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Managed Software Testing Services | Managed QA

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managed software testing services

Most business firms now rely on managed QA and managed software testing services to keep their software robust and bug-free. Hence, these firms conduct the testing process throughout the development lifecycle to ensure the app adheres to the necessary standards before it reaches the end users.

Besides, this helps the firms to roll out the final product on time, fulfilling the desired goals and seamless workflow. However, your firm will need the help of proficient software experts to achieve dynamic apps through testing. That is why you should choose leading software test companies like Appsierra to meet your business needs.

Our team has been in the realm of the software industry for years, giving future-proof solutions that help build next-gen software apps. So, if your firm is looking for ways to transform the business, our company offers you the finest managed software testing services to help you reach your destination.

In this blog, we will explore the following topics to help you get more insights:

  • What are managed software testing services?
  • Why is managed software testing essential?
  • What are the steps in the software testing process?
  • Why choose Appsierra over others?

What is a managed software testing service?

Managed testing services involve transferring software testing and quality assurance to a service provider to manage the entire software testing process. The service provider offers a team of professional QA testers to work with your in-house team to ensure your app meets the standard quality and needs.

As a result, you can build a feature-rich and dynamic software app for your business that matches your requirements and preferences. With the help of managed software testing services, you will get experts to carry on activities from test design to test execution. Besides, they ensure the improvement of the entire managed QA process to deliver robust and secure software.

As a result, these experts will help you focus on your core business tasks by leaving the testing process to professionals. Therefore, if your firm wants an efficient testing process, you must work with leading test service providers like Appsierra for objective test execution and management.

Appsierra provides various testing services to make the software functional and capable in the real-world scenario. Our team is well-equipped to handle all aspects of software testing to build a high-quality app within optimal testing budget and time. Besides, our QA testers ensure a mature testing process that enfolds all testing types and methods to customize the app according to our client's needs.

As a result, when you collaborate with Appsierra, you will get first-rate managed software testing services for your software app.

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Why is managed software testing service essential?

Incorporating testing services in software testing invites many benefits to your business since you get the experts and efficient testing process for your software. Besides, proper test management ensures the delivery of high-quality software apps meeting customer demands. 

Also, it facilitates seamless teamwork between developers and testers to launch the app before the deadline. So, let us explore the core benefits of managed testing services. They are as follows:

Save cost

Working with third-party vendors is less expensive than hiring a freelancer or in-house team. Since you entrust the managed software testing services to external professionals, you do not have to invest in training an in-house team or buying tools. The service provider will bear the cost of the tools and engineers and will bill only for the services they provide. Moreover, your firm can access a rich pool of talent at a reasonable cost through managed testing services.

Fast delivery

With the help of proper software testing management, you can deliver your product on time to the highly competitive market. The service providers gather all the needs and start the testing activities right away to deploy the app before the deadline. Besides, they monitor and keep track of the entire SDLC to run tests in case of sudden changes or requirements.

Reduce security risks

Since there is a surge in cases of cyberattacks, your firm needs the guidance of experts to avoid and tackle the threats of data breaches. As a result, with the help of managed software testing services, you will get valuable resources and advanced tools to boost security measures. Besides, you will have experts to perform comprehensive security testing to keep your app secure and safe.

Dedicated team

The best thing about getting managed testing services compared to the in-house team is that you can scale up or down your project according to your needs. As a result, the team from the managed testing service will help you build an app that can adapt to market changes and trends.

Customized solutions

Every business firm has its own needs and requirements. Therefore, each firm will need a customized testing process to jump ahead in the competitive market. That is why managed software testing services are a viable option to meet your specific needs and goals. The testing team ensures you understand your business requirements and frame solutions that help you achieve your desired outcome.

Ensure quality app

The professionals from managed testing services like Appsierra are highly experienced since they have worked for multiple clients and industries. As a result, they will be aware of risks in the SDLC and tackle them effectively before the app's release. Hence, you can enhance the app's quality with a well-defined test management process from highly talented experts.

Better project tracking

Managed software testing services employ advanced tools and tech to track the project's progress. After that, they generate regular test reports to get insights into the project for making sound decisions for the business. As a result, it helps you find risks in your app development early and take measures to improve the product quality.

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What are the steps in the software test management process?

Every stage in the software test management process involves activities that guarantee robust and secure software that meets customer demands. So, let us explore the core steps in the software testing life cycle that keep your app bug-free and dynamic. They are as follows:

Analyze requirement

The first step in the STLC is assessing the software requirements to check if they are clear and complete for testing. Besides, this stage involves testers from managed software testing services interviewing the stakeholders to gather more ideas. As a result, the testers can identify potential risks and defects in the requirements before starting the testing process.

Test planning

At this stage, the testers create a plan based on the testing types, risks, and testing types. The plan outlines the testing strategy, required resources, objectives to achieve, and total timeline. As a result, the testers will get a comprehensive plan to carry out the testing process to achieve superior outcomes.

Test case design

The testers then design the test case based on the plan and objectives to achieve. These test cases describe the measures to test the software to remove all faults and defects. As a result, at the end of this stage, the testers will possess a set of test cases to find issues in the software before its launch.

Environment setup

After designing the test cases, the tester gathers the required hardware, software, and tools to create an environment where they conduct the testing. As a result, the testers load all test data into the system to execute the test process.

Test execution

The next step in the STLC is performing actual tests based on the test plan and test cases. The testers in the managed software testing services run the tests across the system to record and document the issues in the software during its testing. Hence, they monitor and track the defects in the software until they get resolved.

Test report

After the text execution, the testers prepare and document reports to evaluate the data based on the test result. It helps the testers identify the software quality, test coverage, and required changes. As a result, they send the report to the developers to make the necessary improvements.

Why choose Appsierra over others?

Appsierra is among the top-notch test companies, paving the way for managed software testing services for our clients across the globe. With our years of experience in software testing and QA consulting, our company has highly experienced and skilled experts onboard. We have a certified team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of advanced tools and industrial trends.

As a result, our company has been a number-one choice for most firms across the industrial verticals. Besides, our team has specialized defect management in software testing to give our clients bug-free and robust software apps. We make a boundless effort to build next-gen software with the help of cutting-edge and unique solutions.

Hence, collaborating with Appsierra provides you with many benefits:

  • Quality software
  • On-time software release
  • Optimized testing budget
  • Highly skilled team


Managed software testing services are essential for a business firm to excel in the software domain. With the right service partner like Appsierra, you will get the finest service that no other company can offer. Our highly skilled and experienced developers employ cutting-edge solutions to make your app more secure and robust. You can reach out to our managed testing service and deliver high-quality software apps. Contact our experts and leverage our service for a new journey.

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