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Six Top Trends For Performance Management That Will Change The Future


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The future of workspace isn't anymore in the future. Because of the millennials taking over the majority of the working population, it is already here and is likely to grow faster than expected. With every employee from the old generation retiring, a millennial is added to the global workforce. This has led to a dramatic change in the way organizations work, treat their employees, and manage processes. To comply with this, one of the aspects that have changed rapidly is performance management trends. How organizations are persuading performance and how our employees are responding to them are revolving evidently. 

This is an important requirement for bringing both of them to a healthy alignment. While many sales performance management trends have already been in the talk, many new trends have emerged in the year 2020 and beyond. Let's learn more about performance management and the six top trends for performance management.

How to measure sales performance?

Measuring sales performance correctly is very essential for driving growth. Learning what metrics to track for a better insight into the sales organization is necessary for driving sales performance. How do you measure sales performance? Generally, this question is answered using traditional sales measurements such as goal achievement or Kota attainment, but these are not the things that impact performance.

The requirement for measuring sales performance accurately

Firstly, let's discuss the requirement for the deepest level of visibility into performance. Leadership will develop plans for guiding the organization to achieve its goals. More often than not, it will be based on a gut instinct. Here is why this is bad.

When choices are dependent upon instincts and what leaders think will happen, they are based on a fact. It involves every part of the sales plan, forecast, etc. Think of this in terms of your paycheck. What if the payroll department was in charge of paying you depending upon how much you were expected to work? 

Chances are you will be pretty concerned that their decisions will be based upon their instincts rather than the actual amount of time you have worked.

Six top trends for performance

The market for employee performance management trends is rising at a very rapid rate, especially in the HR spectrum. The reason behind this immediate shift is with traditional platforms like Outlook, Excel, etc. Below are the 6 top trends for performance management:


Software as a Service(SaaS) is the newest inclusion in the sales performance management part of businesses that takes care of up to 70% of day-to-day tasks. It also enables HR to focus on important tasks like managing talent management trends, happiness index, and productivity concerns. It could also be understood as cloud-based online talent management trends that allows easy accessibility and faster communication for analyzing performance, providing feedback, and recording the response. 

Mobile management

Mobile phones have changed the way we spend our daily lives. On average, a person uses their phone every hour to check notifications or just scroll through something. With smartphones, it is very beneficial for increasing productivity.

Visual dashboards

The days of compiling data and creating reports done via various offline software are gone. The trouble with such tasks is no more of a concern for new organizations as they have switched to single-window online dashboards for performing, analyzing, sending, receiving, and managing tasks. 

These dashboards aren't only easy-to-use but are also beneficial for buying offline software. Businesses are switching towards such dashboards and not only using them, but they are also recommending them to their equals because of the ready benefits they bring in.

Objectives and key results

Objectives and key results are some of the latest methodologies which global companies like Google and Facebook use to enhance their compatibility with employees' growth. Various organizations are swiftly switching to objectives and key results tools as they help managers with setting goals, connecting their personal growth, and tracking their progression too. 


In today's generation, employees appreciate transparency in the organization that they also treat as the primary aspect of long-term retention. The most essential qualities of a leader are honesty and transparency. With such a leader, employees want to stay loyal, connected, and, in turn, engaged for longer periods.

Expect more freelancers

With the advancement of the gig economy, the number of freelancers has also increased. This trend is growing so fast that by the year 2019, 34% of the workforce in the USA will include freelancers. 

69% of freelancers say that technology has made freelance projects much easier to grab, which makes their portfolio career a comfortable and highly paying option rather than a full-time job. The rise in this trend will require organizations worldwide to improvise policies to be more freelance friendly to gain benefits in return.

Various trends in performance management

To address this, the company has decided to look beyond the traditional and highly criticized annual review procedure. Alternatively, organizations have started to use the current landscape to increase the frequency of reviews to stay connected with their employees. Continuous informal reviews have become more popular as a part of larger continuous engagement initiatives. Not only do they provide recognition at a time when employees are worried about the future, but they also rely on up-to-date and future-looking information. 

At a time when HR managers make tough decisions and management teams seek to increase productivity, a shorter review time frame could provide companies with a clear picture of the business.


This was all about six top trends for performance management. With the environment and culture-changing at a fast pace, organizations should stay adept at the latest trends to ensure that the best quality talent comes to them. Apart from the trend mentioned above, another concept like remote employees is also in the making and could see a great rise in the coming years. The best way to comply with such trends is to partner with an updated and expert talent acquisition company that will help not only with completing the task but also with enabling higher profits.

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