7 Remote Testing Services A Techie Should Know


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Is Remote Testing Services the Best Option During the Pandemic?

The pandemic time of Covid 19 has affected human civilization in every aspect, not only in terms of health threat but also on the working culture of businesses. During this time, a lot of services that were provided and accessed manually are hard to carry out. So there is a rush among business owners to provide these services digitally. 

This situation has increased the demand for mobile and web applications. But to fulfil this demand provide the quality product to the stakeholders it is necessary to test them in all the possible test case scenario that may exist in the real world. But searching for testing services in your location is not an easy task. Remote testing services have come up with a solution to this problem.

The requirement of Remote Testing Services

1. One of the major issue with software testing is the lack of talented and experienced testers at your place. It is very important to get your product verified by the QA testing experts in the IT domain.

2. Local testing services are also many times found to fail in meeting deadlines so that developers are unable to submit the product to the stakeholders in given time and also lags in business competition among developers.

3. Even manual testing is sometimes found to be inefficient and ineffective in discovering minor bugs in the application which can easily find out by remote testing services. Security monitoring and performance monitoring are major issues in it.

Remote Testing Services

Now let’s discuss some of the remote testing services in detail:

Testing Advice Services

These services advise effective QA strategies for increasing the release speed. Many enterprises suffer from a lack of efficient QA function. It can play a major role in providing a quality product within the timeline. These services are now available remotely which are reducing the cost involved in generating desired QA functionality.

Crowd Testing

Crowd Testing is a very important element of software testing. To make sure that the product is built according to the users need, the application has to be tested by a user from different regions and culture.

remote testing services

Remote testing uses the cloud platforms to provide this facility which is not possible in traditional testing processed. Remote testing usability comes into play by making the testing more reliable, quick and cost-effective.

Performance Testing

To check the speed, reliability, responsiveness of software under different working conditions performance testing is done.

Types of performance testing: load testing, volume testing, stress testing, capacity testing, endurance testing. This helps in building a quality product for the stakeholders.

Security Test

Security is a major concern in the Software Development Life Cycle. And in the present digital world, users only want to use the products that ensure the security of their data. This test checks for the vulnerability and loopholes in the software and provides a viable solution to fix them. It saves the system from intrusion attack.

Types of Security testing: static code analysis, penetration testing, ethical hacking, security auditing.

Testing Accessibility

Nowadays applications are designed to be used by all sort of users. So developers want to make sure that their application is easy to be used by users having some physical issues like hearing or visibility impairment.

W3C is one such accessibility regulations all application and websites should be following.

Mobile Testing

There are lots of application available to be used on the mobile phone to solve every daily life problem and many of them are available to entertain the users. Most of the users access any software on their mobile phones. So, developers want to make sure that there is working exactly the way they want on mobile phones. There are various online tools available that check the application on various devices with different resolutions and architecture. This ensures that all the customer have a flawless experience with the application, doesn’t matter the kind of device they are using.

Automation Testing

Manually testing every element of software to give a quality product within a given time frame is a very difficult task, and unable to meet the market demand.

Automation testing allows developers to focus more on their ideas, while the minor details are checked by the automatic testing tools which can test the whole application in much lesser time than a human without feeling fatigued. It not only makes the testing easier but these tools easily incorporate those test cases which are hard to be undertaken in manual testing.

Remote Testing Benefits

1. Highly experienced QA experts from all around the world are easily accessible through remote testing services. They have enough knowledge about the field to provide necessary inputs, to assure a quality product.

2. All the contributors in the project can easily be in communication with each other in spite of any part of the world they are in. Video conferencing has reduced the physical distance to a great extent.

It’s very easy to undertake meetings on zoom, Google meets, skype, discord with the team member, owners and discuss the project. 

3. Major remote testing usability is that it not only completes the hectic task of testing in a small amount of time but also reduce the cost of development.

4. Remote testing services provide a much more organized report after complete testing. With proper identification of the bugs to be fixed before moving forward in development.

5. There are various QA testing services available that can serve the clients according to their time zones so that the testing process does not become a headache for the developers.

So the remote testing benefits are the one that can help the Software developers and Owners to work on their business. And keep providing the tools to solve day to day life problems with their new IT solutions. Remote testing services with the use of QA testing and automation tools completes a very fatiguing task with efficiency. The Covid 19 pandemic has brought a lot of discomfort in life but technology is trying its best to give relief.

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