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How Appsierra Prioritized Health Protocols?

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In February of 2020, when we last went to the office, and then it was notified by the government that there would be a lockdown. There was almost a sense of jubilation that finally we could do work from home. The 7-days turned into months, and then an entire year- the jubilation turned into a sense of gloom. Even though managers and employees might feel a sense of urgency to return to the new normal and come back to the office, strict guidelines for employee COVID-19 safety must be followed to allow a stable return. 

The Appsierra office prioritized taking care of employees during COVID-19. Several steps were taken prior to the reopening that guaranteed that the facility was fully clean and disinfected. A blueprint was followed that educated the staff on how to maintain risk-free conditions. It was made certain that all the employees were fully vaccinated with double jabs, and double-masking protocols were adopted. 

We at Appsierra have recognized that 100 % vaccination isn’t an option but a necessity. 

A support system has been set in place for employees returning to work, sanitizer stations have been initiated, and the staff has been instructed to follow COVID-19 guidelines directed by WHO and the Government of India. Of course, our response to the pandemic is constantly evolving as we come to know more about the situation. The guidance may change from time to time, but we are committed to providing the best working environment for our employees. 

Importance of Software Quality Assurance Services in Software Testing 

Just like we have acknowledged the need to protect our employees from the virus, businesses need to take similar steps to find bugs in software and ensure quality assurance. In today’s competitive market for software development, quality assurance is a necessary process that organizations should undertake to stay ahead in the game. The quality of the products is the only thing that matters to customers. Therefore, if your services aren’t up to high standards, customers will move to the next service provider. 

Structural flaws are inevitable during concept and design. However, they can be avoided easily through rigorous implementation of quality assurance techniques. This process can find a bug in software testing, prevent mistakes, address any problems that may arise, and guarantee consistency. 

Thankfully, we at Appsierra offer the best software quality assurance services. Our organization specializes in QA consulting, managed QA, test automation, and pre-certification testing. We have dedicated quality assurance teams to confirm that your product or service is free of bugs before it is launched into the market. 

If you are still skeptical about the process, here are a few reasons to know!

How Software Quality Assurance Services could Save your Business?

Here are some mentioned points of software quality assurance services that can save your business:

1. Quality Assurance Saves Money and Time

A bug in software can cost you a lot of money and time, and you will also be answerable to your investors. If things go out of control, you will have to compensate for your client’s loss, and you may even lose their trust. Thus, if you are planning to run a successful business, you cannot afford any mistakes. With thorough quality assurance, you can figure out bugs in the system and fix them before the stakes are too high. It will save you both time and money. 

2. Quality Assurance Wins Customers’ Confidence

If you are looking to expand your client portfolio, QA can help you get more business. By focusing on quality assurance testing, you are reassuring your customers that you are dedicated to making their application run smoothly and without the risk of any errors. If you are a relatively new company that wants to create a loyal client base and long-term relationships with customers, you need quality assurance to win them over. 

software quality assurance services
software quality assurance services

3. Quality Assurance Improves User Experience and Customer Satisfaction

User experience (UX) is one of the most crucial and divisive factors for the potential success of a company in the IT market. As we said earlier, if your services are slow, faulty, and riddled with bugs, customers will get frustrated and move on to your competitor’s product. As a result, you will lose business. 

The Appsierra QA team strives to provide the best-in-class UX for the end-users, and that is only possible because we always learn the newest techniques and tools needed to stay abreast in this competitive industry. But for us in your team you can only expect the best!

4. Quality Assurance Helps in Building your Business’ Reputation

In the IT market, a good reputation is a must if you want your company to grow. In the long-term, this will translate into loyalty. A good reputation will also boost customer interest and help you in attracting prospective clients. Reputation is not only important for the customers, but it is what your business needs to make the investors happy. Stakeholders only support businesses that have a good reputation, and quality assurance can make that happen. 

Appsierra has been continuously vetted by awards and accolades, and we have always got our clients’ recommendations. So, we have a reputation that is based on hard work and trust!

5. Quality Assurance Averts Corporate Emergencies

The stakes are always high when it comes to IT companies. A simple bug in any software can lead to major problems such as system blackouts, missing data, faulty services, communication breakdowns, and so on. The easiest way to fix this is to hire software quality assurance services. 

Especially if you are a company planning to deal with sensitive data, quality assurance is a must. As a software company, you need to ensure that there is no room for errors in your products and services. To make this happen and protect your company from software emergencies, get quality assurance services.  

An aspiring or an established IT company, QA is one of the foremost things you need to pay attention to! If you are looking for an organization that provides top-notch Software Quality Assurance Services, then look no further. We employ safety in our offices and for our clients too!

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