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9 Top Methods To Test Internet Explorer On Mac


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Internet Explorer and its newer version Microsoft edge both work only on Windows machines. If we have a Mac device and want to perform cross-browser testing of our website on internet explorer or Edge, we may be out of luck. We need to invest in a separate windows system before we know of a few better choices.

Internet Explorer once was the most popularly used browsers worldwide, but it was deprecated back in 2015 by its manufacturer Microsoft. There are plenty of reasons behind the internet explorer’s death. The primary reason was dim lighting over the new and more advanced browser introduced by Microsoft called Edge. Internet Explorer still holds a bigger market share than Microsoft Edge even after being discontinued from the last four years. In this blog, we will get to know as to how to test internet explorer on Mac.

How To Test Internet Explorer On Mac?

For performing cross-browser compatibility testing of a website, we must test internet explorer on Mac OS, and once it was considered a very challenging task. As the nature of programming evolves and dynamic innovations improve, the firewall has been taken down for good. 

Now we have got multiple options for effortlessly performance testing with remote internet explorer on Mac OS. The website and some of the methods will also brief about how to run internet explorer on the Mac OS system. So the inner circle of the focus post should remain to test on internet explorer:

1. Online Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Let’s begin with the most obvious and preferred method that comes to every person’s mind when testing a website. The easiest and cost-effective way is taking the help of an online cross-browser testing tool. We obtain instant access to all major browsers and browser versions, but we also get the facility of running the browser and performance of our own choice right from our local machine.

2. Local Virtual Machines

Virtual machines are the most adaptable but the most time and the resource-intensive way to perform cross-browser compatibility checks. Virtual machines based solutions have been a part of the testing ecosystem for some time now. The user could also install the operating system and the existing operating system in a straightforward conventional way. For testing internet explorer on the Mac system, the user could install the windows system virtually on his machine. Installing almost means making use of any virtual Machine software that is submissive to the Mac systems. The most common Virtual Machine software on the max system is the parallel desktop.

The parallel desktop is available for the back into the system to help developers virtualize and emulate the operating system of their choice. The user could also use other virtual Machine software like Oracle VirtualBox, but it completely depends upon the user as they all work in the same way.

Local Virtual Machines
Local Virtual Machines

3. Remote Internet Explorer and Modern IE

For help with cross-browser compatibility check on internet explorer browsers, Microsoft launched an application named Azure remote app, previously known as Remote Internet Explorer on Mac in 2014. It was a free service that allowed us to run internet explorer on mac with the latest versions on our system no matter what operating system we are using. And the best part of it is it’s lighter than the installations of most local virtual machines.

We get an app that streams a Microsoft Azure-hosted IE environment write to our device, and we can justify this to our website on this two-way streaming connection. The facility was made available by Microsoft itself, and we are actually operating on Mac OS. We also look at the development needs of the developers who wanted their website to test.

4. Download Virtual Machine Setup Directly from Microsoft

Microsoft is also contributing to this event even after deprecating modern IE and remote IE. Microsoft offers a fast and quick way for people who want to try with Mac OS on an internet explorer or virtual computers using Edge on a Mac OS.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop Application

Microsoft remote desktop application is another software designed and presented by Microsoft. Although the use is not uniquely just for testing the browser as it was for small IE and modern IE. It could also be used as one of the many ways to test the website on internet explorer if it runs a Macintosh system. Microsoft remote desktop application is an application used for remotely connecting to a system running windows. So if we are running the Windows system, we can connect to any network remotely using this application with proper settings and credentials.

6. Cloud-Based Remote Desktop Machines

With Microsoft remote desktop applications, we now have another avenue to get to a windows environment, cloud-based virtual machines. We may use an installed Internet explorer or edge browser to rent Microsoft Azure-based Windows cloud computer. They access these machines via remote desktop applications.

Cloud-Based Remote Desktop Machines
Cloud-Based Remote Desktop Machines

7. IE Tab

The internet explorer tab is also a very popular Google Chrome extension that lets users view the web page. They are administered inside the internet explorer browser only without using internet explorer. As Google Chrome is available for all the major operating systems installing this extension on our Google Chrome browser, we will quickly let us test our website on the internet explorer even if we are using macOS.

8. WineBottler

Another popular way to run Internet Explorer on Mac systems is WineBottler. WineBottler deletes the scramble to update another program, such as virtual machine software, then loads an OS on the virtual machine and runs the Internet Explorer. WineBottler comes with the whole package of programs on the Mac systems built for Windows.

Just download and run the application via WineBottler in Windows format. WineBottler can convert the Windows app to the Mac. The customer can only use the software on his Macintosh if finished, like every other iOS app.

9. Boot Camp Assistant

The Boot Camp for Mac users arrives in the Utility folder before development. Boot Camp helps us to load various operating systems on our computer and boot as we wish. In other words, inside Mac computer, we can mount a Windows machine. We will switch between the two operating systems after we have installed a Windows OS within our Mac.

However, each time we choose to boot a new operating system, we must restart the computer. If we have a robust test suite to exchange impressions on several IE on Mac and Safari versions, it could be troublesome and time-consuming. You can’t do parallel testing because you need to restart the system when you try to boot another OS.

Use your Safari Browser’s Built-In Menu to Develop

With the built-in Build menu, Safari provides an interesting way to test Internet Explorer on Mac. It will host the site without virtualization on IE version 7 or higher. Go to Build and then User-Agent in our Safari menu bar. Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc., browsers can be found.

Hope these tips will help you to navigate internet explorer and Micorsoft Edge on your MAC computer or laptop.

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