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3 Examples Of Companies That Use QA Software Testing To Improve Consistency


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Gartner says that the demand for intelligent and highly automated testing services inspired by the need for continuous quality excellence at a lower cost. The more we delay in addressing the quality-related concerns, the more expensive it gets. It is much more cost-effective to integrate quality from the beginning than to perform hurried patchwork at the end of the application development cycle. And consequently, the requirement for continuous quality excellence at a lower cost could be fulfilled with a quality-driven approach for application development. Implementing digital software testing and quality engineering processes, and automated application testing services may be required in this approach.

According to Gartner, QA software testing services are a comprehensive term used for capturing all types of verification and validation services for support quality control and quality assurance of clients’ applications. Verification is generally an internal process. It evaluates whether a product or a service complies with regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed conditions. Validation is the presumption that a product or service meets the customer’s requirements that it usually involves acceptance and suitability with external customers.

Examples of Using QA Software Testing

Let us look at some of the real-life examples in which leading global organizations leverage testing expertise for becoming quality-focused:

1. A Smart Grid Communications Technology Provider Achieved a 95% Increase in Test Coverage

Smart grid infrastructure is extremely helpful in solving the clean energy sector’s unreliability. A leading supplier of intelligent grid communications technologies needed support in the automation of test cycles to increase its operation quality. They searched for a research partner who would conduct an all-round and thorough practical test.

QA testing methodologies enable the biggest software development organizations. It helps to minimize software test costs, increasing as the agile DevOps and agile release cycles accelerate. As more experiments are automated, less QA software testing investments are required, and more testing can be performed to deliver quick input in the development process.

Standardizing open-source frames, such as Selenium and Appium, makes automation of the testing over a wide range of the operating system, browser, and computer configurations simple and cost-efficient. It is a major benefit only to write the experiments once and get your systems enabled immediately.

2. Test Automation Framework Reduced Post-Production defects by 80% for US State-Owned Medicaid Managed Care Program

Telemedicine revolutionizes and slowly became the standard in the healthcare sector. To make it efficient, decrease implementation efforts and expenses, and increase efficiency, a leading Medicaid management initiative from the US aimed at lowering costs.

They have developed systems that require continual updates for satisfying evolving business needs and workflows to handle their dynamic and organized network. They needed QA testing methodologies and manual skills of the practical teams while meeting audit criteria to support the continuing big releases as expected.

Our team collaborated closely with the customer to accomplish the software’s technical information to recognize test data for different purposes. We will reduce consumer total research activities by 40 percent thanks to our highly flexible, simple-to-maintain automation platform. Test data collection and optimization of test outcomes and error reporting procedures were used. The average product consistency was validated separately. The post-production errors and overall expense have been reduced by 80% from our services.

The organization, which can be analyzed to identify bottlenecks and problem testing, has many predictive testing results. When used effectively, these data will significantly speed up production by making experiments more accurate and speeding up the overall QA testing strategies.

The scale of the data and the development activities engaged in collecting and distributing information to the development organizations are sadly frequently overshadowed by organizations. Nevertheless, some attempts have recently been made to promote the study and create dashboards for the research results.

Test Automation Framework
Test Automation Framework

3. Test Automation & Test Data Management Services for Leading US Financial Services and Brokerage Firm Decreased Maintenance Costs by 90%

To minimize costs and improve customer loyalty, business process automation is important. The development of a modular test automation system and streamlined test data processing was a leading market automation service provider. Our team has developed a custom test automation system to support this enterprise’s dynamic application infrastructure, following a detailed understanding of the customer’s demands. We have developed and introduced more than 80 automatic process test cases and have generic utility features for configuration controls and business functions.

Our deep know-how in software application testing has effectively shortened test life duration by 50 percent with our custom test automation system’s aid. The stable and reusable architecture indicated that we decreased the test suite’s maintenance costs by 90%. As browser vendors have introduced support for the WebDriver protocol, automatic web testing has become significantly easier and more efficient. Appium’s adoption has been motivated by test automation requirements in mobile testing (WebDriver).

Wait to continue with the same trend. IoT app testing is much tougher than the adoption of handheld devices. Although the number of devices and system capability is considerably higher than in smartphone testing, it would be a complex challenge to align the required device coverage with testing costs.

To keep software development and testing costs under control, QA testing strategies specifications and application virtualization technologies can be useful and essential. There is an opportunity to bring some of the learning from online and smartphone research to IoT to launch a challenging issue as an industry. The lesson that had the most effect on my business was emphasizing our key competencies as much as possible. We are leaning to “buy” as much as possible in creating vs. buy for non-core technologies.

Every time we made it, we saw the advantages of this decision. Don’t wait to go for the cloud if we don’t have to create the infrastructure and use cloud applications instead. It helps us concentrate instead of thinking about technology growth and upkeep on market solutions development.


We have to produce high-quality products to compete and gather a winning position in the IT industry market. Improving the consistency and financial output of the software products would have the greatest cumulative effect. Do not save on checking since the risk of errors can be too high when handling the systems. Our QA software testing plans should also include all the important aspects: reliable preparation, a quality control strategy focused on software application testing, and a committed QA team.

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