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Cloud Integration Services and Solutions

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Cloud Integration Services

Key Takeaways

  1. High Demand for Cloud Integration: There is a significant market demand for cloud integration services.
  2. Choosing the Right Service: For a smooth cloud integration process, AppSierra is recommended.

Need some help integrating your cloud or on-premise software with a cloud-hosted application? Why don't you give us a chance to show you how seamless and effective AppSierra's cloud integration services are? 

Cloud technologies are rapidly becoming one of the most significant investments for organizations. In fact, about 94% of all companies worldwide rely on cloud platforms one way or another. Therefore, there has never been a better time for businesses to start with cloud integration than right now. 

Cloud platforms allow you to access a range of features without having to keep the bulk on your system. So, if you are looking for methods to cut costs on hardware while still keeping your data secure and accessible, then you are at the right place. Here, we will explore how AppSierra's cloud integration services can benefit your business in the long term.

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Roadmap to AppSierra's Cloud App Integration

Cloud integration refers to the process of bringing data from different sources to a unified cloud-based platform. Integrating your on-premise software with cloud platforms will allow change to the way you use data. Cloud integration allows you to break data silos and improve connectivity and visibility in your organization.

Generally, the steps of our cloud integration services and their timeline differ based on factors like the number of applications, architecture, integration approach, compliance requirements, etc. However, here is a simple breakdown of the steps we will take to help you integrate your data with a cloud platform:

Cloud App Integration

Planning and Designing

The first step of our cloud integration services includes meticulously planning and designing a successful strategy. At this stage, our experts will decide the scope of the project. Simultaneously, we will also focus on deciding the most suitable approach for cloud app integration.

Here is how each step will take place:

Scoping and planning

  • Our cloud integration experts will first carefully define the system to be integrated and the data to be shared.
  • We will then draw out any concerns you have regarding their integration. These could be related to security, compliance, disruptions, etc.
  • The next part of our cloud integration services includes defining the infrastructure capabilities and constraints.
  • If a legacy system is involved in this process, then we will conduct audits to analyze its capabilities and constraints.
  • Afterward, our experts will figure out how the data should flow and whether it needs to be changed to the new format.
  • Then we will check the number of communication protocols needed between integrated applications.
  • If you have pre-existing standards for integration architecture our experts will carefully examine them. Conversely, they can also help you define new types of standards to use in the integration architecture.
  • The next part of our cloud integration services includes defining non-functional requirements for the integrated systems. In addition, we will also help you define compliance requirements.
  • Lastly, as a part of scope and planning, we will check if there are any ready integration solutions available.

Selecting the right integration approach

AppSierra's cloud integration experts will decide upon an integration approach from these four major options that can divided into two categories: Direct Integration and Mediated Integration.

Direct integration includes two approaches:

  • Usage of tools and out-of-the-box integration provided app vendors
  • Usage of custom code for cloud integration.

Mediation integration can also be divided into two prominent approaches:

  • Using Enterprise Services Bus, which is a cloud integration solution for enterprises
  • Utilizing the integration platform as a service

The approach of our cloud integration services will depend on the number of applications to be integrated, the terms of investments, the overall IT strategy, non-functional requirements, etc. We understand that a single integration approach may not fit your requirements. Therefore, AppSierra's experts combine multiple approaches to help you achieve seamless integration.


This part of our cloud integration services will differ based on the approach. For direct integration, our experts will either design and install custom APIs, or they will implement ready-to-use APIs to complete the process.

On the other hand, for mediated integration, our implementation would be as follows:

  • Building or buying a glue layer to handle the
    • Message routing
    • Modification
    • Aggregation
    • Changing the mapping of the data.
  • Next, we will create connections so your application can communicate with the glue layer.
  • Lastly, we will implement the integration by configuring triggers for requests sent to the services. And by configuring invokes for requests sent from the services to the target.


Our cloud integration services include vigorous testing to ensure quality above all. Here is how 

  • Our QAs will ensure all data requests and updates between connected systems are working correctly.
  • They will ensure that all parts of the transaction are completed across different systems.
  • Our cloud integration services will confirm that integrated systems correctly handle any error and unexpected situations.
  • Next, our experienced QA will also check and ensure that the backup systems are working properly or not.
  • We will test the integrated system's performance within bandwidth limitations.
  • Finally, they check if the integrated system can handle large amounts of data and requests without any issues.

Support and evolution

The very last step of our cloud integration services includes monitoring the performance of the integrated system. Our experts will monitor the integrated systems to ensure everything is working smoothly. In addition, our experts can help you update and modify integration steps as your business needs evolve.

Cloud integration services offered by AppSierra

With years of experience in working with cloud services, our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives by helping you integrate your legacy/existing cloud system with cloud-based platforms. Here is how we can help you:

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Cloud integration consulting

Here is what AppSierra's cloud integration consulting services include:

  • Our cloud consultant will help you convert your business needs into specific cloud requirements.
  • Assisting you in selecting the most appropriate cloud services, technologies, approaches, etc.
  • Further, they will help you design cloud integration solutions that align with your requirements.
  • Our cloud integration services provide you with an expert consultant who can assist you at every stage of cloud integration.
  • AppSierra's expert consultant will also help you define the required security, performance, and data quality for the integration.
  • Additionally, our cloud integration consultants will give you valuable advice on meeting important security standards and regulations.
  • Lastly, they can also help develop a detailed plan for your cloud integration project.

Cloud integration implementation

When you hire Appsierra's cloud integration our expert will take over your project. They will help you with various aspects of the integration process including

  • Conducting need analysis for integration
  • Application and infrastructure analysis for integration
  • Design a plan for how everything will be integrated
  • Move and upgrade the application as needed for the integration process
  • Develop integration, implementation, and testing
  • Provide support and training
  • Continuously manage and improve the integration system as needed.

Whether you need consulting or implementation, Appsierra is your go-to for all kinds of cloud integration services. The next section will give you even more reasons to partner with us so keep reading.

Why do businesses choose our cloud integration services?

AppSierra provides cloud integration solutions for enterprises and businesses of all sizes. With our cloud infrastructure services, you can go through your data integration journeys without any hiccups. Our cloud integration services ensure a seamless journey with outstanding results.

AppSierra's cloud integration experts have spent years refining their skills providing clients with solutions that align with their goals. By choosing our services you will get to experience unparalleled advantages like:

Cloud Integration Consulting

Superior Data Quality

Our cloud integration services will implement data governance rules for effectively managing and using data. Further, we will help you manage error messages by efficiently handling any error that occurs during the integration process. But that is not all. We will also help you verify message completeness and roll back the transaction.

System performance management

At AppSierra we emphasize robust system performance management in various ways. Our experts will ensure your systems are future-ready and middleware is optimized for seamless integration.

Moreover, our cloud integration services will help you craft integration architecture that can grow with your needs ensuring long-term efficiency and performance. 

In addition, our integration experts will help you implement priority queues and prevent system hangups by managing timeouts and sync calls. Further, we provide comprehensive logging and chasing, load and performance testing, and other services to ensure optimum system performance.

Peak integration journey

Our cloud integration services ensure you experience smooth and effective integration processes with minimal setbacks. AppSierra's experts have spent years curating effective integration strategies. We start by assessing technology stacks to determine compatibility with integration requirements. 

In addition, we will evaluate the integration's cost-effectiveness and potential ROI. Furthermore, our cloud integration services will help determine integration scenarios that maximize benefits. We do all of this and more to optimize your integration journey.


If you want your business to properly harness the power of cloud services, then it's inevitable you partner with cloud integration services. However, only the best of the best companies can provide you with an integration journey that is smooth and results in success. Therefore, make your choice wisely and select a company that gives priority to your business needs over everything else.

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