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Web Application Testing Complete Guide

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Web Application Testing

Each web application is unique about one another viewing a few highlights like size, intricacy, innovation, and corporate strategies yet these testing stages or steps can be applied to fluctuated applications relying upon the web app testing necessities.

Web application testing guarantees that an application is completely useful and running easily and safely. The IBM System Science Institute found that the deformities found in testing were multiple times more exorbitant than if they were found during the planning stage and multiple times more than if discovered during execution.

It’s vital to discover the bugs as early as possible and guarantee that an application is running appropriately before its delivery. That is the place where web application testing comes into the picture.

What is Web Application Testing?

Web testing is the term assigned to the type of Software Testing that focuses on testing web applications. Web-based applications are tried before going to the creative environment. This could assist with tending to the issues in web applications before presented to the public like the functional issues, incorporations issues, web application security, web administration issues, environment issues, and its capacity to deal with traffic is checked. In this phase of Web Testing putting forth an attempt to discover the potential bugs in the system.

A web application is a program conveyed through the web as a program interface. The motivation behind a web application is productively conveying and exchanging data with its clients while being consistent with a variety of programs and working frameworks (OSs). We have set a step-by-step guide to Web Application Testing that would help you get a better insight into this subject:

1. Usability Testing

Presently Usability testing is playing a significant part in any web application testing. This testing is to be done by testers to guarantee that all conceivable test cases that focus people on the web application are doing consistently. This would incorporate –

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  • Navigation Testing of the Site
  1. All potential choices like Menus, Links, or fastens on website pages ought to be noticeable and available on all the pages.
  2. All alternatives on a header, footer, and left/right navigation ought to be steady all through the pages.
  3. Pages navigation ought to be easy to utilize.
  4. Help instruction content ought to be clear and ought to fulfill the reason.
  • Content Testing of the Site
  1. Keep some norm on the content structure on-site page.
  2. Dark tone infuriates the clients, so try not to utilize dark tones in the topic.
  3. Appropriate size pictures ought to be put on the website page.
  4. No broken pictures
  5. Your task is to validate for UI testing.
  6. All content ought to be legible and simple to understand.
  7. All the anchor text connections ought to be working appropriately.
  8. No spelling or syntactic blunders in content throughout the page.
  9. Alt text ought to be available on Images.

2. Functionality Testing

What the framework does is functional testing. To check that each capacity of the product application carries on as determined in the necessity record. Testing all the functionalities by giving appropriate contributions to check whether the genuine yield is coordinating the normal yield or not.

It is utilized for checking the work processes, all the connections of the pages, structure testing, cookie testing, and database association. Normally, functional testing incorporates the following tasks:

Forms Testing (Input Field Approval)

  • Check if the form is accepting invalid terms/values.
  • Check whether an error message is shown when a client doesn’t fill a compulsory field.
  • Confirm whether the AJAX fields are populating the qualities effectively at run time.
  • Check whether the drop-down lists are stacking with choices.
  • Confirm whether the forms are ideally arranged for better readability.
  • Forms are utilized to do intuitive correspondence with end clients. A tester needs to guarantee.
  • All the structures are filling in true form.
  • Check whether the default values are being populated.

3. Cookie Testing

A cookie is a little snippet of data sent from a site and put away on the clients in the client's hard drive (in a content record) by the client’s internet browser while the client is browsing and is sent back to the site each time the program demands a page from the site. Cookie Testing is the way to check if the cookies are filling in as proposed. In cookie testing, testers need to test the situation with the cookie, termination of the cookie, availability of the cookie, security limitations, etc.

  • Approve HTML and CSS
  1. Valuable tools to perform website testing are Selenium, IBM Rational, UFT, etc.
  2. Testing UI Workflows.
  3. Check if shading schemas are comprehensible.
  4. Check whether the sitemap is exact or not.
  5. A tester needs to test start-to-finish work processes or business situations. Composing test situations or experiments would be prescribed to cover various situations and set pass models.
  6. A tester needs to test whether a site has a clean HTML structure and improved CSS according to W3C principles. To guarantee that web indexes can crawl the webpage without any problem.
  7. Check HTML syntax errors.
  • Testing HyperLink (Link Testing)

A tester needs to guarantee all the connections on a site are working effectively and ensure there are no messed-up joins. Kinds of connections incorporate Internal connections, Outgoing connections, Anchor joins, and many more.

4. Interface Testing

In the Interface testing, predominantly three territories ought to be covered: Web Server, Application Server, and Database Server. Guarantee that all the interchanges between these servers are completed effectively. Check that if an association between any of the servers is reset or lost, what is happening?

Web Application Testing Step-by-step guide to Web Application Testing

Check the way how an application reacts when any request is hindered in the middle. On returns of any error from the web worker or database server to the application worker then an error should be dealt with appropriately and displayed to the client.

  • Web Server: Check if all web requests are accepted and none are denied or leaked.
  • Application Server: Check if the request is sent effectively to any server and is displayed accurately. Check if mistakes are appropriately shown to the administrator client.
  • Data Set Server: Check if the database server returns the right outcome on the query request.

Check if all three servers are associated with each other and if test requests are handled accurately. Any mistake in the middle of the error should be shown to the client.

5. Documentation Testing

Poor documentation can influence the nature of the product. Good product documentation assumes a basic part in the eventual outcome. So documentation testing has a fundamental job in Web Application Testing. Testing the recorded artifacts that are created earlier, during, and after the testing of an item is known as documentation testing. Some usually utilized artifacts are as follows:

  • Requirement documents
  • Test Cases
  • Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Test Plan

6. Compatibility Testing

Guaranteeing your application is viable with all programs and gadgets is a vital step in web application testing. Here are the various components of compatibility testing:

  • Operating System Compatibility

Just like with various programs, your web application may run into issues on some working frameworks. Watch that it runs easily on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Unixes.

  • Browser Compatibility

Ensure that your application is working accurately across the various programs. This incorporates checking that JavaScript, AJAX, WebSockets, program warnings, and confirmation demands are functioning as planned. Other than watching that your application runs the programs (even Internet Explorer), you ought to check it for various versions of the browsers, to check whether any updates influence its functionality.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, mobile compatibility is ensured positively. Guaranteeing that your application runs on various gadgets and capacities similar to iOS is a fundamental part of web application testing.

6. Performance Testing

In programming, performance testing (also called Perf Testing) decides or approves the speed, versatility, as well as strength qualities of the framework or application under test. Performance is concerned with accomplishing reaction times, throughput, and asset use levels that meet the presentation goals for the project or item.

Web application performance testing is directed to relieve the danger of accessibility, dependability, versatility, responsiveness, steadiness, etc. of a system. Performance testing includes various sorts of testing like load testing, volume testing, stress testing, limit testing, perseverance testing, and spike testing every one of which is intended to uncover or take care of execution issues in a system.

7. Security Testing

The security testing is completed to ensure any data leakage regarding the encoding of data. In online business sites, Security testing plays a significant part. In this testing check if secure data is to check how to store sensitive data, for example, Mastercards.

Testing Activities will include:

  • Check if interior Web directories or documents are not available unless they are not configured for download.
  • Check if CAPTCHA is added and turning out appropriately for logins to prevent automated login attempts.
  • Check if accessing internal pages directly by entering URLs in the program is possible. If login is required, a client ought to divert to the login page or an appropriate message needs to be shown.
  • The majority of the data identified with transactions, error messages, login, and trials should be signed in the log document.
  • Check whenever restricted documents can be accessed for download.
  • Check if unauthorized admittance to get pages if the client changes from “HTTPS” to “HTTP” (secure to non-secure) in secure pages then a message will be shown and the other way around.

8. Database Testing

It is also called back-end testing or data testing. Database testing includes confirming the trustworthiness of information in the front end with the information present in the back end. It approves the blueprint, database tables, segments, lists, triggers, data duplication, orphan records, garbage records. It includes refreshing records in a database and checking the equivalent toward the front.

Database testing includes:

  • Database execution testing
  • Data legitimacy testing
  • Data integrity testing
  • Testing of systems, triggers, and functions

9. Crowd Testing

Crowd testing is when a huge gathering of strangers attempt your product at that point which gives you incredibly supportive criticism on usability, bugs, and features.

Crowd testing is not restricted to web applications, however for a wide range of uses including versatile website application testing. It utilized system tests for execution and ease of use testing. Essentially this is reciprocal to ‘normal’ testing. The principally complicated job of crowd testing is deciding on a sufficient crowd.


The software industry has accomplished a strong acknowledgment in this era. In this blog, you must have had a clear thought on web application testing with web testing experiments. These steps have their pros and cons. The criteria for choice are completely founded on your necessity for web application testing. Hope this guide to web application testing is stated meaningfully for you.

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