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IoT Testing

Validate through a simplified process the performance, functionality, and security of your IoT device.

We solve IoT Testing Issues

IoT is leading the charge in digital transformation and has emerged as a rapidly growing technology domain that should not be overlooked. Internet of Things QA and testing brings several obstacles, but our extensive knowledge and skills help us address them effectively and efficiently.

Access to the necessary hardware


IoT testing necessitates access to a wide range of devices. IoT-based apps, unlike traditional ones, run in a dynamic environment with a variety of hardware and sensors.


Because Appsierra has a wide range of gadgets at its disposal, it can test on real devices or imitate any IoT device, ensuring complete test coverage, whether it's for IoT device penetration testing or other project functions.

Scenario complexity


IoT testing is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of use cases and applications grows.


We can build and execute customized test cases for even the most unusual scenarios thanks to our exhaustive knowledge and device virtualization.



IoT has become one of the most popular vectors for hackers. Security vulnerabilities have become a big issue for IoT product owners as the number of connected devices continues to grow.


We can identify security issues and mitigate them by creating multi-layered security tests in accordance with the OWASP criteria, thanks to our comprehensive grasp of the IoT architecture.

Variety of platforms and protocols


There are several protocols, which adds to the complexity. Now, not only do IoT QA and testing professionals check various protocols but also their interoperability.


We offer modern testing frameworks, experienced IoT QA specialists, and device simulation technologies at Appsierra to verify that your IoT network is completely compatible.

Prioritize IoT Penetration Testing

Small and large organisations are utilizing ubiquitous connectivity to improve customer service. The commonplace usage of connected devices, along with inherent security flaws, makes this technology an easy target for cybercriminals.

To ensure outstanding software quality, our experts use automation and modern simulation tools to test all potential combinations of devices and sensors.

Appsierra understands the importance of IoT network security for earning your users' trust. Our professionals use white-hat hack tools to find any potential flaws in your software

How do we go about Security Testing?


We identify your project's goals, setup requirements, and testing timeline during the early stage of business study.


We undertake both manual and automated penetration testing on IoT devices and applications to identify any system issues that could compromise your data.


We deliver comprehensive reports on our results throughout the IoT device penetration testing cycle, including:

  • Determining vulnerabilities
  • Exploitation tools and methodologies
  • Recommendations for dealing with the identified risks

Why choose Appsierra’s IoT Testing Services?

Delivering actionable insights into subpar UX/UI design aspects, we help you succeed in user experience excellence and enable you to:

Complete IoT testing

We undertake connectivity and usability concerns to security testing to ensure that your product reaches the end-users without delay and is resistant to cyber-attacks.

1000+ completed projects

We discover IoT concerns and customize our testing methodology to each project based on our 10+ years of hands-on testing experience.


Our experienced professionals are familiar with a variety of industry verticals and for every new industry and project, we undertake extensive research to garner even the most miniscule and detailed information.