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Top European JS And Go Software Development Conferences

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Key takeaway:

  1. What are the upcoming European Go and JavaScript software development conferences in 2022?
  2. What can you expect?

Before getting into the list of the top European JS and Go software developer conferences, it’s vital to understand how such conferences are beneficial to the developers.

So, below are their main advantages.

  1. At a conference, you get to learn something new you haven’t heard of before and that too, from the best in the business.
  2. While attending developer conferences as a speaker, you get to share your ideas, thoughts, and knowledge with the attendees. In return, you can get a solution to the problem you’re trying to solve. This transfer of knowledge during a conference helps you prosper as a developer.
  3. A conference aid in networking. It’s highly likely that you might meet a like-minded person who might aspire to work with you in the future.
  4. Collaboration is another feature of conferences. By collaboration, I don’t mean just working together on software architecture conferences 2020 or project but helping each other towards a cause many believe in.
  5. Software development conferences or web development conferences 2020 help you stay updated about the current trends and technologies.

So, these are the top benefits of attending a conference to the developers and their careers.

Top 5 Software Development Conferences to Attend in 2020

Software Development Conferences
Software Development Conferences

  Now, let’s get down to the list of the upcoming JS and Go software development conferences in 2020:


Where: Paris, France

When: 30th March 2020

Topic: Golang

Location: Théâtre de Paris, 15 Rue Blanche, 75009 Paris

Site: dotgo.eu

What you can expect?

The conference will take place at a luxurious theatre with the world’s most experienced and brightest Golang developers marking their presence. Although the speakers are not revealed as of now, the dotGo team promises to give you the feeling of time well spent.


Where: UK

When: 2nd April 2020

Topic: JavaScript

Location: Rich Mix, 25-47 Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6LA

Site: generateconf.com

What you can expect?

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By attending this conference, you can explore the latest techniques, to-be-released specifications, setups, and UI animations. Prominent developers and designers who are on track with the latest trends will present all these in a proper way. Other benefits include:

  1. Interacting with senior developers from the UK provides valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of Software Development Agencies in UK.
  2. Networking and collaborating.
  3. Opportunity to become a part of the biggest web design community.

The list of speakers include: 

  1. Remy Sharp, Founder of ffconf, Runner of jQuery for Designers,
  2. Jeremy Keith, Web stuff, do-er, Clearleft,
  3. Phil Hawksworth, Experience Engineer, Netlify.

React Summit 2020

Where: Netherlands

When: 17th April 2020

Topic: React

Location: KROMHOUTHAL, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, Amsterdam, 1021 KP

Site: reactsummit.com

What you can expect?

You will get a chance to interact with 25+ well-known speakers and 1500+ React developers from across the globe. Plus, the “React Open Source Award” will be presented to the most prolific React project of the year 2019. Throughout the week, there will be interactive sessions, workshops, and meetups organized by the experts.

The list of speakers include:

  1. Kent C. Dodds, Trainer, USA,
  2. Sara Vieira CodeSandbox, Germany,
  3. Brandon Dail, Facebook, USA,
  4. Anna Doubková, Hive, UK.

International JS conference

Where: UK

When: 20th April 2020

Topic: JavaScript

Location: Unconfirmed

Site: javascript-conference.com

What can you expect?

The conference is regarding the promising JS frameworks like Angular, React, Node.js, and Vue.js. Also, the speakers will share their knowledge on the best practices in single-page applications to Progressive Web Apps (PWA), from serverless computing to blockchain development, and so on. The conference is for 3 days with over 40 expert sessions, keynotes, presentations, workshops, etc.

The list of speakers include:

  1. Sherry List, Microsoft,
  2. Maximiliano Firtman, ITMaster Academy,
  3. Ana Cidre, ngSpain,
  4. Devlin Duldulao, inmeta

App.js Conf

Where: Poland

When: 23rd April 2020

Topic: JavaScript

Location: KIJÓW.CENTRUM, Krasińskiego 34, 30-101 Cracow, Poland

Site: appjs.co

What can you expect?

The conference is going to be the first-ever first Expo and React event in Europe. Throughout the conference, there will be 4 workshops, guidance of 400+ developers, and 15 expert talks. You will also get to interact with the well-known authors of some amazing libraries.

Although the speakers aren’t known, for now, it gives the details of the 4 workshops below.

  1. Getting Started With React Native by Brent Vatne.
  2. Creating universal web apps with Expo and React Native for Webby Evan Bacon.
  3. React Native Declarative Gestures and Animations by William Candillon.
  4. React Native Performance by Staszek Chmiela

Thus, these are the top JS and Golang software development conferences in 2020 which every developer must attend. It will give an opportunity to brainstorm with the best-in-class industrial experts and contribute towards the developer community.

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