Voice Search Combined With Search Engine Optimization(SEO): 5 Amazing Benefits


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Voice search has always been considered a luxury, but it has become more of a necessity as most people are searching the internet by voice commands. What person would want to sit and type of information when we can voice this information and voila? We have come a very long way in this regard, from virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa carrying out various tasks, including weather reports, trending news, and scheduling appointments to real-time traffic evaluation and providing accurate pinpoint GPS locations. 

All of this information is transferred without the requirement of ever pressing a button or inputting a command at least not once. This feature has tapped the potential for closely connecting with exact keyword matches for the spoken query in the digital market. The involved benefit applied to both the interested parties. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the rising significance of voice search SEO.

Voice Search SEO

Voice search has developed over the years, and what previously seemed like a far-fetched science fiction Idea has now arrived. Fans of Star Trek may recall actors speaking to a computer device for answers, which ones seem like something that we will never see. Today easy voice search is common, and its user base is growing fastly.

Google has already indicated why searching is the fastest growing form of search and has spent heavily on the idea. As most gadgets are now reliant on voice, website owners are waking up to the importance of this type of search while creating content for search engine optimization(SEO). By March 2016, 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults were already using voice search functionality.

Some of the trendsetters in voice search include Siri from Apple, Google now, Cortana from Microsoft, and Alexa by Amazon. Tech giant’s investments of millions of dollars in digital assistants are an indicator of its potential. With evolving technology, these companies have lessened the error rate on voice search results and positively impact user experiences.

As digital marketers, we need to understand the significance of adopting new trends to avoid falling by the wayside. If we are implementing an SEO for voice search, then it is time that we incorporate voice search for capitalizing on the increasing number of people who are using these tools for web search.

The place of voice search

Website owners could easily provide users’ answers that will increase traffic to their landing pages by using voice search SEO. Searchers are always hungry for faster responses, and this technology is serving the need and is an attractive alternative for web search. If we are looking for a new possible way to boost traffic on our website, it is time to start using voice search. It not only helps in improving ranking on search engine results pages but also enhances user experience. One of the most important signals that Google is highlighting today for ranking is user experience.

Users of voice search obtain the answers they need faster, and this produces an enthusiastic signal like a high bounce rate. While improvements in digital assistant technology are still ongoing, there is no dispute that these tools are now more defined as voice search agents. A user could even correct spelling mistakes and get the right answer through voice.

It is also possible to obtain answers based on our previous searches. These advancements mean more, and users will find it more beneficial to use easy voice search. As the website owner, we need to understand how we can capitalize on the innumerable advantages this technology is presenting our business with. Leveraging SEO for voice search services is important as experts have already understood the trend and know how to optimize our voice search content. We must concentrate on our core business as these specialists will work on our website and ensure it is benefiting from voice search.

Voice Search

The implications of voice search for SEO

For leveraging the benefits of voice search, we should adopt the technology. Our competition may be capitalizing on it already. With most people using mobile internet services, there is no denying conversation, and search is the future of web searching.

Strategies we should adopt to benefit from voice search:

Long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords have already lost their significance, and conversational search decreases their prominence even further. People do not use voice search the same way they use the ordinary search engine. They ask more direct queries for obtaining more relevant answers. It is where long-tail keywords in our content could play the game. Using these keywords will help in increasing the chances of our content ranking in voice search engine result pages.

Focus content on answering FAQ’s

Our content should prioritize answering questions like why, who, what, and how. Our FAQs are required to be conversation null in nature for answering these questions directly.

Considering the questions, people are more likely to ask

Now that we understand our target audience, we should consider what type of questions they will be mostly asking while searching for our products and services. The focus should remain on providing direct and short answers for better ranking. Our focus should not just be on one keyword but also on how the question will be a phrase, including extra words used to obtain a concise answer. We should build our content around these queries.

Developing content with an informal tone

Voice search is just not direct, unlike text search but often familiar. Considering how people generally speak for developing content for matching with their tone.

Try out voice search

The best way to understand how voice search is going to impact our website and business is by actually trying it. Playing around with voice search for knowledge about how our competition is ranking. We will also have a chance to learn more about long-tail keywords and how they will boost our ranking.


There are innumerable ways to capitalize on voice search for increasing traffic on our website or even a brick and mortar store. We can provide directions to our location if we are a restaurant owner in New York, and we may get surprised after finding out that more people are coming to the door. We should make sure our SEO strategy is incorporating voice search in doing so boosting ranking on SERPs.

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