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Benefits Of Robot-led Automation Testing

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Robot-led Automation Testing

Today in the world where machines and robots are preferred over humans to do any repetitive task as they are indefatigable, and precise in performing the task they are programmed to. The same concept is being applied in the field of software testing. 

In past where software testing were done completely manually used to take a lot of time and efforts. Many times the testers fail to find the minor bugs in the software even after a lot of mental stress. 

So to deal with all these issues automation testing has come forward. Robot-led Automation testing is the process in which software or application is tested by software or machine. These machines are programmed to perform the test cases required to check the working and quality of the software build-up to that stage. 

At the end of testing, they provide a detailed report of how the product is performing under possible real-life conditions. It also reports the loopholes and weakness of the software with constructive feedback to fix the same. One such Robot-led automation testing service is UiPath Test Suite.

Uipath’s automation work on the principle to ensure that a software developer submits a quality product to the stakeholders by testing the product in between the development to test the application’s health and resilience. 

UiPath Test Suite claims that it uses the best robotic process automation services to have as much detailed analysis of the software as possible. They say that the technology they possess is the best to check the quality of software. Test automation framework powered by UiPath is designed to discover all the bugs and loopholes in the application and informing the developer as soon as possible.

Robot-led Automation Testing

UiPath Framework for Efficient Automation Testing

UiPath framework has four major products for efficient automation testing:

Test Manager

Test manager as the name suggest manages all the details about a test. Before undergoing any testing process, it is very important to have a complete analysis of ‘what the test is being done for?’, what are the results expected out of it. 

And the test manager is the one that manages all this information in an organized way. Along with that it also holds the responsibility of reporting about the defects in the product and the requirements for the test.


StudioPro is the one where actual automation testing takes place using UiPath’s technology. Here all the possible automated test cases are applied on the software to check it’s capability and performance in adverse conditions. The robot framework is programmed to automatically take inputs like a user and produce the result which is later compared with the expected result.


Test automation framework powered by UiPath allows developers to distribute the testing process into various parts. The tests can be scheduled as per the convenience of the developers so that they can monitor the testing process if they want to. The test execution can be distributed and the test results can be analyzed for further improvement.


UiPath tests the software on multiple machines at the same time. An application needs to get tested on as many machine simulators possible to check it’s usability and performance. As it will only give the idea that the application is working exactly the way it is intended to build and will offer similar customer experience regardless of the machine architecture.

Benefits of Automation Testing with UiPath Test Suite

Below are the benefits of Automation Testing:

1. RPA Testing

The desired automated test cases can be added in the RPA workflows to ensure the efficient working of the application when different loads are applied to it. UiPath claims that they help in building robots that can work with resilience even if environment changes or it handled harshly.

2. RPA Test Coverage

UiPath has Activity Coverage Analytics Panel to make sure that the test cases designed are covering all the areas of testing need. All the functionality of the software is put under test.

3. Mobile Automation

A web, native or mobile app is tested on different devices with different architecture and operating system either it’s Android or iOS. A very important part of the present digital world’s Software Development Life Cycle.

4. Management of Test

UiPath’s automation testing creates and maps test cases and their results in Jira so that testing can be integrated into the development process.

Management of Test

5. API Automation

The execution of the test cases is accelerated to a significant amount by continuously testing the application at the Application Programming Interface level and make the development process less stressful by figuring out the issue at the same they are raised.

6. Management of Test Data

The test data is manipulated to check the consistency of the software. It tests that does the software gives the same result when the same input data is given in different ways.

7. SAP Automation

To certify the application a SAPWinGUI automation UiPath allows the use of pre-build SAP activities to build the SAP S/4 HANA and SAP ECC systems automation.

8. Data-Driven Testing

Data is feed into test cases from different sources to easily check the complex business logic in one go.

9. Enterprise Integration

The enterprises can increase their release speed with UiPath by connecting with the SDLC management and DevOps tools. Uipath currently offers integration services for Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Xray and SAP Solution Manager.

Enterprise Integration

It is a major advantage of robot-led automation testing is that this testing can be done at any time without any need for the presence or continuous attention of tester during the testing. It provides a lot of time to the developers to work on other important aspects of software and innovative ideas. 

The early the testing reports about any issue in the application is provided to the developers the early they are going to be fixed and lesser the time it will take to submit the end product to be consumed by stakeholders. 

If all the possible bugs are not fixed properly then it can affect an enterprise’s reputation in a very negative way that has a great impact on their business and UiPath Test Suite claims to bring every software related issue to the knowledge of the developer.

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