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Technology has grown and evolved exponentially during the last few years, giving a tremendous rise in demand for software development agencies in UK. Every company today must have a digital presence, whether through a mobile application, website, or custom software, to stay competitive and meet customer needs.

However, it can be difficult for companies to build in-house software solutions due to a lack of expertise and resources. That's where you need top software development companies. These agencies work with a professional team that offers multiple benefits to businesses and help them grow and succeed.

When looking for such agencies, you must be careful of making the right choice, and that process can be daunting. We have listed 20 software development agencies in the UK for your reference.

What are Software Development Agencies in UK?

Software development agencies are organizations that specialize in custom software development. This could range from designing mobile apps to building applications for business use or creating websites and web applications.

Several software agencies work on a project-by-project basis with their clients. They focus on a specific project, complete it, and then proceed to the next. This is an effective solution for firms that require custom software development without in-house resources and expertise.

When you outsource to top software development companies, you save money and time and eliminate disruptions in the development process. From 2017 through 2022, the market size of the software development industry in the UK expanded at a 5.4% average annual pace. The sector grew 6.4% in 2022, achieving £39.7bn that year.

This market is anticipated to grow in the next few years, creating substantial job opportunities for specialized software engineers in such agencies. They, in return, offer best-in-class solutions to organizations and meet their needs in less time.

Digital product development is a dynamic and iterative process crucially undertaken by software development agencies, where innovative ideas are transformed into cutting-edge solutions through meticulous planning.

Why is it Important to have Software Development Agencies in UK?

Here are five essential points showing why hiring a top software development agency is beneficial for business:

1 - Cost saving

Hiring an in-house software development team costs more than outsourcing the same task. Software development agencies in UK will offer access to a committed and skilled staff at a lower cost than establishing your team. In addition, employing a software development firm reduces the requirement to invest in infrastructure. You can still get high-quality work without paying extra expenses.

2 - Flexibility

Software development agencies will manage your project from beginning to end, performing all necessary processes. This includes gathering requirements, creation, execution, testing, and deployment. They often create their distinctive software or modify current software and hold an impressive work portfolio. Due to their adaptability in software development, they can save you cash in the long run.

3 - Access to a skilled team

A dedicated team of professionals is assigned to your project by the top software development agency you choose, depending on your specifications. These agencies employ developers based on their skills and expertise. You will have access to the same developers during the project if you partner with a dedicated agency.

4 - Faster development and deployment

The primary advantage of collaborating with the top software development companies is that they can streamline your project's completion. Due to their expertise in managing multiple tasks for different clients, these agencies are proficient in delivering the best software solutions.

5 - Exceptional support

These agencies provide excellent customer service by maintaining open lines of communication with clients during the entire development process. This implies that clients may communicate with a professional representative directly while the agent will handle all the requirements during your project.

What Should you Look for When Choosing Software Development Agencies in UK?

The following are five crucial points that an organization should focus on when selecting a software development agency:

1 - Check out the agency's website

An agency website should describe its services and display examples of completed projects. A blog demonstrating that a real team works together and can share their knowledge with others would be excellent. Analyze the website carefully, and ensure the agency has an office and a representative listed in the contacts.

2 - Look for technical expertise

The software development agency you recruit must know the complexities and duties they must perform in the procedure. It is primarily not about developing but also about aligning your requirements with the progress made. The team should be skilled in an array of technical areas to produce high-quality software that adheres to the expectations of its clients.

3 - Review previous projects

Looking at previous work is the most crucial factor in choosing a software development agency. If the agency has finished a project in your niche, it will be easy for them to manage it. They are more likely to have already effective methods of delivering tested and verified software solutions.

Inquire with an agency representative about the technology that will be utilized in building the application. Working with skilled professionals may present you with a practical and cost-effective solution.

4 - Communication and collaboration

An open communication channel should be established between the agency and its clients. Communication is essential for an effective workplace. The exchange of feedback and data transmission ultimately enhances the entire process and produces high-quality results.

Before deploying, your company and the software solutions provider you hire must express their opinions. Collaboration with clients will keep the workers on the correct path, resulting in a smooth workflow with no overlaps or inconveniences.

5 - Affordable pricing

Most agencies would keep their charges as low as possible to attract more customers. However, a low, affordable price might be deceiving at times. Look for an agency with adjustable pricing choices to ensure you only pay for the required services. Be careful of the top software development agencies in UK offering pricing that seems too good since they may compromise quality to provide lower prices.

What are the Top 20 Software Development Agencies in UK?

The following is the list of the 20 best software development agencies based in the UK:

1 - Appsierra

Appsierra, with its 6+ years of experience, ranks among the top software development agencies in UK, serving startups, medium, and enterprise customers. They are the fastest-growing IT services companies offering full-funnel IT development and QA services across multiple software types, like PPA or custom-developed software that can be implemented in any environment.

Also, this custom software development agency offers services like quality engineering, complete QA testing, mobile and web development, IoT testing, CRM testing, Big Data testing, and more. They use the latest technologies and tools to curate exceptional products, improve sales, and offer business growth.

Furthermore, they have many clients, including Curve Tomorrow, uCollect, Web Intensive, Planswell, Uprise, and more. Appsierra has a proven track record of delivering top-tier services and secured five-star ratings on multiple platforms. They have nearly 70% of clients from referrals and have delivered more than 1500 projects, and have 50+ premium brands on their portfolio.

2 - GoodCore Software

Since its formation, this agency has offered various services, including developing web apps and portals, SaaS apps, and custom software. GoodCore Software ensures employees enroll in technical courses and acquire certificates to expand their expertise in healthcare, fintech, and education.

Apart from other notable recognitions, the company received recognition from the Forbes Technology Council in 2022. iMatch, a web-based clinic management system, and PMLLHub, a licensing administration system, are two examples of their custom software projects. Hassan Basharat founded the agency.

3 - Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a custom software development agency that offers reliable technology and smooth upscaling. Tiago Franco founded this platform to provide affordable and effective custom software to clients of all sizes, from startups to corporations.

Product creativity, web and mobile development, UX/UI design, and code auditing are all services provided by Imaginary Cloud. Furthermore, with over 300 completed projects, the firm hires skilled software designers, programmers, and data scientists for each project. Their notable clientele includes Nokia, Sage, Remax, and Waystone.

4 - Instil Software

Instil Software, which has been in business since 2005, represents top software development agencies in Belfast. The agency offers an extensive team of designers, developers, and managers who provide custom software, integration, and cloud consulting services.

They have gained a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy agency owing to their customer-focused strategy for software development. Deloitte, BMW, American Express, and Atlassian are among their famous clients. Tara Simpson founded the agency.

5 - Magora Systems

Magora Systems is one of the renowned software development agencies in UK that partners with B2B and B2C companies. Vladimir Potapenko founded the platform and provides full-cycle development services, including custom software development, native and multi-platform app development, MVP development, user experience and user interface design, and team augmentation.

In addition, the firm has experience working with brands of all sizes in the logistics, real estate, healthcare, and entertainment industries. Clients include Danone, Toyota, Unilever, and the Royal College of Art.

6 - BJSS

BJSS is a renowned agency founded by Mark Hunter and Andrew Vincent and offers a wide range of services to customers worldwide. They collaborate with industries, including banking, retail, and healthcare, to develop excellent applications, IT solutions, and consulting services.

Also, the agency has a skilled team of project managers, engineers, and developers who work constantly to ensure their clients get the best outcome possible. Because of their dedication to excellent service, they are among the top software development agencies in the world.

7 - Old St Labs

Old St Labs ranks among the latest software development agencies in UK. The firm, founded by Rob Lynch and Rob Woodhead, has been able to complete projects for both small and large-scale organizations. The agency specializes in developing unique software solutions, UX/UI designs, web and mobile applications, and AI and machine learning services.

The advertising and marketing, financial, healthcare, and legal sectors are a few industries for which Old St Labs provides development services. In addition, Kopona, CityMunch, Brain.Health and Altus are some of their key clients.

8 - IntellectSoft

IntellectSoft is a custom software development agency that offers modern solutions to businesses of all sizes. Artem Kozel founded the agency and has various research centers across the world. They have helped multiple worldwide firms expand their companies by delivering high-quality software since 2007.

IntellectSoft development services are available in various fields, like construction, finance, blockchain, and healthcare. Moreover, they have built innovative software products that take developing into the digital era and patient-friendly software that empowers healthcare workers. Melco, Universal, Jaguar, and Nestle are some of their notable clients.

9 - AppDrawn Software Development

AppDrawn Software Development is a powerful software solution provider in the UK, committed to helping organizations of all sizes with the efficacy of digital transformation. Their technical expertise focuses on software, web, and mobile development technologies.

Furthermore, the agency specializes in consulting-led approaches, business systems, and creating high-quality custom digital platforms. AppDrawn assists its clients in innovating, managing, and delivering complete digital services. Dave Hawkins founded the agency and has worked with top clients such as Imagine Property Group, HSM, Beds & Herts LMC, and Microtec EDM.

10 - Softwire

Softwire is one of the UK's most valued software development platforms. It was founded by Pete Kenny, Phil Marsden, and Dan Shavick. They specialize in software and custom software delivery, personalized solutions, and professional software development training.

Furthermore, Softwire focuses on delivering various kinds of service to every type of client. From the initial consulting and design stages to ongoing implementation and support, they aim to be an ideal technical partner for their clients.

11 - Theodo

Theodo is a consultancy and digital development agency based in London. They are focused on helping non-technical founders launch their first product, and this distinctive quality puts them among the best software development firms in the UK.

Moreover, their team is talented and experienced enough to create complicated computer programs in record time. JavaScript, Dev Ops, Digital Transformation, Agile, and other services are among their primary services. Benoit Charles-Lavauzelle and Fabrice Bernhard founded the agency.

12 - Digiryte

Digiryte is a UK-based software development agency that provides operating software services to construct creative web and mobile applications. This android app development agency is customer-oriented, with its primary objective of helping its customers build a robust business to challenges.

Also, Digiryte offers expertise in various services that benefit organizations adopting modern technological requirements. Some of their notable clientele include Channel 4, NHS, and The Big Blue Hotel.

13 - Synetec

Synetec is among the experienced software development agencies in UK, offering various solutions for businesses ranging from startups to corporations. Their professionals write code in around ten programming languages and provide software development, MVP development, and all operating system management.

Additionally, their skilled team collaborates with clients to understand their unique requirements and create customized solutions that fulfill those requirements. George Toursoulopoulos and Argentex founded the agency. Jabre Capital Partners and Genesis are their top clients.

14 - Steadfast Collective

Steadfast Collective is a top software development agency focusing on building applications for businesses of all sizes. Their vast expertise involves creating software solutions primarily with PHP, Vue.js, and Laravel. Furthermore, the agency platform attempts to deliver valuable and practical software that helps businesses acquire clients and raise revenue.

They offer free consultations to all new clients. Pete Heslop founded the agency and has collaborated with companies such as the National Caravan Council, Love it Stitch It, Elemis, and others.

15 - CoreBlue

CoreBlue is a software development agency founded by Lewis Boyles-White and offers businesses a range of software solutions. Some of their services are custom software development, mobile app and web development, and e-commerce development.

Also, their team includes experts in various technology and coding languages like Android, iOS, PHP, and Python. Additionally, they adopt a collaborative approach with their customers, working with them during the development procedure to ensure that the finished product fulfills their needs.

16 - Imobisoft

Imobisoft, a fast-growing software & automation development agency, is dedicated to offering customized services to meet the requirements of a constantly shifting digital landscape. With over ten years of expertise, the platform is a pioneer in developing advanced software solutions for customers.

Moreover, to help its clients improve their services, customer experiences, and cost reduction, the agency simplifies internal procedures, focusing on data and technology. In addition to software development, it provides essential services for mobile application development and cloud computing. Clarkson, Hi-Force, Disability Living Foundation, and NHS are some of their top clients.

17 - 56 Degrees

56 Degrees helps businesses digitally transform their brand by offering expert software development and consulting services. The agency platform based on Jakub Mysona specializes in software and web development for major companies and agencies worldwide.

Furthermore, they combine their software engineers' abilities with the requirements of their clients to offer solid software solutions across fields. Also, the agency provides its developers with excellent training and expertise to create practical, engaging, easy-to-use software applications using advanced technologies. Kettle Chips, GiffGaff Studio, and GVHealth are some of their top clients.

18 - Netsells

Netsells is one of the widely recognized software development agencies in UK. Brannan Coady founded it, works with clients from different sectors, and provides a wide range of software development services to firms.

The Netsells team has professionals in various technologies, including React, Laravel, and Node.js. In addition, they use an agile approach to software development, collaborating with their clients to ensure that the final product aligns with their specific requirements. They have worked for top clients like Uber, Hiscox, Jaguar Land Rover, and BBC.

19 - Inflecto Systems

Inflecto Systems is a UK-based software development agency that specializes in developing digital solutions for every kind of business. The team approaches each customer individually by their organization's requirements.

Moreover, Inflecto Systems has a simple work procedure that consists of previous consultation, complete project documentation, the development procedure, evaluation, launching, and assistance. The agency was founded by Ross Mason and is dedicated to providing exceptional work and excellent customer service.


NEVERBLAND has been one of the top software development agencies in business for eighteen years. Their services vary from web development and UX research to digital marketing. Furthermore, the agency's fundamental message is to develop software for companies that will transform and improve our world.

Sam Mathews founded the platform and has worked with businesses of all sizes. Its portfolio includes collaborations with renowned companies and people such as Samsung, Paul McCartney, and many more.

Why Choose Appsierra among the Best Software Development Agencies in UK?

Being the top software development agency, Appsierra provides various best-in-class software development and testing services, including mobile app and website development. Instead of advertising, we invest in top talents in the market and ensure to grow with a word-of-mouth marketing approach. Surprisingly, we get 70% of clients from referrals across 15+ countries and have delivered more than 1500 projects till today.

We do QA consulting to boost your software quality, ensure the quality of web and mobile apps, and enhance your agile development process. Besides that, we offer a complete test coverage ensuring compatibility, functionality, performance, regression, usability testing, and more.

What else do we offer? Microservices solutions, IoT testing, Big Data testing, blockchain testing, and CRM testing. Furthermore, Appsierra provides Angular, Node.js, React.js, Java, and .Net development services.

Well, that was the services we offer our clients, but what makes us stand apart from the competition?

  • Management: If you have multiple chores, trust us to manage them with a professional team while you sit back and finish core activities.
  • Access: We give you access to experts that fit your company needs across multiple domains QA, App Development, and UI/UX designing.
  • Scalability: You can scale your project from 1 to 100 in real-time with our working team available at your service within 24 hours of your call.
  • Security: We offer a range of security checks at every point of the development process, preventing data leaks or hacks, or sharing of internal data.

Wrapping Up

We understand hiring the best firm out of a hundred other software development agencies in UK is complicated. Moreover, their numbers will keep expanding in the coming years, and the demand for automation and software will increase in business. We have listed a few top agencies in the UK to help you make the right choice and ensure better business outcomes.

If you want to develop web applications but are unaware of where to go and what resources to find, ask us today! At Appsierra, we ensure to provide you with the best web app development and QA testing services as per your requirements.


Q1. What is DevOps?

DevOps is the method of development and operations engineers working together to design and implement software solutions to maximize product or service delivery speed and quality. A business uses this methodology to combine procedures and technology to provide higher value to its consumers.

Q2. What do frontend and backend development differ?

Frontend development involves designing and building the visible parts of a website or application that users interact with and includes creating the user interface and experience.

Backend development includes creating the invisible parts of a website or application, such as the server-side code that processes requests and handles data storage. It involves making the logic and functionality that powers the front end.

Q3. When it comes to software development, what is quality assurance?

Quality assurance, or QA, is an area of production accountable for identifying errors and avoiding failures. The primary aim is to offer the highest quality to clients while creating a product or service which fulfills their requirements and standards.

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