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What is A Learning Management System - Why Do We Need It?

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what is a learning management system

Summary: LMS incorporates training and education to improve the quality of learning. Acquiring new skills with the LMS is as good as a practical learning system. The learning software is designed with the aim to enhance learning. These systems support remote learning via compatible mobile devices.

Through this article, we are going to discuss in detail about LMS. We’ll begin with the definition and move on to discussing the benefits and challenges of implementing this system for learning. The article also includes features of a reliable LMS software/app.

Many organizations across industries are investing in learning management system to uplift the training process. In the present time, individuals need to constantly brush up and learn new skills. LMS software and systems facilitate the learning process. Back in time classroom education was the only way to gain knowledge. But tech advancement and innovation have changed the way people learn.

Even the pandemic has contributed to the upliftment of online LMS. The ever-expanding corporate setting requires professionals to be trained but within a budget. The emerging learning software and course materials promote professional training expertise. The option of remote learning with software is making the process cost-efficient for organizations.

Reflecting further on the basics of LMS, we have created this article. Further in the blog we have outlined the following:

  • The definition of the term LMS
  • Key features of good learning management software
  • The benefits and challenges of implementing LMS

What is an LMS?

Learning Management System or LMS is a software or app used to plan and enhance learning processes. The LMS software aims at empowering learning and training across different fields. The systems make training and development processes easier for management teams.

LMS has features that help to create courses and assessments for effortless learning. Also, there are web-based learning programs to improve the quality of learning in across sectors. Nowadays, interactive online learning is a trend. With the help of the best instructors online learning the learning goals can be achieved.

Every organization wants to provide efficient learning. So, we will be moving on to the discussion of key features of an LMS platform.

The Features of a Dependable Learning Management System

LMS streamlines corporate training programs and is also used in other sectors. Using these systems is easy but finding a good one for your organization can be complicated. There are hundreds of LMS software available online. So, to help you choose the best one we have listed the features of an efficient LMS.

Creates Course

Not all learning management software trends support inbuilt course modules. A good LMS should have features for creating courses and content. The companies can import or create videos according to the training needs. This feature streamlines the training process. In addition, there are custom videos for better learning and development.

Course Management

A learning management system helps to manage courses apart from creating them. Corporate employees or educators can manage the courses online with this system. The instructors can publish assignments and content. They can create tests with grading parameters as per the needs. Learning management system in education makes use of course calendars. It has schedules to keep the learners updated about the progression.

Personalized Learning Experience

An efficient LMS provides a personalized learning experience. The content and learning material on the software is changed according to the learner's need. The personalized experience enhances the performance of the learner. The user can choose from the learning preferences to facilitate easy learning.

Learner Management

An efficient LMS has many options for learners as well. To begin with, it has a feature to build a user profile. In custom user profiles, the learners can store their progress and performance reports. Learners can also access the course material or submit assignments individually. The profile-centric system is beneficial as learners can receive feedback directly from educators.


Learning management system interfaces are made user-friendly. Because a number of people learn and train through the systems. Therefore, they have a simple usage. The aim behind making LMS learners friendly is quick learning. If using a system would be complex, the learners would take longer than usual to grasp the knowledge. This is a very crucial feature to add to a learning system.

Skill Tracking

Besides designed assessments, LMS provides options for monitoring skills. The skill tracking feature helps learners to improve and measure their performance. The LMS also has a certification feature to promote positive learning. The skill tracking feature is helpful for learners as it tracks the course progression. It also increases the engagement of users and motivates them to perform better.

Compatibility with Mobiles

The LMS has mobile learning features. Compatibility with mobiles facilitates learning for individuals who do not have a computer. The responsive design helps learners to take part in interactive training programs. LMS on mobile phones makes it possible to access course materials. Users can learn from any location and at any moment.

Detailed Progress Reports

An efficient LMS software has feedback options along with detailed reports. This feature is significant for a learning management system in education. The recent behind its significance is it helps users to learn from their mistakes. The analytical reports provide insight into the skills a learner is training for. The records help learners to check their progress over time.

What are the Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS?

In the past few years, cloud-based technology is taking over many sectors. Cloud-based LMS is one kind of learning management solution. Integrating cloud based technology in learning system has become increasingly popular. The benefit of using a cloud-based learning management system are many in number. The cloud based system learning management benefits in the following ways:

Better Accessibility

Cloud-based LMS through wipes better accessibility. The learners can access their content and course material from any location. Because the educational content is stored on the cloud, it can be accessed at any time. The self-learning systems in LMS provide users with the option to study at their own pace.

The learners can schedule video classes or watch course videos at their convenience. Due to accessibility, cloud-based LMS has become a popular tool for remote learning.

Flexible Learning

The cloud-based learning system provides easy downloads and flexible learning. Software development services are working to upgrade LMS with technology like cloud platforms. The apps are compatible with mobile devices and other electronic equipment. The users can log in to many devices with their credentials for learning. The user profile feature helps them to learn the way they want.


Another benefit of cloud based learning management system is that they are scalable. Investing in LMS creation has become profitable due to the growing number of users. The developer can modify the capacity and features according to needs. Unlike classroom learning, the cloud LMS platform can train numerous people. And it makes sure to not compromise on the learning quality.

Increased Storage

Cloud-powered learning systems have immense storage capacity. All the data uploaded by the educators remain in one place. Instructors can use graphic learning images and video content for teaching. Some software also provides the option to download course material for offline learning. Cloud technology makes sharing of information on LMS easier

Smooth Learning

LMS has systematic learning solutions. Beginning from course planners to assessments, LMS has all features of classroom learning. This system facilitates learning with relevant course material and flexible timelines. Software development services make the apps user-friendly for a holistic learning experience.

What are the Challenges in Implementing LMS?

LMS is the future of e-learning but it has its own set of challenges. Integrating technology into learning and corporate training has its pros and cons. The common problems with learning management system are listed below:

  • The first challenge with LMS is technical failures or issues. As this system is highly dependent on technology, if the cloud or server crashes the learning place gets hampered.
  • The next issue is the conditional engagement of learners. Most of the LMS are deployed for remote training of corporate employees or students. The lack of physical monitoring can make learners run out of motivation. The lack of motivation affects the quality of learning too.
  • One of the common problems with learning management systems is user adaptability. Learners can find it hard to navigate across the system due to complex creation. The creators need to provide clear instructions for learners to rely on the system without mental barriers.


In the complex work culture and changing training modes, LMS is an efficient tool. A learning management system helps corporate trainees and students learn new skills. The learning goals of each organization are achieved with technological advancement. The learner-oriented and flexible LMS makes for scalable business investment. The market value of LMS was 16.19 billion USD in 2022. And its projected growth in 2023 is 18.26 billion USD. This sums up the importance and scalability of LMS.

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