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Top 10 Performance Testing Tools | Boost Product's Performance

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Performance Testing Tools

Web Performance testing tools determine the effectiveness, durability, scalability, and interoperability of the system, device, network, software, or application.

Web Performance Test Tools

The list of best web performance test tools is hand-picked below. The index consists of open-source (free) and commercial tools (paid) for load testing and downloading with the latest features. If you're looking for reliable web load testing tools, check out our recommended options here

1. WebLOAD

WebLOAD is a company-wide load-testing solution that delivers accurate, real-life load conditions and the most complex devices through intelligent analysis and web server performance testing. WebLOAD is built on a scalable framework that supports hundreds of technologies and integrates various tools from monitoring CI/CD pipelines.


  • WebLOAD is available on an On-Prem or on-a-server basis (SAAS).
  • Production of the scalable test scenario.
  • Smart scripting with strong correlation, parameters, and validation engines Native JavaScript.
  • Supports and conveniently expands all big web innovations.
  • Detection of automated bottlenecks.
  • Customer service is readily available.

2. StresStimulus

StresStimulus targets application scenarios with other methods that are difficult to assess. Thanks to its autocorrelation, it automatically fixes replay errors. StresStimulus tracks and re-plays consumer behavior to reproduce patterns of variable use. It also tracks the load effect on the response and server architecture of the application. The result analyzer detects occult opponent defects that have not been seen by practical checks.


  • The End-to-End Research Wizard encompasses all measures from recording to web application performance testing.
  • On-site or cloud testing with many load generators supported.
  • Function as an autonomous platform or add-on for Fiddler.
  • Export script to the test format Visual Studio to support scenarios that fail when documented directly in Visual Studio.
  • Manual scripting is not mandatory but available; it supports three languages of scripting.

3. LoadNinja

With the SmartBear LoadNinja, we can build advanced load tests without scripts easily, minimize test time by 50%, substitute load emulators with actual browsers, and gain actionable browser-based metrics, all of them at a ninja pace. We can conveniently record customer-side conversations, debug in real-time, and quickly detect performance issues. LoadNinja allows teams with complex similarity, script translation, and script scrubbing to expand their test scope without losing efficiency.


  • Creation of Scriptless InstaPlay Load Test & Play.
  • Real execution of the load test browser.
  • VU Debugger – real-time debug tests.
  • The virtual user operation is handled in real-time by VU Inspector.
  • No server computer & maintenance are needed while hosting on the cloud.
  • Sophisticated analytical and reporting browser-based metrics.

4. NeoLoad

NeoLoad is a groundbreaking tool for research, maintenance, and analysis for Agile and DevOps teams. NeoLoad combines output checks over the entire life cycle of continuous supply pipelines – spanning from modules to system-wide load tests.


  • Automated web application performance testing design, 10x faster than conventional methods for development and upgrade of tests.
  • Integration of automatic test runtime of CI servers.
  • Collaboration: shared test scripts and updates in real-time and following tests from an onsite or SaaS web interface.
  • Generation of hybrid onsite and cloud load from over 70 global locations.

5. LoadView

With LoadView by Dotcom-Monitor, we can show your applications’ actual performance under load — just as our users experience it. LoadView uses the real website, Web applications, and API load checking dependent on browsers. Develop multi-stage screens that simulated users who use the web recorder of EveryStep to communicate with our website or program, or even manually edit the script using your very C# code.


  • Real browser cloud load testing.
  • Supports wealthy Internet applications like Flash, Silverlight, Java, HTML5, PHP, Ruby.
  • Develop test scripts quickly and easily, without any code line.
  • Compatibility checking on 40+ mobile/desktop browsers and computers.
  • Amazon web services and Google Cloud Network have 13+ geographic cloud locations.

6. Apache Jmeter

JMeter is an open-source platform to evaluate and calculate a range of resources using performance and load monitoring. It is one of the best charging research tools mainly used for web performance testing applications.


  • This free tool does not require state-of-the-art charging testing infrastructure and supports a single controller’s multiple load injectors.
  • It is one of the highly versatile performance monitoring tools that completely supports all Java-based applications.
  • The user-friendly interface allows fewer scripting attempts compared to other API test tools.
  • The study of the main load associated with data and services utilizing monitors is adequate to include basic charts and graphs.

7. HP Performance Tester (LoadRunner)

It is a Loadrunner Business Success Evaluation Variant and a tool that facilitates both global standardization and CoE preparation.


  • Reduce distributed load testing  costs. Our load testing services can help you identify and address performance issues before they impact your users
  • Size from single ventures to a comprehensive research center for excellence (COE), improving hardware, standardizing best practices, and exploiting international testing tools.
  • Reduce the possibility of using companies’ reliable load monitoring platforms to implement devices that do not meet performance criteria.
  • It is one of the most powerful tools for evaluating hardware and software by forecasting device capability accurately.
  • Identify easily and reliably the source of application web server performance testing issues.

8. Silk Performer

Silk Performer is an enterprise-free website load-testing and stress-testing platform that thousands of overlapping customers can use to monitor various application environments. It supports the widest variety of protocols as one of the strongest load-testing methods. Software stress testing is a crucial step in ensuring the quality and stability of your software product.


  • In Silkperformer, there are several heavy load and stress test functions, and the following are listed: Components -> Workbench, True Log Explorer, and Performance Explorer.
  • Needs minimal virtual user emulation hardware capital.
  • Simulates virtual users modifiable.
  • This Evaluation Tool supports integrated server surveillance.
  • Customer-friendly licensing.
  • User-friendly correlation and parameterization.
  • No Controller or Individual Protocol Licensing Specifications.
  • Creates and makes customization reports of tables and graphs.

9. Rational Performance Tester

Reasonable Performance Tester(RPT) is a platform developed by IBM Corporation for performance and loading checking. It is a web performance test tool to build, execute, and review web-based applications and help the production team verify the scalability and usability before they are deployed.


There are some great features that users trust to overcome all bottlenecks related to results.&

  • There was no coding.
  • It is one of the best training methods for planned and event-oriented testing.
  • Real-time for prompt detection of performance issues.
  • It is one of the best free website load-testing evaluation tools for large multi-user testing.
  • Precise workloads for user profiles.
  • This test program automates the variance in test results.
  • Dynamic server response automated recognition.

10. SmartMeter.io

SmartMeter.io is a JMeter replacement that tries to counter its limitations. It is one of the best web performance testing tools that makes it easy to build script-free test scenarios using the so-called recording system. It also excels in training and uses features such as the estimation of automated evaluation requirements, test runs, and pattern analysis. CI/CD integration is completely supported. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are available.


  • This development program offers the production of scriptless test scenarios.
  • Extensive documentation and comparison of automated assessment and test runs.
  • Check the GUI running in real-time.
  • State of the art body remover (Boundary body extractor)
  • CI/CD ready.

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