Agile Application Testing Using The Right People, Processes And Tools


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Enterprises are trying to embed customer-centricity to obtain the core of their processes using agile transformation approach. In the middle of the slow-moving legacy processes, siloed functions, and pathetic innovation initiatives, enterprises struggle to find the right mix of components for bringing in agile application testing in the right way.

To drive individuals to a fast-moving environment and inspire innovation and creativity, companies must achieve an optimal balance between speed efficiency and reliability.

Difference between doing agile and being agile

Doing agile and being agile are two different things. While Enterprise is simply performing a join, it follows the steps, rules, and guidelines of agile performance testing processes. But performing like this is only like giving ours too into the water. Besides, being a joint is about creating an Enterprise that depends upon a collaborative culture and principles and integrates them into every step of the way.

It leads towards a complete agile application testing. We can follow all the steps and run an agile transformation approach and stick to all the rules and guidelines set out for best practices. While running elegant, we can do all that while still under need, and we could also believe it’s just fat or Trend and pay the whole think lip service.

But then we can also hope that this is happening over time, and you may start to realize the benefit of this way and start buying into the principal and culture of it. The majority of people think that when we should stop being a child when everything we do reserve post in a child the collaborative way.

Characteristics of Agile Performance Testing

Four key leadership characteristics are required for driving a successful agile testing methodology in an organization:

  1. Openness to change
  2. Humility and approach of collaboration
  3. Leadership that does not micromanage
  4. Trust for studying that within our team and stealing trust in our direction as well.

These four characteristics are elaborated by Mark as follows:

We are required to be open-minded and prepared for everything changes. As they will provide us with an opportunity to work together as a team and deliver something with the collective goal instead of traditional methods that could hold some weight pins were working against each other at times. We also can listen to other people’s opinions and be willing to give our opinion challenged.

We must operate with a collective mindset as we should be willing to work with other people and contribute to work as a team. Learning to step back and allow our team to self-organize and make but learn from their own mistakes without jumping in and micromanaging them. It requires a lot of courage and trust.

But thinking like a manager, we are required to trust our team. We need to have the courage to stand back and let them use the skills that we have hired the stock. Still, you should also collaboratively pass the message around up to our management and go the other way with that and coach our control for trusting that we will deliver what’s been asked of us.

Agile application testing

Role of test automation in agile software testing transformation

Test automation helps companies in achieving effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of software testing. Which shorter dashes in agile software testing automation match the sole custodian of the quality aspects in any release. Talking about the benefits of test automation with addition in faster time to market mark concluded that:

if you implement it correctly, automation does not adjust another layer of testing. It is stopped in theory; what it should do is move obstacles out of our current test teams’ path to enable them to do much more complex and interesting testing. 

We get our things more engaging because they are doing more interesting testing themselves manually. But when we give ourselves this capability for expanding the breadth of our automation coverage and our test coverage to cover multiple web browsers, various combinations of compatibility issues for cover security and protection, and lots more functionality.

Importance of having an enterprise test strategy

Having an enterprise, the method helps realize the benefits of scalability, reusability, and maintainability that can drive a lot of efficiency gains translating for multi-million dollar savings per year for large enterprises. Here are a few factors that make an enterprise strategy must have:

Having a sign of enterprise strategy is fundamental for ensuring quality in everything that stops production. A system will act as a Bible not just for the testing function but also for the upstream developers and downstream operators.

  1. It is going to guide the business analyst to document the functional requirements and non-applicable requirements upfront.
  2. It will also analyze how we could try the ambiguity out of the conditions early on using the swift left practices.
  3. It is going to state the quality gate criteria.
  4. It will encourage the adoption of agile testing methodology and DevOps as their enterprise strategy is required to align with the overall objective and business.

Identifying the right test automation tools

While building a test framework, we should think of it to act as an augmented test resource for our activities. Often people need automation, but I don’t want to spend turn off money on a tool for automation uptrend. They want to know that it could work and anybody out there who is looking to implement automation. 

As suggested by a mark that we pull up proof of concept to the first and through its work before trying to get by in for funding for stop by identifying the right tools we are required to learn from trying to over complicated automation framework and learn what was important for the framework and gradually get to this point through those exercises where we understand what the key things were and what we are required to put in place for the tool to become agnostic. Once we know what it is and what we are trying to achieve with the automation tool, it will matter no long to us, which means we are using it.


Majority of people end up trying to agile application testing too much too soon. If we automate every test we do, we create a message to maintain a task and not a helpful automation framework.

In cases like this partnership with the pure-play testing company, could help us navigate more than could bring wisdom. They get experience with multiple applications. They also bring solutions to all the challenges that we will face if we try and develop our framework.

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