We will compile and review related product outputs, and data consumption for our IoT enabled properties by performance testing IoT platforms. Add-ons to the platform, including Blockchain or platform analytics, are also possible.

  • Protocols: MQTT and HTTP REST.
  • Price: Begins at $800 per month.

5. LoadRunner

LoadRunner supports several applications. It reduces the time and skill needed for simulating user transactions in applications for load testing significantly. It allows continuous checking of integrations with several different IDEs and support for test scripts. LoadRunner also lets us recognize bottleneck performance with smooth, built-in real-time monitor performance.

  • Pricing: Pricing is dependent on virtual users. A free edition with an option of $1.40 per day for virtual users with up to 50 virtual users.
 IoT Performance Testing Tools
IoT Performance Testing Tools

6. NeoLoad

NeoLoad is a very good mobile load testing and IoT device case choice. In terms of network conditions, individual hardware, and geographical position, we can build tests correctly and easily. We can record any direct recording from any device/emulator with any native or another smartphone app.

  • Pricing: Begins with a free version, and depending on the number of virtual users, three pay packages are available.


LOCUST is a Python code-supported open source load testing tool. Locust supports load tests spread over many machines and enables millions of devices and users to be simulated. It’s a tried and tested alternative and using python makes it very accessible.

8. Shodan

Shodan is an IoT research application that can be used to assess which computers have an internet connection. It enables us to monitor all computers that are accessible directly from the Internet.

9. Thingful

Thingful is an Internet of Things search engine. It facilitates safe interoperability across the Internet between millions of items. This IoT research tool also regulates how data is used and allows decisions to be taken more decisively and valuably.

10. JMeter

Apache JMeter is a common solution to measure efficiency. It is an open-source that can be used to evaluate and test results on static and dynamic properties or measure the performance of various types of loads.

Challenges Faced in IoT Testing

  1. We are required to check both network and internal communication.
  2. Security is a big reason in performance testing IoT platforms as all the tasks are operated using the Internet.
  3. The complexity of the software and system could hidebux present in IoT technology.
  4. Resource considerations like limitations in memory, processing power, bandwidth, battery life, etc.

Best Practices for Effective IoT Software Testing

  1. We should use grey box testing as it allows for designing effective test cases. It allows us to know the operating system, the architecture, third party hardware, new connectivity, and hardware device limitations.
  2. Real-time operating systems are essential for delivering the scalability, modularity, connectivity, and security important for IoT.


IoT is the connection with the current internet networks with recognizable embedded computers. Application software development services and device sophistication can conceal bugs in IoT technology. Gray Box testing should be used with IoT testing services as it enables for designing effective test cases. IoT performance testing tools guarantee that all paired IoT systems provide consumers with an enhanced user experience. Since there is no research schedule, it isn’t easy to calculate any of the properties to be evaluated. Errors/bugs thus cannot be readily found.

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