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Top Automation Testing Trends

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Top Automation Testing Trends

Software testing is making various moves. From artificial intelligence to machine learning it is continuously innovating and growing with the expanding technology landscape. The software testing market is growing at a rapid pace. The automation testing market exceeded $14 billion in the year 2019. Software testing is a crucial process and businesses want to stay on the top of their software testing games. The year 2020 has taught everyone that predicting the future is far from simple. 

Automation Testing Trends 

Below are the top 10 automation testing trends you should look out for in 2022: Artificial Intelligence and visual modelling is used for developing Codeless trending automation testing tools by facilitating the stimulated formation of test cases that cater to test automation. QA engineers can create test scenarios with zero coding knowledge and reduce the time spent regarding test cases using such trending automation testing tools. 

It is expected that usage of AI will continue to grow with each phase of creative technology because of the growing number of apps people are using in their interconnected planet. Current investment in artificial intelligence is expected to be around $6-7 billion in North America alone. It is expected that artificial intelligence's overall global investment will reach almost $200 billion by the year 2025.

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1. Automated Testing in Agile Teams

Test automation is the only way to test high test coverage in every sprint while also providing the higher quality, immediate feedback, and reaction that we need while working in Agile. Without automated testing, an Agile project becomes a staged waterfall process. When 44 per cent of IT firms automate 50 per cent or more of all testing in the past year of 2019-2020, automated testing has become mainstream. In 2021, we predict that must adopt test automation trends will continue to increase.

2. The Demand for IoT and Big Data Testing

IoT is one of the fastest-growing concepts in the field of technology. In a very short period, the internet of things will be accepting the 5G standard. Numerous new gadgets would be released in the marketplace and federations for testing between protocols, devices, platforms, and OSs will become countless. Latest Trends in Testing for 2022 and Predictions are expected to reach the demand for production, protection, adaptability, usability, and data integrity testing. Only a small number of companies utilize internet of things testing strategies. Nevertheless, this trend is expected to grow in the coming decades.

Staying updated with the top 5 IoT trends is pivotal as it will provide insights into the direction of these advancements, helping companies align their strategies and testing methodologies with the rapidly evolving IoT landscape.

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3. Performance Engineering

As the number of platforms on which any application becomes obtainable defines the captured market, customer experience carries some exact credence. It then becomes the driver for fast-changing requirements, shorter development cycles, and more frequent releases. IT and software companies are reconsidering their priorities in favour of a consumer-focused strategy for quality measures on every single phase of the SDLC, particularly for solving and preventing likely performance problems at the very initial stage of the product life cycle. As a result, performance testing goes like stability and speed of the app under various situations have converted into examining the system's insufficient performance and knowing where it is rooted in the development procedure.

4. Blend of DevOps and Agile

For some businesses, DevOps and Agile approaches have emerged as the most favoured. Do you want to know why? All of these approaches are perfect for promoting quick deployment and a strong relationship between developers and QA engineers. Agile, on the other hand, is recognized for its department-by-department collaboration, which is an ongoing development and testing process.

5. Blockchain Tests

Progressively leading businesses throughout the world, such as automotive and financial service providers, are constantly faced with the need for platforms to securely communicate and store massive amounts of data, and blockchain-powered services appear to be the ideal match. Even adoption rates back up the report: by 2022, worldwide spending on blockchain technologies is expected to reach USD 11.7 billion.

6. Higher Demand for Cybersecurity and Risk Compliance

The industrial revolution started higher security threats. As the developing technology sector is moving at a fast pace the amount of data is rising which makes security testing one of the top requirements for industries that take care of data flow and do not include any holes, code errors, and leaks. In total, the proper introduction of a security test shows to be beneficial in almost every case. CTOs and CIOs from every company across all domains continued to acknowledge the consequence of security testing of the systems, network, applications, and software.

7. Higher Demand for QAOps

Presently the role of QA and a test isn't just useful for software testing. They are included in every phase of the software development life cycle. QAOps is a great practice for bringing operations, testers, and developers together. Testing beats with CI/CD pipelines and QA engineers working together with the developing group are two essential holders of QAOps. The main purpose of DevOps is to cut down the software development life cycle. Nevertheless, teams should concentrate on fixing bugs, building features, etc. DevOps connect the relationship between business operationalists and developers.

8. Auto-Scaling CI/CD Runners for Supporting Parallel Tests

Must adopt test automation trends could also be understood as an attempt for saving precious time and effort by making the software testing life cycle more convenient. Nevertheless, one single way for unleashing maximum profit is by parallel test execution. Organizations will then be looking towards implementing automated testing through frameworks like selenium grid that support parallel testing.


So these are the 10 most important automation testing trends for 2022. Now you know a lot about the stuff mentioned above that isn't much talked about but it is the future and people should adopt them. As all people know change is the law of life and it is going nowhere so it becomes essential to stay ahead of it.

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