Localization Testing

Communication gaps no more- your app will now speak your customer’s language.

Appsierra’s coverage of Localization Testing Services

The team evaluates your software for language and cultural compatibility and assists in the correction of errors and inaccuracies.

Compliance Testing

Appsierra checks whether your solution adheres to the location-specific grammar, spelling rules and formatting standards, and the following is displayed appropriately:

  • Symbols for letters and punctuation
  • Direction of writing
  • Formatting of number, date, and time
  • Unit of measurement
  • Phone numbers and addresses






Localized GUI Testing

Our team evaluates whether the localized content is well-suited to the solution’s GUI and does not affect the layout integrity by paying heed to:

  • Typographic alignment
  • Number truncation
  • Accent character spacing
  • Hyphenation
  • Text collation
  • Capitalization
  • Buttons and image captions








Functional Testing

We seek out localization-related glitches in the system’s operation and look into the following content-related functions:

  • Text input
  • Input text in the correct format
  • Hotkeys
  • Hyperlinks
  • Sorting alphabetically and numerically






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Enhancing solutions through Localization Testing Services


We optimize website UX/UI and mobile-adaptability as per geographical targeting and test how localization affects the outcome of your brand.

Mobile apps

Our team examines how your Android, iOS, or hybrid app's localized information appears on a variety of displays and searches for resulting navigation, menu, and the app's UX/UI.

Desktop software

At Appsierra, we ensure that your app has a consistent user experience by removing any localization-related glitch and examining every component related to input control, navigation, and information.

Benefits of accurate Localization Testing Services

Project assessment

Testing roadmap

Layout & UI /UX overview

Analysis of language

All round Testing

QA reports

Step by Step Testing

When you partner with Appsierra and trust our expertise in localization technique, we start with our pre-decided strategy that guarantees end-to-end localization testing coverage and superior quality of your app.

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