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A Brief On Hybrid Framework In Selenium Automation Testing

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Framework In Selenium Automation Testing

The hybrid framework in selenium automation testing is a code format that simplifies and accelerates code maintenance. Users may place "code" and "data" in the same spot without frameworks, which is neither reusable nor readable. 

Frameworks generate beneficial results such as increased code reusability, more portability, lower script maintenance costs, improved code readability, and so on. The primary objective of the hybrid framework is to reduce the script maintenance cost and time associated with the test automation process. 

In this type of framework, a combination of both data-driven and keyword-driven testing approaches is used. This framework is also known as the combination framework. 

This article will help you understand the definition of hybrid driven framework, hybrid driven framework for manual testers, types of selenium automation hybrid framework, and more.  

Hybrid Framework in Selenium Automation Testing

A hybrid framework is an approach that can be used to combine elements of both the keyword and data-driven framework. In this framework, test scripts are designed modularly. Each module is capable of functioning independently of the others. 

This framework is also known as the Keyword+Data framework. The main advantage of this framework is that it is easy to maintain and less time-consuming. This was the basic definition of a hybrid driven framework.

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Components of a Hybrid Framework in Selenium Automation Testing  

The components of the Hybrid Framework are similar to those of the keyword-driven framework in that all test data and keywords are externalized, causing the script to appear more generalized. 

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1. Library of Functions 

For each user action, user-defined methods are created. Keywords are thus created in the library file.

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2. Keywords are Stored in an Excel Spreadsheet

Keywords created in the library file are saved in an excel sheet with a description so anyone using this framework can understand them. 

3. Create a Test Case Template 

For the framework, a Test Case template is created. There is no set pattern to follow. Both test data and keywords should be externalized, according to the Hybrid Framework. 

4. Elements/Locators Object Repository 

All elements on the webpage are kept in their Repository. In an Object Repository, each WebElement is identified by a name followed by its value. 

5. Driver Scripts or Test Scripts 

This contains the main logic for reading all the test cases from the test case template excel sheet and performing the corresponding action from the library file. The script is created using the test case template.

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Hybrid Driven Framework For Manual Testers? 

Manual testers unfamiliar with programming languages are most likely to use the hybrid driven framework. Such individuals can browse the Keywords, Test Data, and Object repository and begin creating test cases without having to code anything in the framework.  

Benefits of Hybrid Framework in Selenium 

There are many benefits to using a hybrid framework in selenium automation testing. The following are the Benefits of hybrid framework in selenium: 

  • Open-Source 
  • Supports the following operating systems 
  • Browser compatibility 
  • Tests on multiple devices 
  • Continuous updates 
  • Simplicity of implementation 
  • Reusability and Extensions  

Drawbacks of Hybrid Framework in Selenium 

These disadvantages compared to the benefits can be negligible, but it is essential to note them down. Here are the drawbacks of hybrid framework in selenium: 

  • Precise knowledge of combining various frameworks is required. 
  • In a Hybrid Testing Framework, tests are entirely scripted, which increases the automation effort. 
  • It isn't easy to port the test cases created in this framework to other applications. 
  • The test scripts are challenging to read.  

Types of Selenium Automation Hybrid Framework 

The following are the types of hybrid framework in selenium automation testing: 

1. Data-driven Framework 

This is one of the most common framework types in selenium. It entails decoupling data sets from the test case. The main goal of this separation process is to allow developers to easily modify test cases for any specific functionality without changing the code or disrupting the datasets. 

The test cases and suites are retrieved from external files such as Excel,.csv,.xml, or database tables. The data sets are imported into the automation testing tool after they have been transformed into external files. 

2. Keyword-driven Framework 

The primary goal of selenium's keyword-driven framework, as the name implies, is to accelerate automated testing by separating keywords. The keywords are separated strategically for a standard set of functions and instructions. 

The instructions to be followed are specified in an external file, such as an Excel sheet. The best part is that developers have complete control over the functionalities that will be tested.

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In conclusion, a Hybrid framework in selenium automation testing is a valuable addition to it. They simplify the process of testing multiple devices and operating systems and provide the flexibility to try new functionality without coding new tests. 

However, they come with a few drawbacks, such as the requirement for a clear understanding of combining various frameworks and the difficulty of porting test cases to other applications.  

Overall, hybrid frameworks are a powerful way to streamline your testing process and provide greater flexibility and coverage for your tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. Is POM a Hybrid Framework? 

What is POM? POM is a design pattern frequently used in selenium to automate test cases. This design pattern can be applied to any framework, including keyword-driven, data-driven, and hybrid frameworks. 

Q2. Is the BDD Framework Hybrid? 

The Hybrid Framework with BDD is intended to be combined with various features. The BDD framework can be contributed to by any resource in the software development phase. 

Q3. What are the various report Types in Selenium? 

While selenium includes several reporting tools, the following are some of the best automation reporting tools for selenium: 

  1. Log of the TestNG Reporter 
  2. Log of JUnit Reporter 
  3. Reports on the Extent 

Q4. What is the Hybrid Framework in Selenium Automation Testing in short?

The Hybrid Driven Framework combines the Data-Driven and Keyword Driven frameworks.

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