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How Much Does Progressive Web App Development Cost

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progressive web app development cost

Progressive web apps have been the number one choice for the ecommerce business. It offers an app-like experience with accessibility across multiple platforms and devices. However, if you have decided to build PWA for your business, you must know its overall cost. So, in this blog, we will help you learn the factors that impact the overall progressive web app development cost.

Progressive web apps combine the benefits and features of websites and apps. These apps guide the ecommerce business to reach the target audience and improve its brand approach. Besides, it provides a seamless and engaging user journey with advanced features. However, companies must consider the overall progressive web app development cost before committing to the software app.

Most firms have either started to use PWA or plan to do so in the coming years. The reason is that you can develop this web app for $15,000. Besides, it takes 2000-2500 hours to create PWA. As a result, it offers immense relief to startups and small-scale companies to build a web app at a low cost and time.

Nevertheless, the number can double or triple if you need a feature-rich and customized web app to stay relevant and competitive. In other words, you can expect an average cost of PWA ranging from $10,000 to $ 1,00,000 or more. So, in this blog, you will learn more about PWA and its overall budget estimation through the following topics:

  • An overview of progressive web apps
  • What is progressive web app development cost?
  • What are the factors that determine the budget of PWA?
  • How to build PWA?
  • What are the tips to follow for optimized PWA expenses?

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

A progressive web app, or PWA, is a software app with the look and feel of native apps with accessibility and reachability that of websites. The users do not have to install or download the app. However, they can access it through computers, mobiles, or desktops across multiple browsers. Besides, it has the features of mobile apps and websites and offers an immersive user experience.

Moreover, PWA has changed the way users interact with the digital space. As a result, it opened doors for the business to various opportunities and increased conversion rates. Initially, most firms thought the progressive web app development cost was high since it has a complex technical side. However, small-scale enterprises and startups started to adopt PWA, proving high development costs as a myth.

Thus, PWA has been an ideal choice for most businesses because of its benefits:

Better performance

PWA has quick load times and is easily installable. You can access and use it from a home screen. Besides, you can explore and purchase in the PWA even with a poor Internet connection.

Enhance security

Progressive web apps rely on HTTP to protect them from hackers and attacks. As a result, you will not have to worry about data breaches.

Less cost

Progressive web app development cost is less expensive compared to building native apps. PWA uses a single codebase to function across different platforms and devices.

Offline mode

You can run PWA even in the offline mode or poor internet range. Hence, you can find and buy products without needing the Internet.

With these benefits on-hand, now let’s get to the cost of developing progressive web apps.

What is Progressive Web App Development Cost?

App development cost is essential for the business to consider while expanding its online presence. Besides, the overall expenses for developing a progressive web app are cheaper than building native apps. However, each development project cost depends on factors like tech stack, app complexity, features, and outsourcing company.

Therefore, you can expect an average PWA development cost ranging from $10,000 to $1,00,000 or more. To be precise, the overall cost highly relies on the app's customization, complexity, and functionality. So, you can also consider the expense in each stage of the development process when estimating the overall budget.

In other words, your estimate must include the app's planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. Besides, the maintenance cost of the app can range from $500 to $1000 per month. With the help of modern tech tools and frameworks, you can quickly develop and deploy PWA.

Further, you can manage the overall maintenance cost of PWA if you employ better strategies for your app. So, get the help of a PWA development company like Appsierra and leverage the service for a budget-friendly PWA development. You will get cutting-edge solutions at a low progressive web app development cost from our experienced developers.

What are the Factors that Determine the Budget of PWA?

Building a progressive web app depends on multiple factors. Each development project has a different cost range since each has a diverse complexity level, feature needs, and tech stack. So, in this section, we will explain the factors that impact the overall cost of PWA development:

Features and functionality

One of the factors that determine the overall budget of the PWA app is the features and functionality you choose for your app. The progressive web app development cost will increase if you need advanced features like push notifications, offline mode, and third-party integration.

Project complexity

The project's complexity depends on the app elements like payment gateways, functional web pages, and chat platforms. As a result, you will need to invest more time and effort in building advanced features.

UI/UX design needs

Another factor that impacts the cost of PWS is UI/UX design. For example, progressive web apps for ecommerce need intricate layouts and advanced features to offer users a seamless journey throughout the app.

Platforms support

You can develop PWA that runs on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. However, this may require more effort and resources since each OS needs diverse development approaches and tech tools.

Development team location

The progressive web app development cost highly relies on the location of the development team. If the geographic location of the development team has a low cost of living, you will get a budget-friendly service. However, you must consider the team's expertise level and work quality as the primary factor while selecting.

Security and encryption

PWA requires an SSL certificate for data protection. However, SSL certificates have varying price options depending on the provider and the certificate type.

Pricing model

Most service providers offer different pricing models depending on the project's needs. Some provide service at a fixed price, while others estimate the progressive web app development cost based on the time and material used (T&M Model) and actual time spent on development.

How to Build a Progressive Web App?

By now, you must have known the concept behind PWA. So, in this section, you will learn how to develop the PWA. Besides, following these step-by-step processes help you get an idea of progressive web app requirements.

Set goals and needs

Plan and outline your needs before you start developing the PWA. So, in this step, you must define your business goals, objectives, and directions to stay on track on the development steps.

Know project scope and requirements

The next step is to decide the project scope and features that define your business needs. You can decide on the development company you like to work on. As a result, you can estimate the overall progressive web app development cost.

Build the prototype of the app

You must develop the wireframe and prototype of the PWA in this step. It will help you get the feel and look of the final product.

Develop the app

With the help of the development team, you can build the PWA of your vision into reality. As a result, they use cutting-edge tools and frameworks to create robust and dynamic apps.

Test the app

The testing process involves checking your app for flaws and errors that can damage the overall app performance. The testers use advanced testing tools to perform this process.

What are the Tips for Optimized PWA Expenses?

You must ensure to avoid unnecessary expenses in the PWA development. Below are some tips you can follow to manage your PWA development cost:

Define your project clearly

You must have a clear understanding of the features of your app. Besides, you must know the business goals, objectives, and needs. As a result, it will reduce the overall cost of the PWA development.

Work with the right team

You must hire leading progressive web app development companies like Appsierra to build robust and future-proof PWA. As a result, you will get advanced solutions at less cost and time.

Prevent hidden costs

Working with an experienced and skilled development team helps you eliminate hidden costs. For example, you can prevent costs for third-party tool licensing fees and development work.

Choose the appropriate tech stack

You must be sure to explore the myriad of tech stacks available in the market. Hence, you can choose the one that meets your needs and requirements.


Progressive web app development cost is cheaper than developing native apps. Besides, you will get the features of native apps and websites with immersive user experience. Working with the right PWA development company like Appsierra helps you enhance your business and user satisfaction. Our development team will offer you end-to-end testing service with total commitment and dedication. So, wait no more. Contact our experts now.

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