21 Time Management And Productivity Apps For Android


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Are you looking for the right time management applications? Well, a decent time management application is a great way to increase productivity. And, it helps to beat procrastination and get a lot more in less time!

Time Management and Tracking Apps

Here, we have listed some applications for boosting individual and team productivity and time management. So, these applications will enable you to track the time you’ve spent on distinct tasks. Also, it will help you track your team performance.

  • Time Doctor
  • Calendar
  • Roadmap

Project Management Apps

Well, these applications help you manage, divide and track your team’s projects.

  • ClickUp
  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • Float
  • ProofHub
  • Hive

Meetings and Video Chat Applications

So, these applications are great alternatives to communicate with your team. Especially when your team in diverse places in the world.

  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Join.me

Team Chat Apps

Well, these applications are ideal for instant correspondence between your team. Also, it will help you work on different projects in an efficient manner.

  • Slack
  • Workplace by Facebook
  • Troop Messenger

Task List Apps

Thus, these applications help you track all the tasks you need to do. Additionally, it will enable you to achieve it in time.

  • iDoneThis
  • Todoist

File Sharing Apps

Well, File sharing applications are ideal for sharing docs. Likewise, it enables data with various team members to communicate the projects.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

Miscellaneous Productivity Apps

Thus, these applications enable you to boost productivity by streamlining your project workflows. Also, it will help you consider any essential data immediately.

  • Shift
  • Evernote

Time Tracking Apps

Likewise, there are some pieces to the time management puzzle. So, here we’ll cover applications for every facet of time management. Yet, let’s begin with the most looked—time-tracking applications.

Time Doctor

Consequently, Time Doctor is the right time-tracking application in the world. In addition, their clients involve big organizations like Home Depot, Apple and Verizon, and so on.


So, the Calendar application is a unique time-tracking app for people. And clients with calendar sharing integrated with many productivity analytics.


Generally, roadmap is a great tracking app for remote workers. Additionally, its best for balancing and tracking the schedules of remote employees.


Usually, ClickUp is a useful cloud-based project management tool that suits many businesses and teams.


Basically, It is an effective app to showcase what you are working on. Basically, Basecamp is working by controlling all your essential tasks into three sections. And showing them all on one powerful dashboard.


Well, Asana is one of the easiest productivity tools in the world. With Asana, you can analyze tasks into lists or calendars. So, you can see what you have in the queue. And handle them in an orderly manner.


Consequently, Float is a team-oriented project management tool that works well for smaller projects or teams.


So, ProofHub is the right management tool, which your team requires in one place. Also, It helps to manage projects and collaborate easily. Furthermore, It allows you to plan, discuss ideas, organize docs, and deliver the projects in lesser time.


Next, Hive is all-in-one project management software. Also, It is used by teams at Starbucks, Uber, and Google. Also, this is the best option for any sort of business.

Meetings & Video Chat Apps

Hence, No productivity applications are complete without the presence of communication apps. Since, effective correspondence is an important part of a productive team.

Google Hangouts

So, it Released in 2013, Hangouts was Google’s solution to building a video-meeting app for remote workers. Well, Using Hangouts, your team may schedule a timeline to communicate through a video call.


Now, Skype is a great option that offers various features the same as Hangout. Besides, more than 300 million users, It is another big platform that helps you to communicate without any hassle.


Well, Join.me is a fluid correspondence system. Also, it helps for one-on-one calls and communicates with all global centers.

Team Chat Apps

So, connecting via phone or video chat is important for any office. Yet, it’s additionally a great tool for asking simple questions.


Now, Slack is gathering prominence as the right and most successful tool. Likewise, it is an instant team communication tool on the app store.

Workplace by Facebook

Thus, the workplace is another revolutionary approach to interface with your team. Likewise, it works as a joint FB account for your whole team members.

Troop Messenger

Well, Get an experience of real-time chat feature with Troop Messenger. So, it is a new-age business communication tool that offers secure and safe team chat.

Task List Apps

Consequently, managing all your tasks is one important component of productivity. Consequently, once you have a range of pending tasks, you can use this tool to handle them one by one.


Well, this is a fun productivity tool that is Wunderlist on steroids. With this, you can enter all the tasks your remote employees need to achieve. And see a incomplete red “x” marks turn into the green checkmarks.


So, Todoist is a great to-do list app that’s very popular in the app store. Whether it’s an elaborate project list or a shopping list – Todoist can assist you in all manners.

File Sharing App

Well, it appears strange to involve cloud storage applications here. Yet it’s relevant.


So, Dropbox is the best app for simple, safe file sharing and cloud storage tools. Consequently, as the most used storage application, some people are already aware of its features.

Google Drive

Well, Google Drive is a robust free alternative for controlling a smaller employee’s team. So, The drive helps you to share files, edit, collaborate and comment on docs and a lot more. Also, it will help in making communication on documents easier.

Miscellaneous Productivity Applications

So, there are several ways to enhance your productivity. Well, you may use a Pomodoro technique and try the Pomodoro timer. Now, here are some other tools you can use to increase your productivity:


The shift is a kind of tool for productive employees.Additionally, It streamlines your work to get things completed in a more efficient way. Well, Rather than logging in and out, Shift users can avail single-click access for more than 1,000 apps. Also, users can get the extensions incorporating WhatsApp, Social media and Slack.


So, Evernote is one of the brilliant note-taking applications.Hence, It’s a great way to note down all your ideas and thoughts to guarantee you never forget them. Now, you can use it to maintain your to-do lists and handle everyday activities.


Well, with the correct blend of these task management applications, you will stay organized and more productive. Likewise, if you want to know more about the time management tools, keep in touch with us. 

So, which tool would be best for you? Let us know in the comment section.

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