Express vs. Hapi

Express vs. Hapi: The Battle Between The Best Node.js Framework


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Both Express and Hapi aspire towards flexibility, simplicity, and extension. Due to their proximity, both offer simple APIs, are quite versatile, and can maintain a huge application. These frameworks have a short educational curve because of their simplicity, as opposed to a more opinionated framework like Meteor.

You should be in a position to get Hapi very quickly if you are from Express and vice versa. However, the two framework structures include major philosophical differences, which we will discuss later in this article. 

Hapi.js out of the box, it has more "batteries" than the express form. With regards to preparing payloads from structures sent using "post" demands for instance you should utilize the body-parser middleware with express. Then you utilize it to parse the POST payload and use the user's data. You don't require middleware with Hapi, on the contrary. The framework parses the payload for you, and you may retrieve the payload straight from the request object. In Hapi, you'll find a plethora of such amenities.

Node.js framework comparison


  • Express is a small web framework and light.
  • It is, without a doubt, the most important part of the Node.js environment.
  • It's now in its fourth iteration, and several Node.js systems have been made on top of it or the contrary motivated by its features.
  • When it comes to framework selection, most developers admire Node.js for its raw speed, and a perfectionist may shun any performance risk.
  • Express includes a flimsy layer top of node js that incorporates web application usefulness like essential steering middleware layout motor and static document serving without risking hub js's.I/O speed.
  • Express, as a minimalist framework, does not consider database integration to be a necessary component of its package, hence it favours no specific database usage.
  • It's merely a question of downloading the appropriate npm package as a database driver when using a certain data storage technology, such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, or something else.
  • When it comes to CRUD commands, these third-party database drivers do not follow a standard syntax, which makes switching databases a pain and prone to errors.


  • Hapi is a modern framework that encapsulates the current Node API (short for API, pronounced "happy"). Express is a more established and older company.
  • In the core of Hapi, there's a lot more.
  • In certain circumstances, Express requires a middleware to complete a job that Hapi can do internally. Processing of forms is an excellent example.
  • Form data is parsed by Hapi and exposed on the request object. Express then again requires middleware for the body-parser to do similar capacities.

Node.js Framework Comparison assists us in determining which framework to work with and which may provide us with the finest results.

Choosing the right Node.js Framework ‘‘Express vs. Hapi"

When compared to Express vs Hapi is the preferable framework. Hapi is mostly used for corporate applications on a big scale. The following are some of the reasons why developers don't use express while designing corporate applications: Routes are more difficult to build in Express Middleware since it gets in the way most of the time; you have to write as many codes each time you define a route.

For a developer wishing to create a RESTful API, Hapi is the ideal option. Micro-service architecture is used in Hapi, and control may be transferred starting with one controller then onto the next depending on particular factors. Because the Hapi plugin allows you to divide up the business logic into easily manageable chunks, you may enjoy a greater level of abstraction around HTTP. All of this is feasible provided we are choosing the right Node.js Framework.

Hapi’s design framework

Hapi, with its microservice design and the ability to shift starting with one controller then onto the next depending on specific criteria, is the perfect solution for a developer wishing to construct a restful API. Because the Hapi plugin allows you to divide up the business logic into easily manageable chunks, you may enjoy a greater level of abstraction around HTTP. All of this is feasible provided we are choosing the right Node.js Framework.

Another big plus with Hapi is that it gives you precise error messages if you make a mistake. By default, Hapi allows you to set the file upload size. If the maximum upload size is set, you may send the user an error message informing them that the documents are too large. Since uploading files does not try to buffer an entire file anymore, your server will be shut down and protected.

  • You can accomplish with Hapi whatever you can do with express. Js just as straightforwardly.
  • Hapi.js is a very appealing code-setting framework. You'll adore Hapi js after you see how it handles routing and places the core logic into controllers.
  • Hapi.js supports many plugins, from token-based authentication to session control and management and more, which are exclusive to hapi.js. It does not imply that you cannot use regular npm; hapi.js supports everyone.
  • It will be extremely easy to maintain if you develop code in hapi.js.

How can Express support architectural styles?

For their online applications, developers can create their structure because Express does not need predefined architectures. However, MVC is the preferred and most frequent architectural approach for Express applications.

What is Hapi supporting in architectural styles? 

Hapi upholds the arrangement of the MVC engineering model view regulator. This design style can boost the scalability of online applications. A Hapi regulator deals with the association between the information model business rationale and the view segment portrayal layer.

What distinguishes Express performance?

Express is popular among developers because of the speed it provides for Node.js programs. As far as execution a straightforward benchmark called 'hi world' uncovered that express programming can deal with 11 202 solicitations each second.

What distinguishes Hapi’s performance?

As indicated by an exhibition test led by Raygun on the Ubuntu subsystem on Windows 10, Hapi checks about 1094 solicitations each second.  At the same time, Hapi announced 688 solicitations each second to be handled for execution in the Ubuntu virtual machine (virtual machine).


Express applications provide the original node app with a comparable feeling. Hapi simultaneously provides the abstraction Express doesn't have for node apps. Both Express vs Hapi frameworks lack some features and have different features. Consequently, it may be subjective to decide on your application based on your project kind and scope.

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