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A 360 Degree Review on the Best Outsourced Software Testing Company in the USA


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The software testing market is booming, with an estimated 7% CAGR from 2021 to 2027. The recent development of AI ensures the software testing sector's performance by enhanced visual validation, highest accuracy, outstanding support, and flexible software testing procedures. The industry already surpassed $40 Billion in 2020. It is flourishing these days for offering benefits like time-saving on setting up a QA team, reducing the product launching in the market, and more. 

Not only companies who want to save time and reduce production costs, but some companies with in-house quality assurance teams hire the best outsourced software testing company in the USA to enhance the quality of the product. 

Benefits of Hiring the Best Outsourced Software Testing Company in the USA 

There are several reasons to employ an American outsourced software company, and it may start by improving quality and delivering the product on time. 

Let us explore the benefits you can avail of outsourcing software companies in the USA.

1. Cost Reduction 

Recruiting a new software tester for your internal team will be time-consuming and costly. Moreover, finding experienced testers and integrating them into your existing team will take time, effort, and money. You can outsource a tester effortlessly rather than committing so much time and money to the entire hiring process. 

2. Enhanced Quality

In many companies, testing activities are delegated with minor executions, resulting in reduced quality. But if you outsource it to the best-outsourced software testing company in the USA, you may be confident that all end-to-end testing will be done to a high standard.

3. Extensive Knowledge Base

You may customize your solution to meet goals if you have access to a large library of reliable and professional equipment, bespoke testing platforms, and cloud infrastructures. The independent testing team will collaborate with you to guarantee that you provide a product that meets your customers' needs.

Now let's look at the best-outsourced software testing company in the USAThese top 9 companies are at their best to support you at a competitive price. 

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Top 10 Outsourced Software Testing Company in the USA

Here are the top 10 outsourced software testing company in the USA:

1. Appsierra

Appsierra is one of the leading software testing companies in the USA and offers web, mobile and API testing. Our team is one of the fastest-growing software communities for having more than 15 years of industry expertise and more than 470 projects tested.

We provide team allocation within a day, a 7-day free trial, a 90% referral rate, and much more to help you reach your goal. Get quality engineering, digital assurance, web development, and an all-encompassing test coverage within budget. Various companies, from health technology to real estate, payment collection, Bollywood music games, and many more, have tested their software through us.

The following are the best outsourced software testing services provided by Appsierra -

1. Functional Testing

2. Software Regression Testing

3. Performance Testing

4. Test Automation

5. Web Application Testing

6. Mobile App Testing

7. Blockchain App Testing

8. IoT Testing

9. QA Consulting 

10. Compatibility Testing 


2. Mindful QA

Founded in 2018, the company offers software testing services for non-profit businesses of any size. Located in Los Angeles in the USA, this company is best at providing manual testing, performance testing, API, mobile app, website, software testing, and more.

With this company, you can be assured that all the testers are QA experts with a long experience. Opt for an hourly basis service for the requirements and affordability. 

3. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft has been in the testing field for over 33 years and is ISTQB certified. Headquartered in the USA, its offices are spread in various countries, including the UAE, Finland, and Latvia.

Its premium clientele starts from Walmart to eBay, NASA, Nestle, etc. So if you want to ensure the services like smoke testing, module testing, system testing, integration, and regression testing, and QA consultation, then this company can be the right choice. 

4. QualityLogic

Serving testing services to companies like CISCO and Hawaiian Electric, QualityLogic can be your solution too. It can offer you the test equipment for the intelligent energy and imaging sectors and provide you with a wide range of testing services, QA assessment, and planning. 

In addition, you may be assured that the test solutions provided by their experts will be industry-standard and resolve your issues. 

Best Outsourced Software Testing Company
Best Outsourced Software Testing Company

5. QA Wolf

Though it's a startup company but doesn't let you feel that you have invested in the wrong company, this Seattle-based company can offer you 80% end-to-end test results. You can also get a complete parallelization, zero vendor lock-in, and unlimited tests.

You can also avail yourself of intensive testing on your website, including APIs, SMS, Emails, iFrames, Chrome Extension, and a lot. 

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6. Sauce Labs

Walmart, Zillow, and VISA are the proud clients of this company located in the USA. The key services that you can expect from them are cross-browser testing, visual testing, the addition of the emulator and simulators, and much more.

Many hiring companies prefer this California-based company for its front-end performance, reliable testing cloud, and scalability for the CI/CD. 

7. LogiGear Corporation

LogiGear Corporation, with over 25 years of expertise in software testing, is ideal for both startups and corporations. Mobile Testing, Test Architect & Test Automation, Selenium Automation, and Continuous Testing are some services you can avail of.

Its clientele ranges from Disney, Evernote, Amazon, LinkedIn, McAfee, etc. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for time-bound projects, get their manual testing service at an affordable price. 

8. Fluid Attacks

Fluid Attacks is capable of both ongoing and one-shot hacking and is renowned for its IT security services. It can help you with the security of the web, APIs, mobile apps, internet servers, networks, and various IoT Devices. You can get an effective solution every time for the identified security risks. 

9. Test Bytes

Having more than 160 clients worldwide, this company provides core services in mobile apps, web apps, games, security, and more. So if you are from industries like banking, finance, education, or the public sector, this company can help mitigate the issues and promote your business growth to the next level. 

10. QA Mentor

This company has long working experience with clients like Amazon, BrainMatch, HSBC, Citi, etc. This NY-based multi-award-winning country can provide you with 32 types of QA testing services.

It provides QA solutions to various sectors such as e-commerce, finance, banking, healthcare, media & entertainment, and more. The range of services you can avail of is mobile, automation, functional testing, and more. 

To conclude, if you want to ensure speedy delivery of your products and save time, integrating an efficient individual from the best outsourced software testing company in the USA into your team will be wise. However, before deciding, make sure you have escalated the cost and chalked out the plan. Hence, resort to the company you think deem fits your expectation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How Many Types of Software Testing Available in the Market?

You can find various types of software testing available in the market. But, mainly software testing is of two types: Functional and Non-Functional. You can opt for manual, automated, or system programming testing other than these two types. 

Q. Which API Testing Tool Can You Learn Easily?

Learning API can be very difficult for those new to programming or automation. You can try learning with Karate, an open-source test automation framework that doesn't need any Java knowledge. 

Q. What is a Black Block Testing?

In black block testing, you don't need any previous knowledge to test software. It can help you examine software's functionality without checking its internal structures or workings. 

Q. How Long Does the API Testing Take Time to Learn? 

Though it completely varies from learner to learner. But you can learn in 40 hours if you take an intensive course online. The API automation course will teach you how to automate API calls and develop test automation.

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