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MEAN Stack Development Services and Solutions

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MEAN Stack Development Services

Do you want to create dynamic and compliant web applications? Then, go for reliable MEAN stack development services. Its flexible & highly performative platforms can handle various data types in large volumes without issues. In fact, they promote servers to communicate directly with the database for easy retrieval. Continue reading for insights.

Today, we have a lot of platforms to establish productive web applications regardless of purpose. Some popular options are PrestaShop, Laravel, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. But are they 100% efficient for complex websites? Is there any superior alternative? Yes! MEAN stack development services are more comprehensive & developer-friendly.

In fact, its JavaScript-based framework can create both page interface and back-end points with ease for affordable prices. Want to know how? Then, read along to learn all the facts related to MEAN stack development services!

What is the MEAN stack with its core functionalities?

MEAN stack is a collection of four key technologies called MongoDB, Express, Angular, & Node. Its premium framework enables Angular.js to design the front end, whereas Node.js continues back-end development along with MongoDB. Meanwhile, RestAPI compels the communication between both phases efficiently.

Consider empowering your applications with the enhanced scalability of Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB.

Besides, this stacking technology is suitable for businesses of all sizes to create custom applications. Let’s understand its essence with the help of key features & functionalities:


Indeed, MEAN stack web development is free to use, modify, & share because all its in-built technologies are open-source. Further, it offers zero licensing fees and no additional costs associated with using this stack. As a result, it’s highly affordable and quite favorable among developers compared to other platforms.

JS-based development

One of the crucial advantages of MEAN stack development services is its entire JavaScript-oriented development. In other words, it’s suitable for people with low programming knowledge because you can code from front-end to back-end, including a custom framework in a single language. Thus making it easier to code, develop, and maintain after release.

Easy to set up and design

This stack is also known for encouraging rapid development processes. Its technologies provide a diverse range of tools and features that support faster building of applications. Whereas its in-built modules, libraries, pre-built templates, and prototypes ensure that developers have enough resources to set up, saving businesses time & money quickly.


Another feature to highlight in MEAN stack development services is its scalable nature. Its internal technologies can be scaled without decreasing the performance. In fact, it analyzes large volumes of data & traffic with horizontal instances. To put it differently, it can handle multiple user requests and data flow simultaneously with the least congestion.

Flexible methods

This platform is designed to be flexible so that developers can try and choose the best for their project needs. For example, you have multiple Angular.js feature options to test and then choose while modifying the UI and link MongoDB to store all piling unstructured data. Even streamline the website’s functioning and workability without disturbing the user's view.

Notably, MEAN stack development services are a popular choice for developing single-page applications and are highly useful for medium and low-scale businesses to create data-intensive apps. Moving on, let’s discuss the internal components of this platform with uses in detail.

Our MERN Stack Development Services offer a comprehensive solution for building dynamic and scalable web applications.

How is MEAN stack application development composed?

The complete MEAN stack development services architecture can be divided into three parts: Web, Server, & Database. Their arrangement is front-end visuals, next communication portals, & finally, back-end development. 

Consider hiring back end developers to strengthen our development team and enhance our product's functionality. But to understand their contribution and workflow, first, you need to go through internal components and their functions. So, let’s learn about them below:

1. Angular.js

The angular module is at the very top of MEAN stack architecture. It allows developers to extend the HTML tags with metadata. Thus helping design dynamic and interactive visuals. Similarly, its features provide far more powerful web experiences than static HTML & jQuery combined options because Angular has everything built internally to create a valid front-end framework.


  • It follows a two-way data binding sync. In other words, all the changes made in the model will be updated and synchronized on the page view.
  • Another key point is that this platform allows extensive testing of all the features, from unit to end-to-end.
  • Anjugalr.js has a unique MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture that handles complete responsibility of data display to users.

2. Express.js

Secondly, we have Express.js in line. It’s a fast, minimal, and opinionated web framework with extended Node.js functions. Besides, its powerful models are used for URL routing and HTTP request-response management. 

In other words, it creates XML HTTP requests, GETs, or POSTs from the front end and connects them to the Express.js platform. Then, it compels users to change the function to their requirements.


  • It’s lightweight software and installs quicker than others.
  • With Express, you can easily customize and configure the feature’s performance & flexibility to your success metrics.
  • This platform is a better choice for building APIs and communication channels for different people.

3. Node.js

The third component of the MEAN stack development services is Node.js. This is more of a server-related platform written in JavaScript. It’s useful in designing & executing single-page applications, video streaming sites, etc. 

Another highlighting factor is its rich library with many JS modules. They allow web & mobile apps to communicate with back-end services for activities like storing or sending push notifications.


  • It requires very few people to build an app because its framework is quite faster and easier to access than other platforms.
  • The response time is 35% faster.
  • Single code can be completed in a few lines.
  • You can easily observe both front-end and back-end functions from this platform.

4. MongoDB

The final element of the MEAN structure is MongoDB. It’s a famous NoSQL database that defines non-relational and document-oriented management systems. Basically, it stores all the data in the form of a doc and uses BSON languages for querying. 

Another advantage of BSON is it stores every bit in JSON format but in terms of binary values. Thus, it is very efficient in optimizing space and speed.


  • Its non-structured data storage makes it easy to adjust and reformat the schema while extending the application.
  • Another key point is this platform’s scale-out architecture supports a large number of transactions simultaneously.
  • The query structure of MongoDB is quite easy to understand than RDBMS, even for beginners.
  • Its latency rate is very low.

These are only a few of the many advantages of the components. In the next section, let’s look at how to prepare the budget for building & hiring MEAN stack development services.

Is it expensive to build MEAN stack web applications?

The cost of creating web applications with MEAN stack varies greatly depending on multiple qualities. These aren’t new factors, but common features like size or complexity can produce great changes in the budget. Moreover, it’s necessary to have clear budget estimates before hiring the best MEAN stack development company. So read carefully:

Complexity and scale

Obviously, the level of customization, complexity, & application size greatly affect the development cost. Here, a simple trick is if you are low in budget, then go for 2 or 3 unique features & settle the remaining with basis. Or else spend more on the initial architecture & reduce the budget for further updates. Thus gaining the necessary balance.


Having more experienced people on board is a good thing to consider; however, the price will certainly increase as they charge more than freelancers. One advantage you have with MEAN stack development services is single programming language knowledge is enough. So, add developers with high experience in that certain sector.


A successful application gives major credit to its features and smooth interoperation. Also, they play a crucial role in reducing hiring costs as they demand prolonged development cycles. So, if you want the latest & advanced features to create competency in the market, then get ready to pay more for resources and time.

Team’s location

The location where software development services are hired must be carefully decided. Because if you go to countries like Germany, Singapore, or New Zealand, they usually charge high for typical work & less experienced employees. However, outsourcing to countries with lower labor rates, like the Philippines or Indian companies like Appsierra, is profitable.


The timeframe is often not considered an effective factor in estimating the price of MEAN stack development services. But it does create an impact on hiring rates. So if you want early deadlines like below three months, then the development team needs to work overtime. Thereby doubling the basic cost. So, choose optimum periods between 4-6 months based on the app’s complexity.

Creating an application is one thing, but attracting the target audience to visit your site and purchase your products is a different case if your app is pretty basic. Hence, partnering with experienced MEAN stack consulting services like Appsierra is advised. To understand the above context, go through the next section.

Is Appsierra the best MEAN stack development company?

Appsierra provides a holistic range of software development services for many industries & MEAN stack apps are no exemption. We offer expert consulting with state-of-the-art architecture for clients to rely on and develop for affordable prices. So join our community and enjoy exclusive perks like:

Client-centric approach

Being the top-rated MEAN stack development services provider, we design a specific client-centric approach during the production stage itself to increase overall productivity by 30%.

Further, it accelerates the time to release on the market. In fact, our Cloud-native development platform updates according to the latest trends. Thus ensuring websites have innovative features and scheduled updates.

Complete maintenance

If Appsierra is your MEAN stack consulting services, then top-notch solutions with full maintenance are inbound benefits. In fact, we employ the latest accessible tools to build a modular architecture, which makes it easy for your non-domain employees to update or add new features to thrive for a long time. Otherwise, modify the existing systems with ease.

In-budget plan

Since MEAN stack application development is a free platform, all you need to pay is to hire experienced developers. Here, we arrange meetings with clients & give a comprehensive portfolio of our employees with their specifications and expertise. Next, they can handpick the developers without biasing to the budget & get the best workflow for given quotations.

Amped security

At Appsierra, we offer robust security measures with a significant upgrade using MongoDB Atlas. Also, we use end-to-end encryption and strict user privacy guidelines to safeguard the website from malicious attacks. Additionally, we refine the MEAN stack’s three-tier separation with correct network isolation to prevent access to database layers.


MEAN stack development services are versatile, with a vast developer community to find support and resources. They allow developers to code the entire web application in a single programming language without any hinges or license fees. 

However, this kind of associating platform demands a professional IT company like Appsierra on board to harness its full potential and functionality.

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