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WooCommerce Mobile App Builder - Site To Mobile App

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WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

Do you want to expand your online store? Yes! Then the most convenient option is smartphone applications. They are easy to access, provide better coverage, & upscale your revenue. No prerequisites are necessary. All you need is a suitable WooCommerce mobile app builder like Appsierra on board. Continue reading for more details.

Ecommerce marketplace development is one of the prime sectors that has seen major success with modernization. Almost all online stores boast a heavy user base with continuous revenue generation. But the underlying fact is this improvement came into existence only after launching them as fully functional applications. 

So, apply the same rule and choose a better hosting platform like WooCommerce mobile app builder. Why, you may ask? This is because WooCommerce app builders are highly credible and require less effort to improve the growth and competency of your business. 

But how? Well, that’s a secret! Want to know what it is and more relatable insights on this topic? Then follow this blog till the end!

What is the purpose of a WooCommerce mobile app builder?

Just as the name implies, a mobile app builder for WooCommerce is used to create a mobile application for your WooCommerce-hosted store. It provides good features with the testing environment for a very low fee. As for beginners, they can use its guiding materials and videos to self-train and learn more about its operation.

We have many alternatives in this field, like PrestaShop and Shopify. But WooCommerce is no less. Its flexibility, customer support, performance, web hosting, and others are competent and useful in the long run. Not to mention, a major number of WordPress users claim that installing and creating an app with WooCommerce is quite simple and desirable.

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In fact, we can witness more than 30% of online stores worldwide use WooCommerce plugins & mobile apps regularly. Further, let’s see the importance of this WooCommerce mobile app builder in detail.

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In what ways does WooCommerce Builder surpass others?

There is a slight difference between mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps. You may assume that your online store is accessible to customers through smartphones. However, apps are more powerful and give better scope to provide services. That’s why a WooCommerce mobile app builder like this is significant in ecommerce. Let’s understand how it can benefit us:

Easy management

These apps can directly sync with your WooCommerce website. So, your existing store features, catalog, themes, & everything will be immediately available through smartphones. Similarly, without any extra pay, your future changes will also reflect and be viable on both iOS and Android devices. Thus, managing the store becomes easier and simpler.

Better user experience

Do you know that the WordPress directory offers more than 6000 WooCommerce plugins to provide the best experience for mobile users? Yes, due to the popularity of this platform among developers. Here, you can steadily improve and provide better service to users than on the website. So, undoubtedly, you can attract a large audience.


In reality, hiring a native app developer costs way more than the best WooCommerce mobile app builder. In the same way, coding a fully Android app takes more time and effort. On the other hand, experienced WooCommerce builders will do the same work quickly for very low upfront and manageable maintenance costs.

Purchase without logging In

You can safely store the credit card details or online account details of the users. Thereby, purchases can be made just by pressing the password. No need to additionally log in. This feature will be easy to use and require less time. Therefore, it creates a positive note on your app and increases the chance of visiting your store.

These are only a few reasons supporting this fact. Moving on, let’s learn how to convert an online store into a mobile app with WooCommerce mobile app builder.

Can you develop a mobile app for the WooCommerce store?

Yes! Converting your already-built WooCommerce store to an app doesn’t require too much work. Because they already have the necessary modes of operation to build one. So, select the best WooCommerce app builder and get into the below-mentioned steps:

Optimize the website

Converting means your website page will be displayed directly in the app. So, optimize the design to make it more mobile-friendly. This step wasn’t given this much importance before, but with the surge in mobile users & competitive companies, it became necessary.

Select your builder and get a consultation

Next, select your ecommerce development services. Here, thoroughly research the market rates and see how WooCommerce mobile app builder offers price models. Then call for a consultation with your shortlisted firm & discuss your unique needs or desires that need to be developed.

Choose a pricing plan

Generally, a WooCommerce mobile app builder offers monthly & annual subscriptions. So, select the flexible plan for your business size and check their guarantee regulations like 30-day money return policy, discounts, updates, post support, etc.

Hand off the project

After signing the NDA, hand off the website hosting access to the company. Then, let them completely check the back-end and its performance. Also, let them re-design the navigation bar, UI elements, button behavior, loading time, spinner, animations, images, cache, location permissions, push notifications, etc.

Conduct the first round of testing

By this step, you would’ve received the app’s prototype ready for testing. So, conduct the primary level testing for WooCommerce mobile app builder and see how it performs on real devices. Additionally, validate the ease of use, quality, and speed. Also, check if you want any additional features to make it special.

Finalize and launch

After several team discussions, scrum meetings, and tests. Finalize the app and publish it in both the Android and iOS app stores. This entire process will be completed within weeks. Another key point is ensuring your app gets enlisted in their listings appropriately.

Refine metrics and improve

Once users download, check their feedback frequently. In the same way, verify the WooCommerce mobile app builder with metrics like usage rate, engagement, revenue, traffic, etc. Then, refine all the presentable bottlenecks and improve its performance to stay intact for a long time.

Further, let’s see how to select the best WooCommerce app builder to collaborate with.

How do you choose a WooCommerce mobile app builder?

The below-mentioned qualities need to be checked thoroughly within the top companies list before shortlisting one because they will decide how your app can perform and whether your investment is successful. So, pay special attention to their description and create your checklist with them:

Expertise and experience

This is the first point to look over, as skilled employees can generate better outcomes regardless of challenges. So, check their expertise in developing WooCommerce mobile app builder solutions, the number of projects, experience in a spectrum of technologies, etc.

Project portfolio

Revising the project portfolio is a good way to understand their level of innovation in solutions. Likewise, investigate their past projects in other industries to examine their work culture and timeline. To estimate whether they can deliver a high-quality app within deadlines or not.

Tech stack

The tech stack is the heart of app development. So, check whether they have any of the latest tools on board. Similarly, examine their open-source technologies and subscriptions like Azure and AWS. For example, if you want React and CSS, then look for tools with those programming languages in their stack.

Project management

Project management strategies, life cycles, and project managers are also necessary parts of a successful application. Also, look at the steady & clear communication portals they offer during the development phase. This step is really important to check for outsourcing and offshore development companies.

Prototype and pricing model

Cost undoubtedly plays a major role in selecting the WooCommerce mobile app builder company. So, prepare comprehensive cost breakdowns with your internal team and get a budget estimate. Then, look for companies that offer the same value, budget, and a better prototype.

It’s always better to go with a software company to do this job than purchase a tool. WooCommerce may not need coding, but it demands some expertise with front-end and back-end technologies like NodeJS, CSS, HTML, Python, etc. Moving on, let’s see why hiring Appsierra is recommended in the next section.

What is Appsierra's WooCommerce Mobile app builder like?

Appsierra is an ideal choice for ecommerce development services. We include automation & innovation with your choices to create better results. Also, WooCommerce is our niche. So, collaborating with us comes at zero risk and negotiable prices. Now, explore more benefits and perks with us below:

Deep feature stack

At Appsierra, you will have abundant features available to create professional branding for ecommerce firms. Notably, we provide custom design, a cloud warehouse for management, a flexible content gallery, unlimited push notifications, recommendations, & full integration with pre-built payment getaways. Further, you can perform data analytics & tracking too.

Enhance the performance of your WooCommerce store by seamlessly integrating with cloud infrastructure solutions, ensuring optimal scalability and reliability for your e-commerce platform.

Scalable architecture with offline access

We add an in-built auto-scaling infrastructure to optimize and scale the WooCommerce mobile app builder regularly. Thus, checks whether the app’s speed and performance have reduced over time. On the other hand, we provide flexible loading as per the user’s network connection. So, content like images, text, and wish lists will be visible even offline.

Robust communication channels

In Appsierra, we provide automatic push notifications as scheduled. You can even do email marketing with the customers. So, in case of any sale or discount, the messages and emails will be sent right away from the app’s center. Also, they are visible on the lock screen. Thus, a high chance of visibility is an incoming advantage.

Attractive UI/UX interface

Our dedicated UI/UX team works extensively to design and develop your desired interface. As for the high budget, you can even get a customizable and unique template for both the website and app. Thus, attracting customers will become easy, and it will also encourage iOS and Android users to download the application.

Cross-platform development

We use cross-platform tools & mechanisms while syncing the app built through WooCommerce mobile app builder because they provide better coverage on all the platforms, including Native development. Also, we employ best practices for development, and the technology would be automated. Thus, results will be quicker and save a lot of resources.


Applications give far better benefits than any other medium for sales. That’s why invest once in a reputed WooCommerce mobile app builder like Appsierra. And let it design your app to possess sustainability and competence for a long time, without updates. Also, get excellent post-service support and maintenance free of cost.

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