5 Ways To Coordinate Between Automated And Manual Test Management


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Many modern software applications deliver complicated functionalities across various devices and platforms. Hence it becomes impracticable to evaluate aspects of the software manually within a specified amount of time. The test automation tools and frameworks allow testers to conduct a variety of tests and repeat the required tests within the designated time frame. 

But no business could automate all its testing efforts. Also, both automated and manual test management have various shortcomings. There are circumstances when manual testing is favored over automated test frameworks. It is the reason why it becomes important for the test manager to coordinate automated and manual test management efforts efficiently.

Why do you need both automatic and manual testing?

In today's era, it is hard to find a company that doesn't blend with both automatic and manual testing frameworks. The combination is successful because manual testing and automated testing don't finish one another as they enhance one another and create more valuable results.

Android automated test usually improves testing speed and consistency but it is as good as the scripts are written. Manual testing complements automated testing processes to find bugs from a user's perspective or unexpected bugs from unscripted situations. There is a demand for human testing heuristics alongside efficient automation.

Methods for coordinating automated and manual test management

Below are the methods for coordinating automated and manual test management:

Automated testing and manual testing both complement each other

Many QA testing experts believe that automated testing is an option for manual testing. But in reality, automatic testing has both compliments and also enhances manual testing. The primary objective of both types of testing is the same. The testing speed and flexibility increases by using software testing tools and frameworks depending upon the quality of test cases. 

Also, tools are used to estimate the software from the perspective of end-users. So the manager should make professionals realize that manual testing and automation testing both are essential for each other.

Blend manual and automated testing seamlessly

In addition to automatic manual tests managers could also increase testing professionals for performing manual testing with tools. They can even consider combining automated and manual test management properly for assessing distinct aspects of the same feature of functionality. Some of these tests need manual testers to start working once the automation ends. 

Similarly, certain semi-automatic testing needs manual intervention between two sets of android automated test. The combination will make members of manual and automated testing tools stay connected and co-ordinate with each other consistently. Automated testing professionals should always follow test automation best practices.

Define test cases for automation clearly

The manager can easily organize manual and automated testing efforts by defining test cases for automation. There is no way for a manager to automate all software testing activities. Test managers should pick test cases to be automated dependent upon important criteria like repetitiveness, the complexity of the application, variations in test data, and investment in test automation tools. 

Managers can separate automated and manual test management efforts by preparing a test plan. Software QA testing professionals can refer to the test plan and bypass any misunderstandings and confusion in the future.

Facilitate constant and efficient communication

The manager should promote effective communication within the manual testing and automated testing team. Communication will make members of these teams work together and coordinate with each other to achieve the common objective. 

The manager could even contemplate arranging sharing or updating sessions daily and encouraging both manual and automated tests does to design and schedule testing activities together. Constant communication is required for coordinating the manual and automated testing efforts efficiently.

Create an integrated test management environment

The test manager needs to make members of both manual and automated testing teams work together in a single environment. The centralized integrated test management environment will promote coordination and cooperation among individual professionals. 

Nevertheless, the manager should pick the right tools for maximizing test coverage and affect waiting testing efforts. The manager also should pick the test management solution by keeping in mind the test automation tools used by the automated testing team.

Managers should prepare comprehensive testing plans for identifying these tests to be promoted manually and tests to be automated. It is essential to decide the type of manual and automated testing dependent upon test coverage. Therefore the manager should plan the entire software testing process for coordinating with automated and manual test management efforts efficiently.

Figuring out what should be moved from manual to automatic testing

This is the first challenge of the most significant decisions required to make till the manager dictates the value realized from the automation effort. This needs to be related to three Central factors:

ROI: The return on investment for automating your test or what will you gain by automating this specific script. It is usually a subject of how long will it take to automate your script, how many times you will run it automatically, and how much time can you save because of it.

The complexity of the test: It Refers to both how hard it is to create the automatic script but also how easy it is to do the test manually. Some tests are too hard to be performed manually and others are practically impossible to automate. The tester should be able to choose correctly what tests are more suited to be either automatic or manual.

Stability of your AUT: The biggest challenge of automated test frameworks is coping with changes in your application under test.

Some automation platforms perform this better than others but no automated system can improve and understand the way human testers perform it. As it is the case required for this factor in the list of things that will help you in choosing what to automate, you should try not to work on areas of the product you know will suffer the radical changes shortly.


Proper handling and coordination of automated and manual test management is like conducting an orchestra of different tools, playing different tunes, at times at different rhythms with the shared goal of creating something greater than what any individual player can achieve. While it needs accurate planning and conducting testing results are often extraordinary.

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