React Component Libraries

25 React Component Libraries You Need To Know


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What's left in Javascript's astonishment at the whole programming community - React! In particular, this is how the ecosystem has developed rather than an extension of React frameworks into a matured community. Initially, the Reactjs environment was young and broken; teamS had conflicting sentiments. However, dozens of packages and libraries helped us construct web apps each time we choose reactions for our customer projects. Let’s explore the best react component libraries that exist in React’s ecosystem as of 2022.

Best React Component Libraries

Below are the best react component libraries:

1. React Router

React Component Libraries
React Component Libraries

React Router, a collection of browns synchronizes browser addresses to the components of the UI. It makes navigation in SPA easy to manage.

2. Create-React-App

Create-React-App is one of the CLI utility react component libraries that do not require a build setup. It enables your boiler board development and allows you to start the App creation process easier. You merely need to develop dependence, and so there are no more difficulties.

3. Ant-Design

Simform's personal favourite is Ant-design. In addition, the NPM, Webpack, Babel, Dora, and DVA provide an integrated development environment. A wide and distinctive consumer base is the distinguishing feature of this component collection.

4. Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI is a highly personalized user interface library, a low-level CSS framework created for Reactjs. Instead of built-in components, they offer utility classes (in build classes) that relieve you from overriding styles.

5. React Bootstrap

Built with compatibility in mind, React Bootstrap allows you more freedom to reuse and combine UI components than any other UI toolkit. It is prefabricated with components of Bootstrap and gives a smoother interface operation.

6. Semantic UI React

Semantic user interface React is a collection of jQuery-free React UI component libraries made up of leading firms such as Sublime Fund and Netflix. It conforms to an adaptive reaction ecosystem as a declarative API.

7. Fabric React

Manufacture React is also known as Office UI Fabric. Currently, Fluent UI components with React-based apps define their native implementation. React-Fabric supports commonly used interfaces like ES6+, Webpack, and CSS (SASS).

8. Styled Components

Styled components are one of the advanced modes. React component libraries may use a CSS-in-JS methodology to create applications on the component level by integrating JavaScrip with CSS. It also succeeds the CSS modules in other terms. It concentrates on increasing component visual style.

9. React DnD

DnD is the React interface Drag-and-Drop. It provides a user interaction of grasping and gesturing to pick visual things and move them around the device screen to any desired destination. You can design Reaction DnD using the drag-and-drop HTML5 API and internally using Redux. It gives the required opportunities to construct Trello such as sophisticated drag-and-drop interfaces without impacting data transmission and application state continuity.

10. OnsenUI

It is a component-based open source UI framework based on Cordova or PhoneGap and built on top of the hybrid HTML5 version. Onsen UI is the ideal solution for designing core web components using React. Onsen UI is a common choice to construct UI components for navigation, shapes, the design of materials, and lists.

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11. Rebass

Rebass is a rudimentary interface component constructed with a designed system to meet ecosystem expectations. It is extremely composite and adheres to the opinionated and adaptable user interface components. These are consistent, expandable, helpful, and thematic components. In addition, Rebass removes the requirement for custom CSS codes.

12. Material UI

Material UI is one of React’s packages that provide easily accessible and configurable user interface components. In addition, this package includes optional CSSBaseline components which assist in resolving inconsistent UI behaviour, regardless of the device support. As a result, even companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Nasa use Material UI to construct adaptable systems.

13. React-Motion

Reaction-motion employs a popular animation booklet to describe the animation in the spring. And hence your concerns over time and complexity are wiped completely. The animation library also makes it easier to design components with damping, rigidity, and accuracy.

14. Animated (React Native)

Animated is one of the most widely used animation frameworks for developing React UI component libraries Native mobile apps. It has an exceptional power to manage time and sequence more easily than other libraries, as well as an adaptive and versatile library.

15. React Spinner

React-Spinners is a trusted library for creating a loading state according to a particular project's requirements. The Border Spinner and the Grow Spinner are two different kinds of spinners. Each of the spinners may be modified by adding unique CSS classes with different motion and colour parameters.

16. React Hook Form

React Hook Form is an unrelated simple library. It is generally used with React Hooks API, as the name indicates. Also, It simplifies form validation with the UI interface aligned to the current HTML standards. React Hook Form also includes native HTML inputs and uncontrolled components.

17. ES-Lint

ES-Lint is an open-source and javascript linter tool that is connectible and customizable. This React Ecosystem linting utility flags out plugs in JS code that do not comply with standard directives. It makes the code more bug-free and consistent.

18. React Intl

FormaJS is the primary react Intl function. It concentrates on the internalization of client and server end coding formats. React Intl offers the data-binding resources required through simple components and APIs.

19. Prettier

Prettier is a code format that is faithful to the preset formatting rules. It works in several languages, has minimal choices, and is integrated with most publishers. It examines style files and automatically reformats code to maintain indentation, separation, quotations, etc., regulations.

20. Enzyme

An enzyme is a React test package that allows the component output to be sent, manipulated, and simulated to obtain the desired result. Compared to other testing libraries, it is typically regarded as simpler and more useful. Unlike another testing library, Enzyme can simulate DOM and jQuery API and is versatile and straightforward.

21. Redux

Redux is essentially a predictable stationary container with library components for the React UI, but may also be used with Angular, Vue, Ember and Vanilla JS, etc. Take note, though, that Redux and React are separate.

22. Mobx

MobX is a robust library that simplifies government administration and makes it scalable transparently through functional reactive programming (TFRP). MobX's fundamental principle is that you should automatically and efficiently obtain everything derived from the applicable state.

23. Paypal (React Native)

The integration of PayPal checkout is based only on the native JavaScript code. It usually employs REST (Representational State Transfer) API payment gateways. As a result, it simplifies and makes payments more quickly and securely.

24. Stripe Elements

Stripe elements or APIs, which are a part of stripe.js, are a customizable collection of UI components for the React Ecosystem payment outfeed. With authentication, Stripe API guarantees data protection and fast response.

25. React 360

React 360, which spreads over Desktops, mobile phones, and VR devices, allows developing hypertension 360 and VR experience. The development of sophisticated user interfaces 3D and VR is simplified. React 360 employs common tools and concepts to build an engaging and captivating experience for its consumers, similar to its predecessor, React VR.


The best react component libraries for particular ecosystem needs are listed in this article. Those we mentioned are most notable, while we cannot include each library. By leveraging these libraries, organizations will be able to accomplish common JavaScript tasks.

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