Latest features in Apache JMeter 5.2- What Is JMeter Used For?


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Key takeaways:

  1. What is Apache JMeter 5.2?
  2. What are the advantages of Apache JMeter 5.2?
  3. Latest features in Apache JMeter 5.2

Apache JMeterTM is an open-source Java software developed by Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation. The software tests the performance of other software and applications. By testing, I mean testing the application against heavy and simultaneous user traffic. Originally, we use JMeter for testing web or FTP applications, but nowadays, we use it for database server testing too.

Apache JMeter – Apache JMeter™

In today’s post, you will come across the key features of JMeter’s latest version i.e. JMeter 5.2.

What is latest version of JMeter?

Which browser does JMeter use?

How JMeter works for performance testing?

What is size assertion in JMeter?

Why is Apache JMeter important?

Have you ever wondered how many users a web server can handle per day? Have you wondered what if your boss asks you to do the same for about 100 users? I know no one will ever wonder about anything like that. But this will make you understand the importance of JMeter. Obviously, it’s not possible or feasible to arrange 100 users using google.com for performance testing. This is where JMeter comes to your rescue. It simulates the behaviour of real users and tests the performance of your site.

JMeter 5.2: The Latest Version

So, JMeter 5.2 is the latest version of the testing tool released last year. Although its predecessor, JMeter 5.1 didn’t lack much, this new version took the performance a notch higher. For this, have a glance at the key features of JMeter 5.2.

What’s new In Apache JMeter 5.2? Top 6 features to appreciate?

  1. The latest features in Apache JMeter 5.2 include the addition of some non-functional changes related to the code infrastructure of the JMeter. This includes migration from the subversion to Git and the build action from Apache Ant to Gradle. This is a useful addition to the JMeter community.
  2. Also, in JMeter 5.2, a “same user on each iteration” checkbox is added to the thread group and the “Scheduler” checkbox is renamed to “Specify Thread lifetime”.
  3. A new field “Limit ResultSet” is added to the JDBC Request sampler to retrieve the specific number of rows from the database. Particularly, this is made for the users who are more interested in the time it took the database to execute the query.
  4. The new “Preinit Pool” domain is added to “JDBC Connection Configuration” with only two options i.e. true or false. Here, the users can choose whether to pre-initialize the JDBC connection pool or not. By default, the option is “false”.
  5. A new sampler “Bolt Request” and the latest configuration element “Bolt Connection Configuration” is made available in JMeter 5.2. Hence, the execution testing of the databases with the Bolt code will now be possible.
  6. Add a new component “JMESPath Extractor” and enable using JMESPATH (http://jmespath.org/) as the technology to extract data from JSON. For example, now you can use Dummy Sampler to generate response data.

So, these are the top 6 features available in JMeter 5.2.

Advantages of Apache JMeter

JMeter offers the following advantages over its replicas.

Open-source license: Being open-source, the developers can utilize JMeter for the development process.

Friendly UI: Getting familiar with the Apache JMeter takes minimal time and a simple UI makes it easier to use.

Platform independent: Since JMeter is a pure Java desktop application, it can operate on multiple systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

Graphical representation of test results: JMeter represents the test results graphically in the form of tables, trees, charts, etc. 

Record and play: You can record the user activity on a browser and play it in a web application using Apache JMeter 5.2.

Apache jmeter updates

So, this is all about the latest version of Apache JMeter 5.2, its features, advantages, etc. Since it is completely based on Java, anyone with prior knowledge of Java can master the testing tool with ease. If you have any questions about latest features in Apache JMeter 5.2 or about the apache JMeter latest version, please send them to us on the comments section below. We will be happy to answer them for you.

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