Top 10 Software Testing Blogs For Beginners


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You must be really curious to know about some software testing blogs for beginners. Everyone is! Right? But, before jumping in the depth of it, let’s have some briefing on what exactly does software testing means!  Software testing is the procedure for checking if the actual software product matches expected requirements for ensuring that the software is defect-free. It usually involves the execution of software components using manual or automated tools for evaluating one or more interest properties. The main purpose of software testing is identifying errors; gaps are missing requirements according to actual needs.

Some people prefer saying software testing as a white box and black box testing. In simple words, software testing could be understood as the verification of application under test (AUT). Software testing is essential because if there are any bugs or errors in the software, it could be identified and solved before the software delivery. Inaccurately tested software guarantees authenticity, security, and high performance that additionally results in saving time, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Software testing is important as software bugs could be costly or even dangerous. Software bugs could probably cause commercial and human loss, and history is full of such examples. Software testing is one publicly aspired domain in current times. Finding out bugs could be a lot of fun and not only for testers but also for every person who requires a bug-free application. 

Nevertheless, keeping aside the online tutorials, manuals, and books to increase our knowledge finding a quick help to some problem, or staying tuned to all the latest news in the testing domain, we need to rely on QA blogs 2021. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 software testing blogs for beginners as well as professionals that will keep us updated with all we need to know about testing.

10 Software testing blogs for beginners

Below are the top 10 Software testing tools for beginners as well as professionals:


Guru99 is the solution for looking for a software testing blog for learning something new and intensifying our skillset. It brings us a large repository of knowledge concerning performance testing, test management, mobile and Enterprise testing, and several other topics. This site could be added to our bookmarks for improving our skills.


DZone currently has over 1 million members and a depository of more than 70000 articles, and it was founded in 1997 by Rick Ross. It is one of the largest communities where any person could share what they know with millions of other users worldwide. All the articles associated with testing are evaluated by their editorial team and published to ensure that only the best content is available.

Google’s testing blog

Google testing blog is the official software testing Blog by Google where all the updates and most advanced news about the testing domains are published. A new article is uploaded almost every month, which will sharpen our skills as a tester. The articles are archived on an annual and monthly level.

Software testing material

If we want a blocked site dedicated to quality assurance and software testing, our search will lead us towards this site as it has more than a million page views monthly. Their QA testing blogs cover almost every topic associated with the testing domain. The content uploaded is meant for everyone, no matter the person is a fresher or a professional. Online training embracing the latest tools is also offered.

Software testing tricks

Just like the previous one, the blog post on this website is solely dedicated only for testers. This site’s main focus is sharing tricks and tips that testers will find helpful in enhancing their knowledge. The post on this site also covers usual testing appliances like a coffee machine or a microwave oven. If we want to drive our minds and think in a distinct dimension while testing an application, the post on this site will help us.

Sticky minds

Sticky minds are one of the most popular testing communities that were developed in collaboration with Techwell. They always keep their software testing blog section updated with at least one post every v e that helps both beginners and professional testers enhance their skills and learn what is unique in the testing domain. At the UN, a section is also available to get all our doubts answered by a panel of fellow and expert testers.


Apart from its appealing articles, the user-friendly interface of Trishkhoo help in keeping their readers interested in the blog post. Trish, a blogger, maintains the website who has mastered conveying knowledge in a storytelling manner. This site also offers training. We make that a chance to attend a two-day course based on automation Testing fundamentals if we visit the site right now.

Adventures in automation

This software testing latest blog is perfect for a manual tester looking forward to switching to the automation domain. Created by TJ Maher, organizer of the ministry of testing in Boston, this blog teaches testers the most useful thing to overshadow manual testing and testers’ struggles. All the posts are arranged categorically, ranging from beginner and APM to code examples and many other kinds of stuff.


The software testing blog section of the lambda/est is regularly updated with all the modern trends appearing in the testing domain. It is one of the leading solution providers for cloud-based cross-browser testing. We will find articles related to manual, automation, usability, regression, and other testing domains.

Abode QA

The main aim of Abode QA is to bring quality blogs that are deserved by readers. We’ll find an extensive collection of newsletters and tutorials on manual checking, selenium and other free automation resources.  All the writers of blogs are testing professionals, and if we possess the skill and want to share our knowledge, we can also become an author in their blog.


Software testing defines an activity for checking whether the actual results match the required results for ensuring that the software system is defective. Testing is also crucial as software bugs could be expensive or even dangerous. Cost-effectiveness, security, product quality and customer loyalty are the main reasons for testing of the most recent tech blog. Usually, assessments are classified into three practical tests, non-functional tests and repair tests.

All the QA testing blogs listed here are based upon personal preference. There are many others which we will find useful or device according to our own choices. We should explore them and increase our knowledge.

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