10 Reasons Why to Select TestingWhiz as a Software Testing Tool


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Today we will explore why to choose TestingWhiz as a software testing tool, TestingWhiz pros and cons, codeless automation testing, and what’s new in testing. We are presenting the top 10 reasons why to choose TestingWhiz as a software testing tool as our team has just come up with for your cloud and web apps automation concerns. TestingWhiz is a computerized testing tool also we can say an automated testing tool for web and cloud applications. It is an accessible solution established on a robust FAST automation engine and is created on advanced technology that comprises keyword-driven and data-driven methods. 

TestingWhiz arrives with industry-standard integrations with test management tools and bug tracking. It utilizes Java scripting to give powerful test automation results like automated regression testing, image comparison, cross-browser testing, and language translation. TestingWhiz creates your test automation 5 times quicker at 1/5th the cost. If you want to read about what software testing is so you can read our other blog on software testing. Now as we have learned a bit about TestingWhiz so let’s look at the reasons that will certainly help you lessen your buying decision and will also enable you to take a closer view at why to choose TestingWhiz as a software testing tool.

Why to Choose TestingWhiz as A Software Testing Tool

Here’s the list below:

1. A Code-Less Text Editor (Keyword driven)  

TestingWhiz accentuates 90+ test commands to build strong test automation scripts along with a spontaneous UI and drag and drop controls that assist you to record and enhance test scripts effortlessly.

2. FAST Object Recorder

The Object-Eye tool of the TestingWhiz speeds up the test generation process by recognizing Class, Form Controls, Xpath, and Values of web-objects and saves them in the object repository for manageable regression.

3. Inbuilt Test Data Tables (Data-driven)

Inbuilt test data tables save up to 500+ data tables that assist you to utilize them across many test projects.

4. Cross-Browser Testing

TestingWhiz lets you drive your test cases across various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

5. Formidable Test Scripting Features

Formidable test scripting features stimulate utilizing operations like conditional loops like If/Else-if/If Not to ameliorate complicated scripts. It even enables testers to group often used test cases and re-use them across numerous test projects.

6. Integrations for the Enterprise

TestingWhiz delivers productive results due to its integration with Defect Tracking Tools such as Fogcreek Fogbugz, Mantis, and Atlassian JIRA and Test Management Tools like HP Quality Center.

7. WhizGrid – Distributed Test Execution

Allows testers to enforce test cases on many nodes from a sole centralized server.

8. Internationalization 

TestingWhiz enables you to customize the UI, articles, and reports into a language of your preference among English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch.

9. Database Testing 

Database testing simulates testing the detailed application with connectors like Oracle, My SQL, MSSQL, etc. along with a capacity to retrieve databases to the placeholder and send out the same to Excel or CSV.

10. Shorter Learning Curve 

TestingWhiz gives adequate goodies for the junior tester to get begun and further packs in an adequate punch for the seasoned automation engineer which considerably cuts down the learning curve.

Let’s look at the worry below:

There are nearly 26 versions of browsers to assess your application and you will never be certain which browser your consumers are using. Though, you desire to be ensured that your app operates correctly on each browser. You require to test your application on various browser editions every time your application has a fresh release. Manual testing on each browser edition is time-consuming, it can be tedious, and prone to human mistakes also.

Now you might be curious to know the solution, so here is it.

  • Regression Testing

You can make your image much simpler with Regression test automation for web applications. Utilizing TestingWhiz, you can develop your regression test suite by barely recording the test steps. TestingWhiz’s codeless test editor gives rise to it very simple to enhance those test scripts whenever your application endures the latest release cycle making sustenance a stress-free activity.

  • Image Comparison

Image comparison add-on in TestingWhiz assists you to compare two images and document the discrepancy at the pixel level. This pixel-by-pixel comparison can be accomplished across two image files, two URLs, or an image and an URL. TestingWhiz automatically renovates the full webpage into an image to carry out the comparison. This characteristic is usable in version 4.0.

  • Language Translation

TestingWhiz is a universal tool that can be utilized for quick word by word language translation employing the Google Translate tool. This is a tremendous utility for users who like to translate their applications into many languages.

Features of TestingWhiz

Features of TestingWhiz
Features of TestingWhiz

Over 190+ in-built functions to encompass a wide range of web application parameters like math, text, string, loop, if-else, etc. There is execution support for .exe file, .bat file, DOS command and HTML5. Also excel integration to import test data and to export test scripts is available. There are visual logs and comprehensive reports. It is integrated with Defect Tracking Tools such as Mantis and Fogbugz. It possesses support for languages like English, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch. There is an automatic test scheduler to run pre-defined tests.

To sum up, TestingWhiz enables you to test your app in many browsers by recording the steps only once. It assists you to make changes to your test script from a spontaneous test editor whenever your application changes and demands a change to test scripts. Furthermore, it helps you test your application on the latest browser versions as soon as they are accessible without the need to record the script again. It formulates the procedure of testing exciting, rapidly, and error-free. We hope that you liked our blog and contact us now if you have any queries.

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