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Cloud Security Consulting Services

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Cloud Security Consulting Services

Key Takeaways:

  • Ensuring the security of your cloud environment is a top priority.
  • Insights will be provided on why AppSierra is the most suitable security consulting service for your business.

Need help navigating the ever-evolving landscape of cloud security? In today’s digital world, data is everything. Therefore, it's very important for businesses to ensure the security of their digital assets. 

Relying on the cloud can be extremely beneficial; however, keeping your data and applications secure on the cloud can be quite a complex task. In such a situation, Appsierra’s cloud security consulting services might come in handy.

We partner with businesses like yours to help you

  • Keep up with the latest threats and vulnerabilities
  • Protect your valuable assets from potential threats and attacks
  • Help build a secure cloud environment

So, whether you’re setting up a new cloud environment or optimizing the security of your existing one, we can provide tailored guidance to help enhance its protection. Don’t let cloud security keep you up all night.

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With AppSierra’s trusted cloud security consulting service, you can easily navigate the cloud security landscape. Interested to know more about AppSierra’s security consulting services? Then, keep reading till the end.

How does Appsierra keep your cloud out of harm's way?

With years of experience in cyber security and cloud services, Appsierra’s specialists will help you implement security techniques that best suit your cloud environment. We can help you tackle various aspects of your cloud security, including:

cloud security consulting firms

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) includes checking who users are and what they can do. IAM is like a club bouncer with a list of who is allowed in, who isn’t, and what area is accessible to them. In cloud computing, identity is one of the most important points of control. Therefore, our cloud security consulting services will help you with the following:

  • Authorization: We will help you set up the authorization rules, user roles, permissions, and privileges.
  • Authentication: We will help you with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and session management.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is all about encoding plain text data into unreadable ciphertext to help keep it secure in the cloud. With our cloud security consulting services, you can easily protect your data in transit or at rest from cyber attacks.

In addition, our cloud consulting security firm can also help with encryption key management. Hence, they can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Further, our specialists will assist you with generating, organizing, protecting, storing, backing up, and distributing the encryption keys.

Network Security

Appsierra’s cloud security consulting services will also help you implement technology, policies, controls, etc. to improve the protection of your data. Here is what we can assist you with:

  • Perimeter security to protect in and out traffic
  • Monitoring and threat detection
  • Email security.

Cloud Security Configuration

Cloud security configuration includes setting up and managing the security of your cloud resources. So, our cloud security consulting services will help you set up security controls like the firewall rule, access control mechanism, etc.

Here is what our cloud security configuration entails:

  • Applying secure configuration setting to your cloud resources
  • Setting up automated auditing services to monitor configurations.

Security Patch Management

Appsierra’s cloud security consulting services can assist you by identifying, acquiring, testing, and deploying security patches within your cloud environment. Just like patching a hole in your roof to prevent leaks, our security patches will fix vulnerabilities to avoid data leaks.

Following is a simple breakdown of our security patch management:

  • Check your cloud apps for the latest security patches and updates.
  • Applying the latest patches and updates wherever they are missing.

Compliance Management

We can also help you comply with the regulatory standards for using clouds based on industry guidelines and associated laws. Here is how our cloud security consultation services can help:

  • We can help you design cloud security controls that meet applicable data and security standards.
  • Further, we can help you incorporate compliance requirements into your expected cloud security policies.
  • Lastly, we can set up compliance monitoring tools to prevent interruptions.

As a reliable cloud security consulting firm, we always strive to serve you to the best of our abilities. Therefore, the next section will explore our cloud security capabilities.

Appsierra’s Capabilities in Cloud Security

Appsierra’s comprehensive cloud security consulting services protect your cloud environments against threats.

  • We have a solid portfolio in IT security and cyber security, demonstrating a strong track record of safeguarding digital assets across various industries.
  • With extensive experience in cloud security consulting services, Appsierra specializes in securing environments on major platforms like AWS, Azure, and multi-cloud infrastructures.
  • Our dedicated Azure consulting services focus on improving the security of your Azure deployments.
  • Further, we also have specialized AWS cloud security consultants who can deliver tailored solutions for unique security challenges in AWS environments.
  • Our mature quality management system guarantees tangible results and cost-optimized services

With our robust cloud infrastructure services, your cloud environment will be safe from threats and optimized for good performance. The next section will focus on the scope of our cloud security consulting services.

Scope of Appsierra’s Cloud Security Consulting Services

The scope of our cloud security consulting services depends on the specific needs of your business. But here is a simple breakdown of how our cloud security experts help businesses resolve their security concerns:

Cloud Security Planning

  • We will help you define your security responsibilities and scopes depending on your cloud services model.
  • Next, we will analyze if you need compliance, and if it does, we will then outline what you need to do to meet them.
  • After that, we will redesign and document policies to manage security and compliance. Our oracle cloud computing services include both administrative procedures and technical measures to ensure everything is covered.
  • We can also help you design the architecture of your cloud cybersecurity and even plan the best security controls to implement.
  • Our specialists can create a risk profile for your cloud apps to analyze potential security risks, their likelihood, and their impact.
  • By integrating DevSecOps practices, our cloud security consulting services can help you with secure cloud app development.

Cloud Security Assessment

Our cloud security consulting services can also help you with various aspects of security assessment, like:

  • Inventory all your cloud resources, like services, apps, security services, etc, to assess what you have.
  • Review your cloud security architecture.
  • Assessing your company’s cloud security policies.
  • Evaluating security measures to see how well they protect your cloud environment.
  • Our experts will review your source code and can conduct penetration tests to find vulnerabilities.
  • Checking how aware your employees are of security practices.
  • Further, we will ensure your cloud environment and data management comply with standard regulations.
  • Moreover, we can provide you with guidance on how to fix security and compliance issues.
  • Lastly, if needed, our experts can fix the issues for you and conduct another assessment to ensure improvement.

Multiple cloud services provided by the AppSierra such as:

Now that you are familiar with the scope of our cloud security consulting services, let's examine their various advantages.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Appsierra’s Cloud Security Consulting Services?

Relying on our consulting services will offer you numerous benefits. Here are some of the key benefits of working with AppSierra:

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Our AWS cloud security consultant possesses specialized knowledge and extensive experience in various cloud environments. They are always improving their knowledge and honing their skills to provide better solutions.

With their help, you can easily keep an eye on the latest cyber threats, vulnerabilities, best practices, etc. Additionally, our cloud security consulting services can ensure your cloud security is always in top condition.

Tailored Solutions

Forget about “one-size-fits-all” security solutions. Our cloud security consultant does not believe in a generic approach. Therefore, they will meticulously assess your unique cloud environments, industry regulations, etc.

Based on their understanding, we then offer cloud security consulting services that target your specific needs and risk profile. Overall, we will ensure you get the most effective security measures without having to pay an extra buck.


Building an in-house cloud security team - don’t even think about it. Recruiting, training, and retaining top-tier security consultants requires a lot of resources. So, instead of spending an absurd amount of money on something useless like this, you can use it for the betterment of your business.

We present you with an affordable approach to securing your cloud environment. By outsourcing from us, you will save money while keeping your cloud’s security in top condition.

Fast Delivery and Friction-less Work

When it comes to cloud security, time is one of the most important factors. Our cloud security consulting services understand this very clearly. Therefore, we make sure to be always available for our clients whenever they are in need.

In addition, our consultants have the expertise to rapidly assess, design, and implement security collusion to minimize damages. Further, our experts ensure their work does not slow you down in any way. We can develop cloud security strategies that seamlessly integrate with your cloud workflow. This way, they can significantly decrease disruptions to your daily operations.


By leveraging our cloud security consulting services, you can easily achieve a higher level of security maturity. Furthermore, we can help you protect sensitive data and ensure business continuity even in the face of cyber threats. So, if you want a solid plan to protect your future cloud environment and improve the security of your cloud assets, contact Appsierra today!

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