Compatibility Testing Types And Tools

Compatibility Testing: Types And Tools Of Compatibility Testing

The computer has become a fundamental piece of our lives. A few programming applications have been created to help show individuals in their careers, work, shop, and numerous different activities. Online purchasing is normal these days. While selling the item or programming, the online vendor needs to remember that the item he is selling ought to be bug-free in any case dealer may lose business and notoriety while the purchaser of the product may waste their cash in purchasing defective programming. 

To persevere through the serious market, it is a need that the product or applications you give to purchasers are great the sum they are paying. To convey the great quality item it is vital the application or programming goes through various phases of improvement regarding quality, compatibility, dependability, and conveyance. 

What is Software Compatibility? 

Compatibility is the capacity to live and cooperate with no error. Compatible programming applications additionally work on a similar arrangement. For instance, assuming the site is viable, it should open in all programs and working frameworks. 

What is Compatibility Testing?

Compatibility testing in software testing is a non-functional test that guarantees total and legitimate working of an application true to form for every single wanted client. Compatibility testing is directed in mobile applications for the accompanying reasons:- 

  • This testing is performed to ensure that the last application item proceeds true to form on different mobiles/devices of various make and models.
  • This is a sort of non-functional testing whose principle point is to check the compatibility of utilizations with programs, mobiles, organizations, data sets, working frameworks, equipment stages, and so forth.
  • Through this technique, the conduct of a portable application in various conditions can be dissected.
  • With this testing, an analyzer can distinguish any mistake before the last dispatch of the portable application on the lookout.
  • This testing affirms that every one of the vital prerequisites set by the engineer and end-client have been met by the application.
  • Assists with making a first-class mess with free applications which helps in speeding up the firm and move the business towards progress.
  • A unique compatibility testing in software testing guarantees soundness and functionality of the mobile application before it, at last, gets delivered on the lookout.

When to do Compatibility Testing?

While improvement is as yet progressing, testing in various programs isn’t prudent. QA Mentor urges engineers and testers to utilize a similar program at this stage to help separate program issues from standard utilitarian issues. This saves time for testing, just as assisting with keeping engineers focused on the centre’s usefulness. 

Compatibility Testing Types And Tools
Compatibility Testing

When advancement is finished, compatibility testing should start decisively with the recently recognized required programs. Focusing on programs is significant, particularly if time imperatives are set up. As compatibility issues are found, they will be focused on as indicated by the recognizable proof performed at the beginning of compatibility testing in software testing. This stage goes a lot speedier if we have numerous testers, each utilizing an alternate program or form. 

How to Perform Compatibility Testing? 

Test the application in similar programs yet in various forms. For Example, to test the compatibility of the site Download various forms of Firefox and introduce them individually and test the eBay website. eBay sites ought to carry on similarly the equivalent in every form. Test the application in various programs yet in various variants. For Example, testing of website in various accessible programs like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera, and so forth 

Types of Compatibility Testing 

Coming up next are different categories of compatibility testing- 

  • Hardware Compatibility Testing – In this sort of testing, a created application or programming is tried on different equipment setups to ensure it deals with them in the ideal way.
  • Network Compatibility Testing – In this kind of testing, an application is minded by various organizations like WiFi, 3g, 4G, and so forth for different boundaries like transfer speed, speed.
  • Operating System Compatibility Testing – Here, an application or programming is tried by running it on various working frameworks like Windows, Mac, Linux, and so forth
  • Device Compatibility Testing – Device compatibility testing is done to check an application’s compatibility with different outer devices like Bluetooth, USB device, printer, and so on
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing – In this sort of testing, an application is tested on different cell phones with various working frameworks like Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Browser Compatibility Testing – It tests an application’s chipping away at different programs like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so forth to ensure it is viable with them. To find out about cross-program testing, click here.
  • Software Compatibility Testing – In this kind of testing, an application’s compatibility is checked with another programming. For instance, if an application has a component that permits clients to create a PDF record, the client ought to have the option to open this PDF document in adobe acrobat artist readers(being quite possibly the most utilized pdf readers).
  • Variant Compatibility Testing – In this sort of testing, an application’s compatibility with its more seasoned and more current forms is checked. Version compatibility testing has two sorts as follows-
  • Backward Compatibility Testing – Backward compatibility testing tests an application’s compatibility with its more established adaptations. For instance, Office 2010’s Powerpoint programming ought to have the option to open an introduction made in Office 2007. It is simpler to test as the elements of more established renditions are known.
  • Forward Compatibility Testing – Forward compatibility testing ensures an application is viable with its future forms however much as could be expected. It is somewhat hard to do like every one of the features of the forthcoming adaptations is not satisfactory.

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Compatibility Testing Tools 

Compatibility testing in software testing should be possible with both manual and automation testing. Coming up next are some famous compatibility testing tools accessible on the lookout- 

  • CrossBrowserTesting – CrossBrowserTesting is created by SmartBear Company. They offer items like live testing, visual testing, automated testing over 2050 programs. They have diverse estimating plans alongside a free preliminary for 7 days. It upholds Selenium and Appium test contents.
  • Ghostlab – Ghostlab permits testing of a site on various programs and cell phones at the same time. You can download it for 7 days free preliminary. Strangely, they acknowledge instalments in bitcoin separated from Mastercards and Paypal.
  • BrowserStack – It is a cloud-based automated testing stage that permits clients to test their application over 2000 genuine devices and programs. They have distinctive valuing plans and they additionally give a free preliminary. It additionally upholds Selenium.
  • LambdaTest – LambdaTest upholds more than 2000 programs and working frameworks with items to perform automated testing, live testing, visual testing, and check responsiveness. They have different evaluating plans alongside one light lifetime free arrangement.
  • Ranorex – Founded by Ranorex GmbH, Ranorex studio is a GUI test automation system. It upholds selenium.


Compatibility testing in software testing is perhaps the main testing sort of non-useful testing. On occasion, compatibility testing gets costly because of the number of devices, stages associated with it. Be that as it may, even with a greater expense, because of compatibility testing in software testing, the association gets extraordinary benefits like consumer loyalty, more monetary profit, and some more. 

The main importance of compatibility testing in software testing is to guarantee whether created programming works under various arrangements (as expressed in prerequisites documentation). This testing is important to check whether the application is viable with the customer’s current circumstance.