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Things To Consider When Evaluating Software Testing Outsourcing


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The software industry has evolved a lot and got more competitive than ever before. There are large numbers of software already available and releasing every day in the market to better serve the customers. So, it becomes necessary for businesses to be the first and the best option to solve any user’s problem with the aid of technology for increasing their success probability.

To accomplish this, the applications must be released frequently without any compromise in its quality. The quality of any software depends upon ‘how effectively the application has been tested?’. Software testing outsourcing is coming up as a solution to ensure both speed and quality of the software. Testing is a very time-consuming process and also requires a lot of attention and efforts. In house testing, needs the company to take all the responsibility for the quality assurance of the software, hence it slows down the release process by diverting the focus of the team from developing an application to its testing.

Benefits of Software Testing Outsourcing

Below are the benefits of software testing outsourcing:

1. These services ensure that the software is completely flawless and all the defects that can have a large impact on the software are detected and bring to the notice of developers.

2. It is also responsible to check ‘if the software is meeting all the requirements and specifications it is developed to fulfil?’.

Even the developers are also saved from brainstorming the test cases for testing new requirements.

Benefits of Software Testing Outsourcing
Benefits of Software Testing Outsourcing

3. The services provided by QA tester are cheap as compared to the intellectual and technological resources provided by them to perform different types of software testing.

They have more dedicated technologies like QA automation to run the software from all aspects. Even the developer’s time it saves compensates the money spent on outsourcing the software testing.

4. There is a significant reduction in the risk of loses.

5. It also reduces the chances of encountering big defects in the product after release, hence ensure the high quality of the software. A poorly tested software decreases the reliability of the software so thorough testing of the software is very important.

6. They help in ensuring availability, reliability, timeliness, accessibility and security of the software to the user necessary for the survival of the organization.

7. It also allows organizations to focus on developing software and the task of testing and quality assurance is performed by outsourcing.

8. Even letting a third party review the application helps in receiving constructive feedback about it. It will increase the scope of improvement.

Issues with Software Testing Outsourcing

Here are the issues with software testing outsourcing:

1. The difference in culture is one of the major concern of software developers that make them hesitate from using outsourcing services. If the software is outsourced to a service located in another country then the problems of language barriers and time zones may arise. These factors may lead to a reduction in the productivity of the development team. But nowadays there are services available that are flexible to work as per the client’s language preference and time zone. But all these issues should be discussed in detail before submitting the software to test.

2. The security of the sensitive data like the source code of the application is also a threat with outsourcing. So the development team should make sure that a QA tester is not able to make any changes in the source code.

3. Even the development team also loses control over the process of testing. The outsourcing services will decide how and when they want to perform a test on software and will inform them only the stats and major pieces of information through mail or phone calls.

4. In agile software development method, where the testing and development task is performed in parallel to each other and testing is considered as a part of development, it is hard to assign the task of testing to the services located outside the organization. As there is no barrier of language and time zone for teams working in the same organization and any doubt can be cleared at any time.

How to Select A Software Testing Outsourcing Service?

Below are the points for selecting a software testing outsourcing service:

1. It is very important to check the company’s strategy of testing software and the growth of the company. It should make sure that the company is capable enough to handle your testing requirements. Market penetration can be evaluated based on geographically or industry-wise. They must be asked ‘what make them better than the other services available?’. ‘Do they have enough business and technical knowledge to understand the client’s need?’ is also a major concern.

2. The selection procedure should also consider the people in the company and their ability to work with clients from different part of the world. It should be ensured that there is no barrier to communicate between them and they should be fluent in the preferred language of the client.

3. The processes followed by them should be acceptable to you. They should be asked about their governance and management skills. They should comply with the industry standards and possess accreditation and certifications like CMM and CMMI as they will help in increasing their reliability.

4. The metrics and the benchmark used by them to evaluate the quality of any software should be clearly explained by them.

How to Select A Software Testing Outsourcing
How to Select A Software Testing Outsourcing

5. The testing service provider must possess expertise in the tools used for testing.

6. Along with this, the amount they charge for rendering QA services should also be made clear.

7. Security and privacy of the data is a major factor while selecting a QA automation service. It should be made clear that there should not be any unauthorized changes made in the software and the data provided should not be shared without your allowance.

Software testing outsourcing can ease the development process and increases the ready to release rate if chosen after enough research of the QA services available based on their prize, customer reviews and company size. Organizations do fear of losing the integrity of the software but a comprehensive service level agreement can increase the reliability of the software quality assurance service outside of the organization. These dedicated services for software testing can improve the quality of the software by bringing the defects present in the software to the knowledge of the development team.

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