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Best Automated Penetration Testing Service [2024]

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automated penetration testing service

Getting a secure and safe app is crucial for your business. However, your system is less safe than you think, especially with hackers and cyberattacks. Therefore, you must test your app for security with the help of penetration testing. So, in this blog, we will walk you through the role of automated penetration testing for your app.

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Today, automated penetration testing services offer a wide range of benefits to many firms that conduct business through apps. They now have a safe platform to keep their data from loss and breaches. In other words, the apps have a solid framework to avoid all sorts of attacks. As a result, they can run their business without any chance of risks or threats.

Since there is a surging case of cyber attacks, every app must test to find and fix vulnerabilities in their system. It helps the app to be more reliable before it reaches the end users. Besides, testing helps your app comply with standards and regulations. So, if you plan to test your app through penetration tests, you are safe.

In this article, we will go through the following topics to help you get more insights into automated penetration testing service and their role:

  • What are automated penetration tests?
  • Why are they important?
  • Approaches to penetration testing
  • Types of penetration testing
  • How to perform this testing?

What is Automated Penetration Testing?

Before we explain automated penetration testing, you must first know about penetration tests. A penetration test is software testing that involves a security expert attempting to breach or attack a system to find its flaws. Therefore, automated penetration testing is the automatic version of this using testing tools.

The automated version of the penetration test makes the testing process more speedy and efficient. It makes it easy for the testers to find flaws and gaps in the system's security. Besides, this automated penetration testing service keeps the team up-to-date about security measures and helps them maintain compliance standards. As a result, the major advantage of carrying out automated penetration tests is its advanced tools.

Automated penetration testing tools reduce the workload of testers since they help them find and fix flaws within record time. As a result, it eliminates the time needed for manual tests and speeds up the testing process. Besides, the development team can focus on building the app rather than running tests to find its security flaws. Hence, they can provide a secure and responsive app to the end users.

You can hire service providers like Appsierra to execute an automated penetration testing process. The testers help you get the appropriate testing tool and run tests on areas of improvement. Besides, you will get expert-level assistance and suggestions for your app from the start to the end of the development process. So, if you are looking for automated penetration testing service providers, go for Appsierra and get the best solutions for your app.

So, now we will learn why automated penetration tests are crucial for your app before they reach the market.

Why are Automated Penetration Testing Service Crucial?

With the help of an automated pentesting framework, the testers can deliver a secure and safe app to the real world. It helps the testers to simulate an attack on the system to identify flaws in a controlled manner. Therefore, with automated tools, most testing teams use them to spot and fix security issues in the app. Given below are the benefits of automated penetration tests:

Save Time:

The testing team can identify and fix vulnerabilities in the system in near real-time with the help of automated penetration tests. Besides, the team gets tools to run, assess, and generate reports regularly. Thus, it helps them to detect flaws easily. Moreover, with the help of automated tools, testers can perform multiple tests simultaneously. As a result, it saves the team's time and effort in running different tests.

Spot Risks:

With automated penetration testing service at your reach, you will get an overview of the risks in your system networks. As a result, the testers can plan defense strategies and take action according to their priority and danger level.

Prevent Attacks:

Since the automated test involves attempting an attack on the system, the testers can find all the loopholes the hackers use to exploit. As a result, they can assess the system's vulnerabilities and understand how well it can respond to attacks. Hence, the testers can improve the security measures and protect the app from attackers.

Easy Updates:

With manual penetration testing, the testers must get specialized training and skills to beat the evolving cyberattacks. However, with automated penetration testing service, testers use updated tools to defend the app from the latest attack forms.

Avoid Downtime:

Penetration test resolves all the issues in your app that cause network downtime. In other words, it helps to keep your app in good condition. As a result, conducting regular tests can save the app from cyber threats and prevent financial losses.

Build Trust:

Another benefit of automated web application penetration testing is that it keeps data and other sensitive info safe. As a result, it helps the business to gain trust and assure their customers that their private details are safe. Besides, it maintains the image and reputation of your brand among clients.

Enhance Productivity:

The automated tools allow the security team to focus on tasks that require human intervention. In other words, these tools help reduce the time and effort the testers take to scan, identify, and fix issues in the app. As a result, automated penetration testing services aid the team in eliminating their workload and increasing their productivity.

How to Approach Automated Penetration Testing?

Choosing the approach to automated penetration testing depends on the level of information you have about your system. Your system will get the appropriate method according to the testing needs with the help of proper software testing services. The following are the crucial approaches to penetration tests:

Black Box Penetration Test:

This type of test typically takes almost one month to complete. However, it allows the testers to simulate real-world attacks on the system. Besides, this testing approach does not offer information on the system's internal structure. As a result, the testers can deliver the expected output with extensive planning, testing, and reports.

White Box Penetration Test:

The white box testing in software development approach takes only two weeks to complete. Besides, it offers the testers access to the source code and internal design of the app. As a result, they get an in-depth knowledge of the app infrastructure and implement thorough tests.

Gray Box Penetration Test:

Another approach used in the automated penetration testing service is gray box testing. Running gray box penetration tests help the testers get partial knowledge of the app's internal design. Besides, it allows the testers to get a more focused and efficient security assessment. As a result, they can identify areas in the app with more security risks.

What are the Types of Automated Penetration Testing?

Automated security penetration testing involves multiple types that help meet different testing needs. We will briefly explain these types to help you get more insights. So, the following are the penetration testing types:

Network Services:

Network or infrastructure testing is a common automated penetration testing service that involves exposing flaws in the servers, routers, firewalls, workstations, and other network infrastructure. As a result, running this type of penetration test will help avoid attacks on the network source.

Web Application:

Identify and fix security vulnerabilities in web-based apps. Besides, this type of test is detail-oriented and uses different techniques to break web apps under a controlled scope. As a result, it allows the delivery of web-based apps that can defend all sorts of tests.

Social Engineering:

Social engineering penetration testing helps the testers avoid the chances of attacks like phishing, imposters, smishing, etc. So, here, pen testers use these types of attacks to prevent users from falling prey to malicious hackers.

Physical Penetration Testing:

It is a type of testing in automated penetration testing service that involves spotting flaws in physical controls like passwords, locks, sensors, or cameras.


Pen testers in QA companies simulate attacks on client-side apps to identify their security vulnerabilities or loopholes. Client-side programs involve Microsoft Office Suite, emails, and web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.


Wireless penetration testing ensures the connection between devices through WiFi is safe and secure. So, pen testers secure the wireless network from attacks and unauthorized users.

How Do We Perform Automated Penetration Testing?

Below is a brief mention of each stage that takes place in automated penetration testing service:


This stage involves defining the goals and scope of the test. Besides, the testers gather data on networks and servers to know the target and how to spot flaws.


The scanning stage involves understanding how the app responds to attacks. Therefore, the testers run static and dynamic analyses.

Getting Access:

In this stage, the testers perform tests to reveal the flaws in the system.

Maintaining Access:

Keep the access to run persistent tests on the system to know how they will handle different levels of attacks.

Analyzing Report:

After the test, the pen testers generate reports to analyze the flaws and vulnerabilities in the app.


Automated penetration testing service has proven an excellent technique to avoid security threats. With the right service provider like Appsierra, your business gets a priceless experience. Besides, you will get a secure and robust app for your business that meets all your needs and demands. Moreover, the testers are highly skilled and talented to offer your business expert-level suggestions and solutions. So, get our service now. For more details, visit the website.

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